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Collaborate is web conferencing or a virtual classroom with whiteboard, chat, audio, video, application sharing, polling, and other tools to engage students in a live synchronous online environment.

This guide will help you to:

Add a Collaborate Session to Your Moodle Course

For information on creating a Collaborate session, see Collaborate: Creating a Session in Your Moodle ISU Course or contact ITRC - (208)-282-5880 or

Check Your System

  1. Go to
  2. In the Moderator resources section, Click First Time System Check.

Note: You can copy the links in the participant resources section into your Moodle course for your students to access before your first Collaborate session.

Add/Remove a Moderator to Your Session

Before and during your session you can add/remove another moderator. This will give the individual the same permissions and access as yourself.

  1. Select the collaborate session you wish to access.
  2. Scroll to Session Moderators and Participants.
  3. Click Add/Remove Moderators.

Add-remove moderator.jpg

  1. From the available moderators list, Select the individual and Click Add Moderator(s).

add moderator list fix.jpg

  1. To remove the moderator, Select the name in the existing moderator list, and Click Remove Moderator(s).

remove moderator fix.jpg

Note: Only a moderator can add/remove another moderator.


Once you are in your collaborate session, you can give and take away moderator rights to a participant.

  1. Hover over the participant's name.
  2. Click the Options menu.

options menu.jpg

  1. From the dropdown menu, Select Give Moderator Privileges.

give privileges.jpg

  1. In the pop-up, Click Yes.

pop up.jpg

  1. To remove the moderator privilege, Hover over the participant’s name.
  2. Select the Options menu.

options menu.jpg

  1. From the dropdown, Select Take Away Moderator Privileges.

take privileges.jpg

Accessing Your Collaborate Session

Before accessing your Collaborate session, you will need to check your system.

  1. Select the Collaborate session you wish to access.

Choose Sessio.jpg

  1. Click the large Join Session link at the top of the page.

Join session.jpg

  1. If you have not already downloaded the Collaborate Launcher, you will need to do so to join the session or any session afterwards.
  1. For more information, see Collaborate: Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.

Download Launcher.jpg

Note: If you do not see the pop-up window, your browser may be set to automatically download the file.

  1. If you have already downloaded the launcher, Click Launch Blackboard Collaborate now.
  1. It may take a while before the session starts. Be patient and do not close the Collaborate tab/window in your browser.

Skip launcher.jpg

Note: The first time you join a session, you will be asked about the connection speed of your computer. Select the appropriate option in the dropdown menu.

Set Participant Permissions

As a teacher, you have full permissions when joining the session in your Moodle ISU course. By default, all your students will join the session with minimal permissions. There are two ways to set permissions, globally for the entire class, or individually.

Global Permissions

There are two ways to set the Global Permissions:

  1. At the top of the Participant block, Click the Options menu button.

  1. Click the icons for the permissions you would like to turn on for everyone in the room.

Note: If there is a square around the icon, that permission is turned on.


  1. In the Participant block, next to the title Main Room, Click icons for the permission you would like everyone in the room to have.

Note: If there is an X on the icon, that permission is turned off.

Individual Permissions

  1. In the Participant block, Scroll to the individual student.
  2. Next to the student’s name, Click the Options menu.

  1. Click the icons for the permissions you would like to turn on for the student.

Note: You may also take away permissions from specific individuals.

Note: If there is a square around the icon, that permission is turned on.

Using the Video and Audio Block

Participants must have video and audio permissions before they can use this block. There are only six live video feeds and six live microphones that may be used simultaneously.  For an efficient session, participants should turn off their video feed and microphone when they are not actively using them.

Using Audio

You must have a microphone on your computer to use the audio option.

  1. In the Audio & Video block, Click Talk to activate your microphone.

Note: A microphone icon will appear on the button to let you know your microphone is active.

Note: Your computer may ask for your permission to access the microphone. Click Allow to use the audio.

  1. To turn off your microphone, Click Talk again.

Using Video

You must have a webcam on your computer to use the video option.

  1. In the Audio & Video block, Click Video to activate your webcam.

Note: A webcam icon will appear on the button to let you know your video is active.

Note: Your computer may ask for your permission to access the webcam. Click Allow to use the video.

Note: You can click the preview button to make sure your camera is positioned correctly before you click the video button to activate a live video feed. The preview button is on the right side of the video button and has a magnifying glass on it.

  1. To turn off your live video feed, Click Video again.

Note: Using the live video feed requires a large amount of bandwidth. If participants do not have high quality internet connections, or slow computers, you may encounter technical difficulties when using the live video feed.

Load Content to the Whiteboard

You may load powerpoint, jpeg and collaborate whiteboard files onto the whiteboard.

  1. At the top-right of the Whiteboard, Click Load Content.

  1. Browse to the file.
  2. Click Open.

Note: The first time you load a powerpoint file, you will need to indicate if you would like the upload utility to use PowerPoint or OpenOffice. Select the appropriate option.

There are many other tools within Collaborate - breakout rooms, timer, polling, application sharing, web tour, etc.

For information on using these functions, register for a workshop at ITRC Workshop Calendar.

You can also make an appointment with ITRC - (208)-282-5880 or email

For more information, see Collaborate.

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