ACM SIGGRAPH Annual Report for 2008-2009

Fiscal Year 2009

G. Scott Owen, President

The transition to our new structure as defined by the bylaws change in 2008 continued. The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee (EC) consists of three officers (President, Vice- President, and Treasurer), six Directors-at-Large, and several ex-officio non-voting members. All operation functions have been moved to the Standing Committees. Thus the annual report is primarily a summary of the activities of the different Standing Committees.

Most of the Standing Committee Chairs are selected by the EC however, some have been set by policy as follows: Awards Chair (Vice-President), Finance Committee Chair (Treasurer), Nominations Committee (Past-President), and External Relations Chair (Past-President).


Awards Jim Foley (Vice-President) 

There were three awards given this year as follows:

Technical Awards (John Hughes, Chair)

Service Award (Joe Marks, Chair)

Finance Committee (Jeff Jortner, Treasurer)

SIGGRAPH FY 2009 Budget Report

Opening Reserve Fund Balance: $5,899,997

Closing Reserve Fund Balance: $5,180,650

Major Income Areas:

  1. Dues: $240,000
  2. Publications (includes ACM Digital Library): $267,000
  3. Interest: $55,000
  4. Contributions (Chapters $15,000): $24,000

Major Committee Expenses

  1. Executive Committee (Includes EC Travel, Project Manager and Special Projects(Siggraph ASIA) ): $450,000
  2. Publications: $293,000
  3. Education Committee: $24,000
  4. Information Services Committee: $24,000
  5. Chapters Committee: $61,000
  6. Digital Arts Committee: $3,000
  7. Communications and Membership Committee(includes SIGGRAPH Village at SIGGRAPH 2008 and SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 and the SIGGRAPH content capture costs): $77,000


  1. SIGGRAPH 2008: $191,000 profit
  2. All small conferences: $64,000 profit
  3. SIGGRAPH Asia 2008: $453,000 loss

SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference (Jackie White, CAG Chair)

At SIGGRAPH 2008, the 35th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, 28,432 (pre-audit) artists, research scientists, gaming experts, developers, filmmakers, students, and academics from 87 countries joined together for the annual conference and exhibition in Los Angeles this week. Plus, more than 230 international companies exhibited - an increase in exhibits from the previous year.

"When we began planning for SIGGRAPH 2008 three years ago, the vision was to enhance the attendee experience and evolve along with the changing needs of the industry," said Jacquelyn Martino, SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference Chair from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. "The result was a dynamic, multi-sensory, and cutting-edge event."

Highlights from SIGGRAPH 2008

SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Conference (Alyn Rockwood, then Thierry Frey, SACAG Chair)

The world's top players and practitioners in computer graphics and interactive techniques flocked to Singapore in December 2008 as SIGGRAPH Asia made its debut in the region. More than 3,200 artists, researchers, developers, gaming experts, filmmakers, as well as academics gathered at Suntec City over four exciting days to discover new products, talents, technology, and techniques in the digital media industry.

In all, a total of 49 countries were represented in an array of thought-provoking works and breakthrough ideas presented at the show. "We first thought of introducing an Asian edition of SIGGRAPH almost two years ago, with a vision to bring the best in computer graphics and interactive techniques to players and audiences in the region. I am happy to note that we have indeed achieved this objective. Eighty percent of visitors to SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 were from within the region, including Australia and New Zealand.

“The excellent quality of work we have seen at SIGGRAPH Asia and the ideas that have been put forth bode well for the interactive and digital media industry in Asia," stated Alyn Rockwood, Advisory Group Chair, SIGGRAPH Asia Conference. Animated caper comes up tops at Computer Animation Festival Awards Winners of the Computer Animation Festival's Best of Show Award and two Jury Awards were announced in a lively award ceremony on 11 December 2008 at the Suntec Theatre. The winning pieces were chosen by a panel of industry experts based on their commendable use of computer-generated imagery, animation and storytelling. "Picking three winners from 685 entries to represent the best of animation techniques and creativity was a challenge. The entries submitted were from around the world, making SIGGRAPH Asia a truly global platform. The Computer Animation Festival itself saw overwhelming support from the industry and public alike, with close to 1,300 people attending the Electronic Theatre sessions," said Jinny Choo, Chair, Computer Animation Festival 2008. "All of the shows were completely sold out."

