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PERIODIC FOOD MENU                        

Fall 2016

                                                                           WIFI password: pbisgoodbeer


Red Pepper Hummus and Pita Chips - 4

Sweet Potato Chips with house Honey Beer Mustard dip - 4

Chips and house made Red Salsa  – 2

Popcorn: Truffle Parmesan, Smoked Paprika Blue Cheese OR Simple Buttered – 4

Meat and Cheese Board: Pistachio dusted Goat Cheese Curds and house made Smoked Ham (includes Flatbread Crackers, house made Pickles, Vegetable Escabeche, Beer Mustard, & Onion Marmalade) - 10  

+  add prosciutto  AND/OR  +  add smoked blue Cheese -  4 each


 served on a Wheat Beer Hoagie roll

with a choice of Kettle Style Chips or Chipotle Slaw

Colorado Bison Bratwurst OR Elk Jalapeno Bratwurst – 9

+add chili AND/OR cheese -  1 each 


Served on a Wheat Beer Hoagie roll,  Brown Ale BBQ Sauce,

side of small Chipotle Slaw and Kettle Style Chips

Pulled Smoked Pork OR Smoked Chicken – 8


choice of Protein with tomatoes, shredded lettuce, onion and Cotija cheese

on soft flour/corn hybrid tortillas with a side of Vegetable Escabeche,

house made Jalapeno and Tortilla Chips.

Smoked Chicken cooked with Salsa Verde – 9

Smoked Pork cooked with house Red Salsa – 9


served with a warm tortilla

Beer Cheddar Soup – 4

Pb Chili – 4


Quesadilla: Chicken OR Extra cheese – 4

Mac and Cheese - 4

Chicken Nuggets, with chips - 4

Mixed Veggies: baby lima beans, cut green and wax beans, carrots & dark red kidney - 2


A selection Ice Creams & Gelatos from our friends at Boulder Ice Cream,

Flavors Available = Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio or Almond,

served with rolled vanilla wafers – 3

Counter Service located on First Floor for Orders - Hot item not available 30 minutes prior to closing

All Prices include Tax