Gerrit User Summit 2012 :: Saturday Nov 10th

        What’s new in Gerrit 2.5 (slides) (notes) (Edwin Kempin, 2.5 Lead)

Presentation of new features in Gerrit 2.5.

        GitBlit as Gerrit plugin (slides) (notes) (Luca Milanesio, GerritForge)

Case-study of integrating GitBlit as plug-in into Gerrit 2.5 (authentication, security, repo viewer).

Demystifying access controls

(slides) (notes)

(Shawn Pearce, Google)

An overview of the currently available access controls, how they interact, and the difference between BLOCK and DENY.

Making a plugin in 10 minutes

(slides) (notes)

(Luca Milanesio, GerritForge)

See how easy it is to create a "hello world" Gerrit plug-in, add custom SSH commands, and HTTP URL handlers.

repo: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

(sildes) (notes)

(Conley Owens, Google)

Quick overview of recently added features (e.g. relative URLs in manifests), followed by a group discussion about issues and missing features.

Making a group system plugin

(slides) (notes)

(Colby Ranger, Google)

Connect Gerrit to one or more proprietary group management systems, and have them all work well together within a single server.

RBAC in Gerrit

(slides) (notes)

(Nicholas Mucci, Garmin)

A case study of a Role Based Access Control implementation in Gerrit.

Discoverable projects

(slides) (notes)
(Chad Horohoe, WikiMedia)

Trying to find ways to make the project listing page less cluttered and more useful. Group discussion on UI improvements.

Gerrit for large enterprises

(slides) (notes)

(Tomas Daarstad, Tieto)

Short discussion about the Tieto view on challenges and opportunities for Gerrit to gain large enterprise acceptance.

Diff view improvements


(Brad Larson, Garmin)

An overview bar and other discussion and brainstorming on how to improve the diff views in Gerrit.

Automatic workflow with Gerrit

(slides) (notes)

(Jorj-Cezar Munteanu, Intel)

See how review can take place outside Gerrit, making it possible to integrate Gerrit into an existing toolchain based on automated workflow.

JGit performance

(slides) (notes)

(Colby Ranger, Google)

Cutting clone time/latency from 90 seconds to 90 milliseconds. No CPUs were harmed in the filming of this process.

        Gerrit & Code Review Best Practices (slides) (notes) (Edwin Kempin, SAP AG)

Learn best practices used by the Gerrit maintainers to streamline workflow and simplify development activity.

        Maintainers' office hour (Edwin Kempin, Martin Fick, and Shawn Pearce)

Ask the Gerrit Code Review maintainers anything. Bring your questions and share them with the group.