It seems one would welcome its death pronouncement. The experts, et. al. aren’t smarter than us. They’re making a killing from the status quo - all liars, trousers aflame. Diligent zombies, we sustain the sisyphean effort of dousing the eternal flames.

Let them burn.

Let the fuckers burn.

Let the motherfuckers burn.

Let the motherfucker burn.

Capitalism is a motherfucker.

Life is so tenuous now; at least for we who dutifully work and demean ourselves into insanity, agony, and death to defend the dolce vita dance of the deceivers’ diluted democracy.

Maybe it’s always been that way.

Maybe it’s just more pronounced now that the swinging gate of the bourgeois epoch is swiftly closing with a force a million times that of gravity. Many of us are caught in the fence, others will be crushed beyond recognition when the gate slams shut. We’ll all scrounge, scrimp, suffer, and endure for what remains of our pathetic lives, surviving on scraps as the younger and smarter, and eventually, the robots and other machines, replace us all in the grand economic scheme. We’ll be made redundant for good; obsolete; shells of humanity, devoid of dignity and purpose just waiting to die, one last bill to pay.

Perhaps this moment of obsolescence has already passed and I’m too myopic to see it.

Has it?

Is it too late to smash the looms?

Can you see the blood and guts splattered upon the latch? This round proscenium spins faster and faster. Past and present collide and meld, rendering existence a black hole of drudgery. We have gone beyond Einstein’s point of relativity. Time and space are as meaningless as everything else. The speed at which it moves has absorbed our very souls. This is life as empty shell - quantum emptiness; strings of anomie.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I refuse to succumb to this “inevitability”. I’m still human. There’s more to life than the economy, bills, working, consuming, planning, investing, banking, insuring things and lives, retirement, and dancing to the man’s tune right to the grave, and beyond.

The undertaker always gets his cut.

Fool as I may be, I think I’ve managed to keep my soul from being sucked asunder by these nefarious forces.

Break the shackles.

May the gate swing the other way; crushing the toadies in its wake.

“The economy is just an illusion,” a wise woman once said, “It’s not real.”

She is right. We’ve only been convinced it’s real by the enablers of the monetary scourge, the demon of debt.

All of our pain and toil in its service is just an illusion. The “reward” is just an illusion. Nobody wins but the house.

Maybe I’ve been watching too many youtube videos of Christopher Hedges, Chomsky, Wendell Berry, Bill McKibben, Paul Kingsnorth. Nonetheless, I’m ready for capitalism to topple - now. It’s been living on borrowed time, and during that time working people, the middle class, small businessmen, have been getting fleeced by corporations, big banks, insurance companies, and various finance companies who somehow along the way acquired personhood and free speech and all the rights and benefits of citizenship heretofore limited to human beings thanks to several misguided strokes of pens memorializing outlandish magical thinking by the thinnest majority of the Supreme Court. Worst of all is they have the benefits without the responsibility. They are free to run rampant knowing we’ll pick up the pieces. I’m tired of “too big to fail”, “no cost” socialism for the elite. I’m tired of being in ever-mushrooming debt, interest piled upon principle upon interest compounded by the millisecond, and virtually jobless, rootless, and on the edge of destitution, a scurrying rodent beneath the feet of institutions that seem beyond comprehension, mysterious structures that have taken on the force and power of deities. I no longer wish to worship at this altar. This God turned a blind eye to us long ago. All is dark in this “heaven”. We blindly bump and grasp about in this fortress, looking for our footing, wondering why we can’t stop worshipping this errant divinity that is but an idol, a graven image - the very thing Moses warned us about.  

They say Lucifer is the sum of all evil in this world, that any other system other than hallowed Capitalism would be that of Satan, of Lucifer - that socialism, and all its heirs are bent on nothing more than enslaving humanity. However, I would like to remind them that Lucifer means “the light bringer”.

Aren’t we already enslaved?

Can taking that risk result in anything worse than we have now?

The U.S. is but a third world country in the present, and with a few more turns of the screw it’ll make India and Bangladesh look like a King’s banquet.

Why not make the great shift to socialism since we are already doing for the corporate class? Let’s extend it to everybody.