The First Thanksgiving

By: Annie C.

It was November 25, 1621. The first year for the Pilgrims to have Thanksgiving. It was one of the most exciting days. All the Pilgrims gathered at the heart of the town to have a feast. There was a wooden long table that had many plates of food on it. Food to me was very important because not everybody got to eat food. Food these days are very hard to find. Everyone on Thanksgiving all ate up until they were full. There were two big fat turkeys at the end of the table. Next to the turkey was a wooden bowl of mashed potatoes and some gravy. There were also many vegetables placed between the two turkeys. While the people were eating, there was a woman and two men singing some songs for entertainment. They were singing by the corner of the brown little cottage.

        Oh! By the way my name is Amanda and I live by the Atlantic Ocean. My little cottage is the fifth house on Twilch Rd. Everyday I can always smell the fresh salty sea while I go to do my chores which is now where everybody is having a feast. This Thanksgiving feast is very important because everyone is very thankful for of what they got. This is the reason why many people pray, like everyone prayed before eating the food on the wooden table. My family always pray before eating our dinner, lunch, and breakfast.

        BOOMMMM!!!!!!!! Another firework came out shooting up the sky. BOOMMMM!!!! Then another one! It’s around ten o’clock in the night now. The food was almost ate up by everyone. Right now everyone gathered and watched the fireworks fly up shooting the sky. The feast was almost over. I was really glad that there was a day called Thanksgiving!!!!!!

What Would It Be Like If I Could Choose The American Symbol?

By: Sofia F.

If I could choose the symbol for the United States of America what would it be?”I wonder if The symbol could be-” “Well Howdy I reckon that you want to change the symbol of the United States of America.”  Said a voice with a very strong southern accent. “Who-Who are you?”

“Well I’m the symbol guard.”

“The symbol guard?”

“Yes, the symbol guard, the one and only protector of symbols around the world!”

“Oh, really?”I asked in a sarcastic voice.

“Yes, you take a long time to catch on.”

As I tried to think of a clever comeback as a giant bull was slowly floating down from the clouds. Are you really the symbol guard? Wow you are real!

“Yup and although I look peaceful I am going to torture you very hard.”

“Yikes she looks serious I better listen closely.”

“I am going to take you through a long, hard, and maybe deathly, through time so you can see all the hard work I have needed to do to create and protect symbols.”

“And with that we dissapeard.”

Chapter 2

Clink, clonk, clinck, clonk…. “Ahh, what is that sound? Where are we? Help me!

“Oh cut it out we’re in the 1700’s.”

“Uh? Why?”

“To see Ben Franklin.”


“Ok, one you ask way too many questions. Two, he didn’t want the bald eagle to be America’s symbol. He wanted the turkey to have a place in America’s

Thanksgiving Story

By: Amber D.

Emery woke up to the sound of loud wind outside her window.  She sat up and looked around.  

        “Mom?!  Dad?!”  Almost on cue, Emery’s parents rushed in.  

        “Go down to the basement! Now!”  Her mom shouted.

        “Huh?”  Emery was startled by her parents’ outburst.

        “GO!”  Emery, still dazed from just waking up, groggily climbed down the ladder of her bunk bed as quickly as possible.  When her bare feet touched the cold floor, was surprised to see her younger sister, Emmanuelle, was still asleep.  Quickly deciding whether to wake up her sister or not, Emery picked up Emmanuelle and started to head for the door, but something stopped her.  Though she didn’t know what was going on, she figured it was serious considering her parents were freaked out and were waving at Emery to hurry.  Emery turned around though, and grabbed Emmanuelle’s favorite thing in the world, her stuffed bear named Ferdinand.  Emery ran out of her room where her dad grabbed  a fast asleep Emmanuelle out of her arms and guided Emery toward the stairs.  The wind was getting fiercer now.  Emery’s mom noticed this too and shouted over the noise.

