Minutes of UPP meeting

Friday 1st May @ 9.30am

Attendees:                                                Apologies:

Malcolm Mackenzie


Alison Scott

Jude Leighton

Sukina Banks


Vikki Wyatt


Aileen Copperwaite


Karen Spicknell

Rachel Collins

Nikki Tuck

Richard Kay

Sue Mackenzie

Maggie Kiss

Adam Twyman

Deputy Head


Agenda Item



Confirmation that the Minutes from the last meeting had been received and read by all in attendance. Sukina thanked Richard Kay for producing the info slips and posters, introducing the UPP, in time for parents evening.


Update from meeting with Mr Twyman:

As a direct result of the feedback received from parents, the coaches for swimming will remain in place.

Letters and parentmail will continue to be checked for spelling/grammatical errors before being sent out.

School website has now been updated.

Outcomes section to be added to UPP webpage design by NT


School Travel Plan:

After much discussion it was agreed by the committee that we could make a significant contribution to the plan but that it should be owned by the school/governing body.

It was agreed that we would come up with a travel survey – to incorporate current modes of transport, what one thing would make parents reconsider their preferred method of travel – and also look at ways we could engage parents into the travel plan and enthuse the children too. Considered children questionaires, online surveys, canvassing at school gates.

We also discussed speaking to the council with regards to safety measures (including lollipop person, zebra crossing, boy/girl concrete models to slow traffic)

A small sub committee will work together on this to present to wider group.

Sub-committee lead by RK, working with MK, AS, KS


Parent conduct agreement:

Mr Twyman was unaware that Mrs Sengupta and governers had already looked at this and sent a code of conduct letter out to all parents. However it was felt that a less formal ‘parent /school conduct agreement’ should come from exisiting parents to all new parents. UPP agreed to draw up something to put into new reception parents packs. We also agreed to have a table at the reception meeting on 7th July to speak to parents about what we do and recruit new members.

AC to speak to Jane Hull about having a table

SB to draw up an agreement

MK to speak at the meeting about UPP


Outward Bound Trips:

Mr Twyman was really pleased with how the first trip had gone but acknowledged that there had been a few issues with communications leading up to the trip. The following changes have been made for the next trip:

  1. Advance notice of deposit due date with reminders
  2. Parents to have an information meeting at the start, plus a follow up meeting just before the trip takes place
  3. A dedicated outward bound trip webpage with all the necessary info including kit lists, letters etc
  4. A dedicated email address for any parent questions outwardbound@uplandschool.co.uk


Website update:

Nicky Tuck presented a design of how the webpage would look as well as copy of text. Photos of all members would be put on the page which would be linked to their school email addresses so that people could just click on the photo to email their rep.

Photos need to be emailed to Nicky, by each member, by Friday 22nd May.

NT & AS UPP website content.

ALL to supply photo



PA need to vote in new chair before the new reception meeting on 7Th July

UPP sash or badges to be considered so that parents can easily spot us.

Feedback to school re parent comms as there are still a few issues. A termly/half termly plan was discussed.

Next meeting will be held Friday 3rd July @ 9.30am

SB to feedback to SLT