ABCD5 – Ashland/Bayfield/Cable/Delta Madeline Is. Falling Leaves, Northwest Wisconsin, USA 5 days (4 nights of lodging)

Approximate distance: 340km (220 miles)

Difficulty: Moderate

First day’s ride starts late morning

Last day’s ride ends around noon

Meals included:  none

Route: Ashland to Cable to Delta to Bayfield to Madeline Island to Ashland.

Summary:  The land of the famous Apostle Islands.  First through quaint farmlands speckled with these little pubs which tend to have the best burgers in the country.  Then through lush forest/cottage country, which in the fall season will be so bright with the yellow leaves of the trees that you’ll probably need sunglasses even on a cloudy day.  You’ll have the chance to eat at a stone oven pizza joint, visit the workshop of a local (but nationally renowned) artist.  Bayfield, with it’s colourful artisan shops will give you reason to walk and windowshop on the shores of the Apostle Islands.  Then, instead of just seeing the islands from a distance, you will get to ferry there and stay overnight in one of their condos.  The selection of character restaurants, and the entertainment at the “Big Top Chetauqua”, will complete your day in Bayfield.  And, a swim on the sandy beach, a boat or kayak tour of the islands, or a spa could be part of your stay in this area.  It would be surprising if you were disappointed during this trip.






Ashland to Cable to Delta to Bayfield to Madeline Island to Ashland



- Please only bring one bag no more than 35 pounds.

- Don't forget your helmet.




-Each day (except for day 1) you must have your bag in the SAG (Support and Gear) Vehicle by 9:00 am unless we discuss and agree to a different time

Ride Summary



Day 1

Ashland to Cable

85km - approximately 3 to 6 hours


Meet at the Midland Services parking lot

·        Load gear in SAG vehicle

·        Prepare for ride

·        Tour Meeting – everyone must attend



Start riding

Lunch option in town of Grand View


7:30 pm (ish)-

We are planning (optional) to eat at an awesome stone oven pizza place called “IDEAL MARKET & Rivers Eatery” in Cable.


Day 2

Cable to Delta

65 km - approx 2 to 5 hours

We plan to visit the home and workshop of Sara Balbin who is an internationally renowned metal sculptor.  We are planning for Sara to be giving us a tour of her workshop and muffins

Day 3

Delta to Bayfield

65-85km approx 2 to 5 hours


Day 4

Bayfield to LaPointe (Madeline Island)

1-50km approx 0 to 4 hours

- Ferry to Madeline Is (see map)

·        This is day to explore Bayfield and Madeline Island day.

·        You might want to visit and shop Bayfield before going to the island (please don’t buy anything too big or you can arrange to pick it up the next day with your vehicle)

·        There are many activities (in lieu of/or in addition to cycling), such as kayaking, canoing swimming, beaching, exploring, boat tours etc that you might prefer to do on the island

·        A ferry will take you to LaPointe on Madeline Island

·        There is a really cool bar called Tom’s Burned Down Café – It’s now a bar with many very interesting features and “nuggets”

·        At end of the day we may decide to all eat together or find our own ideal spot

Day 5 – 40 to 104 km – LaPointe to Ashland

- approx 1.5 to 7 hours

- Ferry schedule to Bayfield (see map)  (approximately 20 minute ride)

·        11:30 to 1:00 pm - Please be back at parking lot

·        You might decide to explore a bit more of Bayfield

·        Take the same route as day 2 backwards (see map)

·        Or ride directly down Hwy 13 to Ashland

·        Or you might elect to ride a further loop and go as far as 104 km

·        Or take the longest optional route of 104km



(last update Apr 13, 2017)