“Hurry!”  Emery scrambled down the steps, her parents right behind her.  She reached the bottom, almost slipping on the hardwood floor, but kept running.  When she reached the basement door, she took one last look around her house and sped down.  As soon as Emery reached the couch, she plopped down, exhausted.  She heard her parents lock the basement door.  When she saw them, she frowned.

“What is going on?!” she demanded expecting a good explanation.

Her father was winded from carrying Emmanuelle as well as running, but managed to choke out “Tornado!”

“What?”  Emery was astonished.  “We never get tornadoes in Franklin!”

“We do now.”  Her father’s voice was serious, unlike the happy, go-lucky man she was used to.

“Huh?”  Emery turned to find her sister sitting up.  “Whaa…?”

Emery explained as quickly as possible.  “Wind.  Running.  Basement.  Tornado.”

Surprisingly, Emmanuelle’s 7 year old brain was able to process that.

“What about Ferdinand?!” she gulped sounding extremely concerned.

“Don’t worry.”  Emery grabbed the bear and tossed it to Emmanuelle.

“Ferdinand!”  Emmanuelle cuddled the toy.  “Thank you, thank you!”  Emanuelle ran up and gave Emery a hug, and began muttering and pointing at the bear like it was a disobedient child.

“We’re going to have to wait out the tornado.”  Emery’s mom sounded strangely calm.  “We are safe down here and we have food in the pantry if you guys are hungry.”

“Wow, we’re really prepared!”  Emmanuelle commented.  Emery assumed she was talking about the food thing, but her sister reached for a board game.  “We even have stuff to do!”  She had opened the game Sorry and was already setting up the board and pulling out pieces.

“What colors do you guys want?”  Emmanuelle reached for red, her favorite color.  

        “I’ll take blue.”  Emery grabbed the bag of blue pieces.

        “Yellow for me.” Emery’s mom said.

        “Green.”  Her dad was the last to choose, but he still got his favorite color.

        “Let’s play!”  Emmanuelle was set up and ready to go.  The family smiled and Emery picked the first card.

.    .    .

Dear Diary,


        It’s been 30 minutes since we went down to the basement and the wind is finally dying down.  Turns out we went downstairs way before the tornado was in our area.  The storm was directly over us about 10 minutes ago.  I’m hoping school will be canceled for like a month because of this.  Then waking up at 3 am would be totally worth it.  In other news, we’ve played Sorry 3 times and Dad’s won every time.  NO FAIR!  I really hope that this tornado didn’t cause too much damage.


        Emery looked up from her journal.

I didn’t see you grab that.”  Emery’s mom commented, looking surprised.

“Oh, I didn’t.  I just left it down here by mistake.”  Secretly, Emery was really happy.  She had been keeping tabs on her life for 5 years, since she was 7.  This journal had down all her thoughts and feelings about big moments in her life from her birthdays to 5th grade graduation.  She didn’t want to sound obsessive though, so she kept her voice nonchalant.

“We should check out the damage.”  Emery’s dad spoke.

“Oh boy.  I’m nervous.” Emmanuelle shuddered.  “What if, if….”

“It’ll be okay.”  Emery wanted to sound more confident, but she was nervous herself.  The family climbed up the steps and opened the door.  From what Emery saw, the first floor was okay, But a lot of the objects had been thrown around the room.  Emmanuelle  had turned toward the stairs leading to the top floor, but her mom stopped her.

“I want to see the upstairs from the outside first, since the most damage is probably there.”  The Carson family filed out the door.  Emery was the first to see the top floor.  The roof was completely gone.

“Woah.”  Emery said this not in amazement, but in horror.  She was just thinking where they would stay until this got fixed, when Emery’s mom’s phone rang.  Surprisingly, the cell phone was still  fully charged.

“Hello?”  Emery’s mom answered.  Emery couldn’t hear much of what the other person was saying, but her mom looked grateful when she put the phone away.

“That was Grandma.  We’re going to stay with her until the house gets fixed.”

