Bus Grant Application 2020

TeenBookCon is happy to announce that grants for bus transportation are available.  The maximum amount of the grant is $100.

Complete the information below.   The deadline for submitting applications is March 2, 2020.  The selected schools will be notified by March 9.

Name of school: ____________________________________________________

Name of district: ____________________________________________________

Contact person:  ____________________________________________________


Phone :        __________________________        Email: _________________________

Mileage from your school location to Cypress Woods High School, 13550 Woods Spillane Blvd, Cypress, TX 77429:


Anticipated number of students attending:  ____________________________________ (cont.)

How will the students be prepared for the event?  ____________________________


What culminating activities will be held following the event? ____________________________


Would you be willing to share the bus with a nearby school/students? ____________________________

Submit completed application by email to teenbookcon@gmail.com

Thank you for applying!  

We will notify applicants by March 9th regarding bus grant/scholarship awards!