East Midlands Petanque


EPA Membership Cards from 2016

The EPA use what are called Butterfly cards. These are plasticised cards that are peeled off a letter and then, when folded in half, stick together. There is a clear rectangular window in the plastic so that when a photograph is sandwiched inside, it shows through. See example …

Members need to be aware of the following:


1. If you intend to include a photo in your card, you should do nothing until you have the photo ready

2. You need to position the photo the right way round so it shows through the Window!

3. Because the photo is integral to the card there is no need to get it embossed by the Regional Stamp


Anyone who opts not to include a photograph but then decides to play in an EPA event, won't need to get a new card but will need to be able to show an alternate piece of photo ID such as Driving Licence or Passport


Please remember that for the membership renewal process to go smoothly we are dependent on having the correct email address of our members so if there are any changes that have taken place during the year please let us and the EPA know