What happens

Main character- Yeats

My character- Faith

Yeats gets sucked into the story called Arabian Nights. He meets new bookends, he gets extra jobs. Now his family is trying to find out what happened with Yeats and how they can save him.

Yeats want to save his family by bringing shari back. He meets new people and gets extra jobs. He meets a new bookend called Khan who is the protector of Shari. He was ordered to find a boy called Ronald and has to return to the panther before leaving the book or else he’s going to get caught!



  • She feels confused because she has no idea what is happening.
  • She feels worried because Yeats is gone.

Things We Know:

She has different feelings with Gran and William.

She’s worried about what had happened to Yeats.

She’s not comfortable with the house.

She’s having different relationships with Gran.