“Yay!”  Emery and Emmanuelle shouted in unison.

.    .    .

Dear Diary,

This past week has been crazy, but I know I have so much to be thankful for.  For one, no one was seriously hurt in the tornado.  Also, the progress on the house has been going great!  Mom and Dad’s insurance paid for part of the construction too!  Also, I found out that Eliza, Olivia, and Penny are all okay.  With all the building to worry about, we almost forgot about Thanksgiving!  Thankfully, Grandma remembered, so we didn’t miss out pie.  Grandma told us all to take a moment to think about what we’re thankful for.  It seems silly, but above all, I was thankful for family.  We’re all okay, and, Grandma was willing to take us in.  I’m really grateful for that.


P.S.  The back to school date is still TBD!  Woo Hoo for vacation!    


Come with Me

By: Daiwik P.

“Come with me,” I screamed “I know the best way there!”

I was taking the wounded soldiers to safety. I was the medic I always carried a small briefcase with medical supplies to treat soldiers. My helmet had a red cross on it so I was easily recognizable.

        “Come on faster,” I told them again “ whenever you are injured come back to the trench this is the safest place in the battle.” Image result for sherman tank

        We were near Berlin. German troops were pouring in every hour.

        “ We need air support!,” commanded General over the radio.

Five hours later the 5th tank division came in. The tanks were M4 Shermans. But the were no match to the German Panthers. The M4 Sherman was a small tank and on top it had a tiny dome shaped turret. It had on 76mm turret.  It was lightly armored and had almost no armor near the turret. But the German Panther was bigger and almost fully armored. It had a long turret and an almost rectangular hull. Image result for german panther

“BOOM” the M4’s started to fire. One the M4’s hit the Panther. The armor just absorbed the shell. It was still working fine.  

“BOOM” this time the Panthers shot. One of their bullet annihilated the Sherman Tanks. I ran to the tank opened the top hatch. Inside there was smoke everywhere everybody inside was coughing. I pulled everybody out. “Come with me!”  

*        *        *

 “Jeffrey, wake up!” screamed Jeffrey's Mom. “ It’s time for school”

I woke up. That was the worst nightmare ever.  Soldiers have to be very brave to go out to war.  They are the coolest people ever.

“Okay!,” I replied


The First Thanksgiving

By: Reyad A.

The first Thanksgiving was a disaster. Pilgrims and Wampanoags kept throwing turkey everywhere. Then the Pilgrims came up with the ultimate solution: Turkey Pizza! YUM YUM! Then the Wampanoags starting singing the yum yum song. Everyone was going crazy for turkey pizza! Turkey Pizza would soon change the world! 1622, the second thanksgiving… The Pilgrims were tired of Turkey Pizza. So, the Wampanoags came up with the super ultimate solution… Turkey Buttered fries with Steaky Fries! The pilgrims loved that idea! Everyone ate the amazing Turkey Buttered Fries with Steaky Fries! 2016, the 395th thanksgiving… McDonalds invented Turkey Mustard Ketchup Mayonnaise Nutella Burgers! Everyone is going crazy for it! The first person to try it barfed rainbows and invented the rainbow time machine! Peppa Pig went inside! Google was invented! Google destroyed Yahoo! It is 1621! The Pilgrims and Wampanoags see Peppa Pig! Squanto opened his 120 meter wide and 60 meter tall mouth! Squanto ate Peppa Pig! Squanto barfed Peppa Pig onto the fire! Peppa Pig turned into Turkey Mustard Ketchup Mayonnaise Nutella Burgers! The Pilgrims and The Wampanoags ate all of it! They barfed up a rainbow time machine! They went to the year 2577! They stole some lightsabers! They went to the year 2016! They destroyed all of our technology and stole all our turkey! THE END…. DUN DUN DUN…. BEWARE OF THIS MONTH’S THANKSGIVING!Image result for turkey gif