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Pre-Ap 8th Grade Summer Reading List and Project


In Conroe ISD, we encourage all students to read over the summer in order to enrich learning and provoke thought.  Summer reading strengthens reading skills, increases academic achievement, fosters a love for reading, and empowers students to become life-long learners.


Over the summer you should read as many books as you have time and interest to read.  Reading experts note that most young readers suffer a backslide in reading skills during the summer.  Research shows that a consistent amount of reading each day (30-45 minutes) will increase reading and comprehension skills and benefit you in every subject, even math.  Reading is a wonderful way to escape a hot, humid summer afternoon and to travel anywhere a good author can take you.  It will also keep your mind sharp and prepare you for the rigors of 8th grade Pre-Ap classes.


Every student will be required to complete a summer reading project.  Your project will be due September 5, 2017.

Part 1:  Choose ONE of the following books to read over the summer.

Part 2:  Book Project-Upon reading one of the following books below, you must select one project from the Project Choice Sheet that has been provided – this will be counted as a grade.

Part 3: Complete the Vocabulary Activity sheet provided. (See sheet for instructions)-Quiz Grade.


Driver’s Ed

by Caroline Cooney


The Boy on the Wooden Box

by Leon Leyson

The Giver

by Lois Lowry


by Walter Dean Myers


by Mike Lupica

One Crazy Summer

by Rita Williams Garcia




See the synopses of each book listed before making your selection.

1.      Driver’s Ed (by Caroline Cooney) The story of two teenagers named Remy and Morgan.  They are in high school taking driver’s education together.  The two come up with an idea that has unintended, tragic consequences.  This story highlights the different ways the teenagers handle their nightmarish burden and their families’, especially their mothers’, reactions.

2.      The Boy on the Wooden Box (by Leon Leyson) Read about the true story of Leyson, a boy who lived the experience of immense suffering during the Holocaust but came out strong and an inspiration to many.

3.      The Giver (by Lois Lowry) Read about a boy in an isolated community discovering the terrible secrets behind the pleasant, emotionless life he and his friends live.

4.      Hoops (by Walter Dean Myers) Seventeen-year old Lonnie Jackson hopes that basketball will be his ticket out of Harlem until the savage underworld of sports and big money forces him to make a choice.

5.      Heat (by Mike Lupica) Michael is a twelve-year-old Cuban immigrant with an amazing baseball talent.  He wants to lead his team to victory in the World Series…the Little League World Series.  However, Michael has a secret that may keep him from attaining this dream if anybody finds out.

6.      One Crazy Summer: (Rita Williams-Garcia) Eleven-year-old Delphine has it together. Even though her mother, Cecile, abandoned her and her younger sisters, Vonetta and Fern, seven years ago. Even though her father and Big Ma will send them from Brooklyn to Oakland, California, to stay with Cecile for the summer. And even though Delphine will have to take care of her sisters, as usual, and learn the truth about the missing pieces of the past. When the girls arrive in Oakland in the summer of 1968, Cecile wants nothing to do with them. She makes them eat Chinese takeout dinners, forbids them to enter her kitchen, and never explains the strange visitors with Afros and black berets who knock on her door. Rather than spend time with them, Cecile sends Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern to a summer camp sponsored by a revolutionary group, the Black Panthers, where the girls get a radical new education. Set during one of the most tumultuous years in recent American history, one crazy summer is the heartbreaking, funny tale of three girls in search of the mother who abandoned them.


·        Be prepared for extended activities as they pertain to your novel after our return to school. 


Where to get the books

Most of the following books can be found at your local public library borrowed for free with a free library card, purchased at a bookstore, or access some of the books for free as an E-book.  You can check out E books at your local Public Library.


- (many discounted titles)

- (usually a discount)

- (Half Price Books)


-          Barnes and Noble (The Woodlands Mall)

-          Walmart

-          Target

-          Once and Again Used Books (The Woodlands)

-          Half Price Books (two locations off of FM 1960)


Vocabulary Activity


Complete the Vocabulary Chart using the novel you chose from the Recommended Novel List.

·         Find a total of 10 vocabulary words in the novel.

·         These words should be significant words that you are not familiar with.

·         Write in complete sentences.

·         Do not include proper nouns or terms that are specific only to science fiction.

Page Number the vocabulary word is found on.

Original Sentence from the novel.  Underline the vocabulary word.

Definition – Use a dictionary to define the word.  Use the same meaning that is used in the text.

Original Sentence – You must compose an original sentence using the same meaning as the vocabulary word is the novel.



































































PreAP Summer Reading Project Choices

Create a timeline of 15 events for the book, including an illustration and a caption for each event.  This can be done on paper or poster board.

Create a children’s picture book based on your book.  Draw or create pictures that illustrate the important concepts of the story line of your book and be sure to tell the main points in your picture book.  At least 10 pages.

Stories are based on conflicts and solutions.  Choose three conflicts (problems) that take place in the story and give the solutions.  Pick one that you wish had been handled differently and explain how it should have been handled.

In a PowerPoint or Windows Movie Maker presentation, create a book talk that explains what the book is about, the theme, the author, & information from the book.  Use pictures and/or video that accurately shows the contents of the book.  Presentation should be no longer that three to five minutes.

What award would you nominate this story for?  Most Exciting?  Most Likely to Make You Laugh Your Head Off? Design and make an award for this novel.  The award should be based on literary merit.  Write a speech that describes why this novel is receiving this award.


Create a “soundtrack” for the book.  What five songs would you choose?  Give an explanation for why you chose each song and how it connects to the events or characters in the book.  Include the title, artist and lyrics for each song.

Write a two or three paragraph proposal to have the book you’ve read made into a movie.  Include which actors will play the main characters in the movie and why as well as the location the movie will be filmed and why.  Create a movie poster for the book.  It should include elements from a real movie poster such as slogan, the actors and the rating.

Find a container that represents something unique about the plot of the book.  Fill the container with at least 10 objects that represent something about the character, setting, plot or conflict of the story.  You may not use pictures, drawings or words (objects only).  On a separate sheet of paper make a list of the objects, describe what they symbolize and why that part of the plot was important.

Use characters or places in the novel and draw a picture of each character/place on a separate 3 X 5 card.  On the back of the cards write important information about the character or place.  Include the character’s name, age and purpose in the novel.  Also include relationship to other characters, what happens to the character, what happens in the scene and why that scene is important.  Each trading card must be colorful.  Minimum of eight trading cards.

Write a diary that one of the story’s main characters might have kept before, during or after the book’s events.  Remember that the character’s thoughts and feelings are very important in a diary.  The diary should contain at least 15 entries.

Create a test for this novel that covers plot, theme, symbolism, conflict, setting and characters.  20 multiple choice questions, five fill in the blank, five short answer questions and 10 true and false.  Include the answer key.

Design costumes for the main characters.  Use dolls and dress them as characters from the book.  Explain who these characters are and how they fit in the story.  On separate paper, include the conflicts they faced and how they were resolved.

If you have any questions or need clarification on this assignment please feel free to email any of the 8th Grade Language Arts teachers.

Julie LaRoche (pre AP and level): 

Sharon Kral (level): 

Nickole Maronge (pre AP and level): 

Michael Murray (level): 

Aileen Salas (level):

Jennifer Fleming (resource):

Be sure to choose a book you are interested in, a project option you will enjoy doing, and…