Lincoln Elementary One School, One Book 2016

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HERE WE GO!  You will be reading our One School One Book selection starting today! We have attached a calendar for you to follow and remember please do not read ahead!


         This is your information packet on all things 1S1B!  You now have a calendar with assigned chapters for every school night and the weekends.  Please follow this calendar and do not read ahead. The purpose of this event is for all students to read the book at the same time so students can benefit from reading as a whole school.  Your child will be excited about the book but your assigned reading for every night is all you are to read.  Every day, students will read one chapter with their class and you will read the following chapter on the HOMEWORK portion of the calendar.  Even though your child may be able to read this book on their own, we encourage you to read this book aloud to your family.  Reading the book aloud creates quality time and the entire family will be able to participate in the book discussions.


         In this packet, there is a sheet with trivia questions for each chapter.  After you read a chapter, help your child complete the trivia question slip, cut it out, and have them return it to school in the morning.  Your child’s teacher will tell your child where to place their answer.  We will conduct a prize drawing from these submitted answers.

         Also attached is a map of the businesses involved in the One School One Book Scavenger Hunt!  Each business will have a 1S1B poster located near the entrance so you will know you are in the right place!  Once you enter the business you will be on the hunt for the hidden One School One Book logo. The 1S1B logo is at the top of this letter. The hidden logo sign will have a QR code located on it that you can scan with your phone or device.  This QR code will tell you how to enter your child’s name into a prize drawing.  No device, no worries!  Once you find the logo, tell an employee and they will give you a raffle ticket that your child will put their name one and bring to school.  Entering your child’s name on the scavenger hunt blog through the QR code or receiving a ticket from an employee, will enter your child into the same prize drawing at school.

        Your family will love this book and all the excitement for reading it will bring!  In order to keep up with all the excitement, check out the school’s website and keep your eyes out for things coming home!

Thank You and Enjoy Reading!