Parker High School Sra. Edna's Spanish Class Contract

After reading the expectations for Spanish class, all parties agree that academic success is the product of a cooperative effort. To insure that__________________________________will benefit from this union each party has the following responsibilities:

As a student I will:

1. Be respectful to my classmates, school, materials and staff. No lies, cheating or stealing.
2. Put my best effort into my school work.
3. Obey all rules both at home and at school.
4. Come prepared to school with homework and materials.
5. Follow the Spanish assigned work. Spend at least 20 minutes a day studying for Spanish class.

As a parent I/we, will:

1. Support Parker High School Values, Behavior and Student Expectations Rules.
2. Monitor my child's school work and extracurricular activities.
3. Maintain a discipline policy with my child.
4. Attend all parent-teacher conferences.
5. Contact the teacher first, if I need any answers or clarification regarding my child's work, behavior or learning experience in Sra. Edna's class.

As a teacher Señora Edna, will:

1. Respect my students, their parents/guardians. No lies, cheating or stealing. Provide a safe, comfortable environment for my students.
2. Provide ample time for my students to receive extra help after school,  via phone/e-mail/
or Skype.
3. Enforce school rules consistently.
4. Provide students with clear and concise expectations.
5. Work to make learning an enjoyable experience.

________________________________           __________________________

Student Signature                      Date

_________________________________             __________________________

Parent Signature               Date

Señora Edna Feldman-Schultz                     9/6/2016

Teacher Signature                       Date

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