Google Apps for Ed
at St Luke’s
 Productivity and learning

St Luke’s uses a variety of digital technologies for teaching and learning. We acknowledge they must be used responsibly and that modelling positive use is important to our students.  

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a suite of online tools that allow anytime, anywhere access to our work.  We can create word processing documents, presentations, forms, spreadsheets and drawings.  The benefit of the GAFE world is that these tools can be shared and worked on in collaborative ways.  Students can share their work with peers and teachers for instant and relevant feedback at any stage of the learning process.  Finished pieces are easily published to online spaces to be shared with the wider community. Students are enrolled through their school email address and their accounts are managed by the school.

Some of the benefits include:

We progressively introduce these tools to students and use them when appropriate to transform the learning opportunity.   As GAFE tools are online, the learning and teaching includes responsible use and ethical and fair use of material.