Ten Batavia Freshmen Tips

10.  Understand how high school credits, GPA (grade point average) and class rank work.  Remember, every class counts!

9. Learn to breathe—really. Deep breaths can help lower your stress. Know the name of at least one faculty member and student at the high school that you can ask for help. Ask questions of your teacher if you do not understand.

8. Explore student organizations, athletics, band, choir, Key Club and other clubs. It will help you form a supportive group of friends with similar interests, improve your leadership skills, and start building a resume for your college applications.


7. Keep an eye on upcoming events, grading periods, and announcements and write important dates in your planner. Teachers and counselors send emails to your school account, so please check your email. Pay attention to morning announcements.

6. Become involved in your community by volunteering.  Volunteering experience will make your college resume shine.  It exposes you to different careers and broadens your horizons.

5. Set goals, plan and be organized.  Understand the attendance, grading, and tardy policies.

4. Get together with friends and find out what they know about high school. Chances are good you all know a little and can share with each other.

  3. Be sure to plan out your four-year plan.  The Freshmen Counselor will introduce you to the Naviance Course Planner your freshmen year. Take rigorous classes that challenge you and bring out your best.

2. Ask for help!  Find out what tutoring or extra help is offered for academics (teachers, BHS Tutoring Center, counselors, etc.).


  1. Take ownership of your high school destiny!  Be an advocate for yourself!  Every moment counts!   Make the best of it!!!!!