Below are the 2008 Computer Animation Festival winners:

This Way Up, Smith & Foulkes, Nexus Productions Ltd, United Kingdom

United Kingdom Nexus Productions' short animated caper is about a day in the life of A.T. Shank & Son as they make their way cross country with just a coffin for company. The animation feature was not only entertaining, but also showcased high-quality computer animation.

KUDAN, Taku Kimura, Links DigiWorks Inc., Japan

This 3D computer-animated fantasy film by Japanese production house Links DigiWorks is about a man who is accidentally transformed into a Kudan. Kudan is a Japanese monster which has a human head but the body of a cow. It speaks a human language, predicts war or disaster and dies in three days. The jury was unanimous in their decision to award Kudan a Jury award for its exceptional graphics display.

Oktapodi, Gobelins, l'école de l'image, France 

Six third-year students from Gobelins, l'école de l'image in France created a slapstick comedy about two octopuses as they help each other escape from the grasps of a stubborn restaurant cook. Oktapodi represented the best of all student works submitted to SIGGRAPH Asia, and jury members picked the award not only for its narrative and entertainment value, but also to encourage students to produce similar high-quality work.

Job Fair attracts top studios and thousands of job-seekers The SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Job Fair, produced by, was a big success with 20 studios from around the globe recruiting for more than 80 positions, and thousands of "right-brain" job-seekers visiting the Job Fair over the course of three days. Companies participating included Animal Logic, Double Negative Visual Effects, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Ubisoft, among others. At the event, multiple job offers were tendered to candidates as a result of their high level of skill and experience.

" was very excited to be a part of SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 and provide a forum for talent and opportunity to connect. We are aggressively expanding our business into Asia since the digital media industry is growing exponentially in this part of the world. Many of the top animation, TV, film, visual FX and video game companies have opened studios and will be hiring aggressively for the months and years to come. As a result, SIGGRAPH Asia will become an increasingly important conference for the CG industries as a venue for continuing education and recruitment," said Ray Schnell, Partner/Chief Marketing Officer,

“The industry's best and latest True to the tradition of SIGGRAPH since its inception in 1974, SIGGRAPH Asia is the platform where technology, art, culture, and science meet. Through its diverse programmes, SIGGRAPH Asia offers something for every member of the computer graphics world, “ said Lee Yong Tsui, Conference Chair, SIGGRAPH Asia 2008: "As SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 draws to a close, there is strong affirmation that Asia is indeed rising in prominence in the field of interactive and digital media. What we are seeing at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 is only a glimpse of what the region's growing talent is capable of delivering. SIGGRAPH Asia will continue to be the driving force that will bring computer graphics in the region to a new level."

Chapters Committee (Scott Lang, Chair)

The ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapters continue to be the largest network of SIG Chapters within the ACM organization. Sixty chapters exist in over fifteen countries around the world. During the last year, we chartered new Professional Chapters in Vienna (Austria), Manila (Philippines) and Austin (Texas, USA), and a Student Chapter at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. We also have several chapters In-Formation in Asia, including one which is very close to being chartered in Bangalore, India.

Associate Membership Program 

We continue to make progress with this program. The NYC and Paris Chapters have spent the past year testing this system and we are now beginning to add new chapters. These include Silicon Valley (USA), Madrid (Spain), and Cascade (Portland, USA). We have also been working with ACM staff to add credit card processing to the system and this should be ready in time for SIGGRAPH 2009. We are also adding a Technical Profile Area that will allow us to capture member information in areas such as Job Title, Areas of Interest, and Volunteer Availability. We are currently finalizing these modules so that a presentation can be made at the SIGGRAPH 2009 Chapters Development Workshop in New Orleans.

Professional and Student Chapters Committee (PSCC)

In the interest of serving our chapters more efficiently and addressing areas that may need more attention than in the past, the PSCC has begun a re-organization that will result in a more flexible and responsive committee. This is being done by establishing several subcommittees and adding new members to lead these groups. Some of the new subcommittees being established include:

Web Site Sub-Committee

Eric Paquette of the Montreal ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter is serving as Chair of this group.

Sponsorship Sub-Committee 

Brad Lawrence of the Orlando ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter will be serving as the Chair of this group.

