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At OpenIDEO, we tackle each social issue via a Challenge, a three to five month collaborative process that focuses our attention on the topic and creates a space for community members to contribute and build off each other. This approach is modeled on IDEO's design thinking methodology, and supposed to be both collaborative and iterative in nature. Proposals are meant to improve and grow throughout the Challenge process!

I’ve Submitted to the BridgeBuilder Challenge... Now What?:

Once you’ve submitted your idea proposal in the Ideas phase of the BridgeBuilder Challenge, it will be visible to our entire OpenIDEO community. This means that other organizations and individuals participating in the Challenge are able to view your proposal, and can add feedback, insights, or additional resources via the comments section. Think of it as quick, crowdsourced feedback from experts, community members, and organizations alike, to improve your proposal.

*Earlier is Better: The sooner you submit your proposal to the platform, the more feedback you will be able to incorporate before submission deadline.

What do I do with the Feedback on My Proposal?:

At any point after initial submission, you can edit your proposal and incorporate feedback or insights from the community before the submission deadline, April 14th. You are also able to respond to comments on your proposal, if you’d like to start a discussion on the platform or are curious to further engage with a piece of feedback.

*Data Privacy: All of the content published on OpenIDEO is open source for the community to build on. If members have proprietary information or intellectual capital they'd rather not share with the public; we recommend excluding those sensitive documents from your proposal, and noting that you have done so.

How Can I Comment on Other Proposals?:

Just as other participants are adding feedback to your proposal, you can share constructive advice or insights to other proposals in return. This can be done via the blue “comment” button at the bottom of each proposal (see below):

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What Happens at the Close of our Submission Period?:

After our proposal submission period closes on April 7th, we will review proposals with the help from our Challenge Sponsors and Advisory Board, and create a shortlist of submitted ideas that will move into our Refinement Period. Our refinement period is meant to challenge potential grantees to test ideas in their communities, apply expert feedback to their work, and stretch their proposals to improve. See a breakdown of the components of our Refinement Period below:

After these phases and the resultant refinement of idea proposals, we’ll review and announce the Top Ideas - a set of solutions that represent most promising innovations at the intersection of peace, poverty, and planet.