Has your museum or organization shared a public response to COVID-19? Have you or your staff had to cancel public or educational programming? If so, what were those responses and correspondences?

Please use this document to share those responses so other museums and cultural organizations can then share with the public carefully crafted messaging around this issue.

Useful Resources:


Smithsonian Magazine: How COVID-19 Is Affecting the World's Cultural Institutions

  • American Civil War Museum action plan:

Coronoa Virus Strategies_DRAFT 

Responses from Museums:

  • Responses from children’s museums:

List of Museum Closures: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LW2hsErFZqdPZLs0TfOQSsmwQnRPhbUyemOblIAgwlU/edit?usp=sharing

Another spreadsheet (can these be combined?)


Amber Alvarado On our website, we have "We are monitoring the coronavirus situation closely to determine how it may affect our events, activities, and operations. We will communicate any event cancelations, postponements, or shifts in format with registered attendees and will post notifications on the Events page of our website." --- but I will say we are currently working on new language for cancellation of events and post that as soon as I get it.

Liz Barker We have posted the CDC poster on general precautions and hand washing all over with additional hand sanitizer including in the elevator. Our staff is regularly wiping down surfaces with bleach wipes as well as our facilities staff increasing their cleaning and sanitizing procedures. As we are governed by a community college, we go with what they say as regards of messaging and closing. Our state just got their first confirmed cases yesterday.