Outreach Liaison with SIGGRAPH 2010 

Jaime Radwan, a member of the chapters SCOOP Team last year, is working as a member of the PSCC and S2010 to ensure that there is consistent communication between these groups with the goal of fostering greater collaboration both in 2010 and beyond.

International Resources Committee Liaison

For years, Kirsten Cater and I have filled this role informally. As this committee has matured over the years, it makes sense to make this a formal position on the PSCC. The International Resources Committee and the PSCC share a great deal of common “interests” and goals. Greater collaboration between these two groups will benefit not only these two groups but also the organization as a whole – particularly our conferences. Sandro Alberti, the current Co-Chair of the International Resources Committee, will be serving this role on the PSCC.

Regional Sections 

The idea behind these comes from a meeting we held at SIGGRAPH 2008 with our European Chapters. There are sections of the world where we have a large number of chapters and yet these chapters have not historically worked with together on a regular basis (if ever).

ACM SIGGRAPH India Chapters Advisory Council

The idea for this group came out of the desire to make sure that there is active collaboration between any chapters established in India and other that may have an interest in promoting computer graphics and interactive techniques in India. The initial guidelines and membership group have been discussed and we are hoping to finalize these items at SIGGRAPH 2009. Once our first chapter is chartered – currently, Bangalore is In Formation – we will begin regular meetings of this group.

Podcasting / SCOOP Collaboration 

For the last three years, a team of chapters’ volunteers has attended the conference and helped in the production of a variety of video segments. At S2006 we produced 9 segments that provided overviews of various conference venues. In 2007, we worked with the conference Media team to capture B-roll and interviews for the S2008 Preview DVD. And last year we produced a number of venue overviews while also producing onsite videos used to promote SIGGRAPH Asia at S2008. For SIGGRAPH 2009, our team will be working with the S2009 Podcasting Director, Jim Hillin, to produce podcasts at S2009. While we will be helping produce short podcasts for immediate placement on the S2009 and Chapters web sites, we will still be able to produce our longer-form SCOOP venue overviews for future distribution to our chapters and for viewing from the Chapters web site. We will also be working with the International Resources Committee to incorporate the mutli-lingual Art Show tour podcasts that have been done the last two years.

SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference Activities

The ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters are involved with many activities at each year’s conference. The single most important event for the chapters is the Chapters Development Workshop that is held the day before the conference officially opens. Last year’s workshop drew approximately 40 chapter leaders from all around the world. Sessions at the meeting included Back To Basics”, “The Future of ACM SIGGRAPH”, and “Associate Membership Overview / Interface Walkthrough”, among others.

Over the course of the conference week, the Chapters hold several public meetings. One such meeting is the Professional and Student Chapter Start-Up Meeting. Last year’s meeting drew over 15 interested individuals. The annual Chapters Party was held at the “Club 740” nightclub. Over 1,500 people attended this event. For the second year in a row, we also hosted and funded the second annual Student Volunteer Alumni Reunion. Though lightly attended, it was a success and we look forward to hosting it again in 2009.

Our SCOOP Team collected hours of video footage that was edited into nine short venue overviews. They also worked with the ACM SIGGRAPH Communications Chair to produce six segments that were broadcast in the Technical Session Rooms to promote SIGGRAPH Asia 2008.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Conference Activities

The inaugural ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA Chapters Workshop was very successful. Many thanks to the SIGGRAPH Asia Conference support staff for the technical assistance we received at the Chapters Workshop. We had participation from the following chapters: Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Paris, Silicon Valley, the University of Pennsylvania Student Chapter, and the IUPUI Student Chapter.

Though attendance was less than at the SIGGRAPH Conference, it was a nice change which allowed attendees to speak at greater length with people from outside their own chapter. After doing a walkthrough of the Chapter Leaders web site with the workshop attendees (via Skype), the Chapters Committee Chair turned the remainder of the program over to Jenny Dana and Thierry Frey. Some excellent topics were raised during the workshop. Also, several contacts were made during the week with people interested in learning more about the ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters.

Program Year 2008 – 2009

During the 2008 – 2009 year, our chapters were very active. Total chapter membership around the world is between 2,500 and 3000 professional and student members. Total attendance at chapter events (from those chapters reporting) is over 18,000 people during the course of the year. Events range from lectures to screenings, multi-day conferences to art talks.

