Royal Icing Keynote:

  1. Pull up this website:
  2. Read through the article (and look at the pictures) about royal icing. Royal icing is a hard, shiny icing which is applied to cookies to make them decorative and beautiful.
  3. Referencing this website, please make at least three Keynote slides to cover the following topics:
  1. Materials needed for royal icing (things like piping bags, squeeze bottles, etc)
  2. Copy a recipe for royal icing onto a separate slide
  3. You must find six images of cookies decorated with royal icing. Two of the images should be ‘beginner’ level, two should be ‘experienced’ level and two should be ‘very advanced.’ As an example of ‘very advanced’ cookies, search “doughmestic housewife” in Google Images and look at some of the results.