Using the Hp Cloud Ready Printers with Google ChromeBooks!

 Students can print on Google Docs and the

regular Google Chrome Browser pages.

The next steps will teach you how to do both!  You will more than likely have to follow these directions the first time the students would like to print using the Google Chromebooks. However, once the printers are chosen for each Chromebook- you shouldn’t have to select a printer again. The Cloud Printer should be recognized and ready to print!

Step 1: Have student log on as normal on the chromebooks using their email and password

Step 2: Open Google Chrome Browser

**When printing, the students can either use ctrl + P or clicking the three bolded lines next to the star on your address bar (see picture below and directions)

Option One- Using the Three Lines to Print from Google Chrome

Step 1- Click on the Three Lines next to the address bar in Google Chrome Google 6.png

Step 2: Menu Bar will drop down and students can select “Print”

Print 2.png

Step 3: Print Menu will appear. It’s important that the students select the correct printer. When doing this, find the “Destination” area. It will first appear as “Save as PDF”.  CLICK ON CHANGE (this will allow you to select printer).  Then,  choose the correct Cloud Printer you’d like to use. The cloud printers are named by school and room number. For example, JFD- Cloud  - 19 would be the cloud printer for John Foster Dulles Elementary Room 19.

Print 3.png

Step 4: Select the cloud printer you’d like to use. Remember, this is based on school and room numbers. Your school’s cloud printers will be in the “Local Destinations” area in the print menu! Choose the cloud printer you’d wish to use. This will change the destination to the one you selected. Then, students can click Print!

Google 4.png

Step 5 : Select Print and the document will print to the cloud printer you selected!

These are the steps to Print Using the Google Chromebooks!Google 5.png

Option Two- Using CTRL + P to Print from Google Chrome

 You can also use the CTRL + P - which will take you directly to step number 3. Then, follow directions as mentioned above to select cloud printer and print.

I tested it with my students and I believe that once the students select the cloud printers they will not have to do it again, even after logging out and logging back in.