Some examples of topics covered over the last year include: “Digital Drawing : The International Visual Language”, “Innovation in Puppetry : From Animatronics to CGI with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop”, “Motion Capture : Designing for NASA's Orion Crew Module”, “Using the GPU to do Video Decoding, Encoding and Transcoding”, “The Nuts and Bolts of Iron Man”, “Lifegraphs for Mobile Mirror Worlds : Linking Supply, Value, and Customer Chains”. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of presentations that are hosted by the chapters each year.

Over 20 chapters presented the SIGGRAPH 2008 CAF DVDs. In addition, several chapters also presented the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Electronic Theater DVD. The Chapters Committee helps to support these screenings financially (when possible). Collaboration with other groups is also important for the chapters network. Over the last year, our chapters have worked with groups that include the following: Society for Women in Engineering (SWE), Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Sony, Autodesk, Charlex, Pratt Institute, NYIT, CGInstitute, Bogota Film Festival, British Columbia Innovation Council (BCIC), National Film Board of Canada, Visual Effects Society (VES), Hong Kong Game Industry Association, LucasFilm, and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, to name just a few.

Finally, several of our chapters continue to nurture local animation festivals and multi-day conferences that have great potential beyond their local chapter area. These include the NYC (MetroCAF), Vancouver (SPARK Animation, SPARK VFX), Vienna (Pixel), and Madrid (Animation Festival 2009) chapters.

Communications and Member Services (Kathryn Saunders, Chair)

Activities in Brief

A. SOMA: (Content Capture Partner for SIGGRAPH ’08 We requested that the SOMA DVD be included on the registration form. However, checking with the CAG and ACM, we determined that selling a ‘third party’ product was not allowed under our non-profit status. Although it was not done for SIGGRAPH 09, we are trying to have a pop-up window display a link to the SOMA point-of-purchase site for SIGGRAPH Asia registration. I organized for SOMA to receive the registration list for S09 the exhibitor list and contacts (Mike Weil) and last year’s attendee list.

B. E-Quarterly Newsletter: I proposed a strategy for the E-Quarterly and received feedback from the CAG Chair as well as potential authors and the editor of e-Quarterly. After listening to everyone and evaluating all feedback, I am going to offer people who successfully submit an article to the e-quarterly a 25% discount to a maximum of 50% for any one conference (either SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH Asia)

C. Village / Conferences: Celebrating our Membership: AT SIGGRAPH 2009 we intend to take photographs of members again. We have used these photos for graphics in the S2009 Village and at a booth in Shanghai. In the Communications budget, I set aside money to produce graphics of members that could be used again and again for both SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia. I also produced a re-usable banner for SpaceTime Gallery that will save money over time. The graphics were produced in Canada and shipped (in 6 boxes) down to New Orleans. Photographs to follow in the next report.

Cost-cutting at the SIGGRAPH Village

As Communications Chair, I am responsible for the coordination of the Village and assembling the budget for approval. We managed to save almost half the designated budget due to cut-backs across the board as well as the production of re-usable graphics. All Village stakeholders made a concerted effort to cut costs this year and should be commended for their flexibility in this matter. China Fantasy Fair Trade Show: Scott Owen traveled to Shanghai as a guest of the China National Center for Developing Animation, Cartoon and Game Industry (NCACG), to give a talk, meet with dignitaries and promote SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia. I was asked to design the booth and was assisted in the production by the Kolenmesse Shanghai Office. I used member photos for the walls.

D. Integration with Conferences: It is my hope that the objectives of the Communications Committee and the Conference Committees can work together towards identifying opportunities for greater member benefits. We have been allowed to ‘advertise’ member benefits in the session rooms in between sessions.

E. Member Discounts: Mike Weil developed a list of companies exhibiting at SIGGRAPH 08 who were willing to grant special discounts to our ACM SIGGRAPH members. The list was passed out at the Members booth during the conference. The initiative was very popular but will NOT be continued for SIGGRAPH 2009, as the interest from companies was minimal due to the recession.

F. Member Brochure: A NEW ‘Member Resource Guide’ is being developed for SIGGRAPH Asia 09 that may have Japanese as a secondary language. We will be using last year’s guide and ‘cheat sheets’ for SIGGRAPH 2009.

G. Membership Rate Review: As of July 1st, we implemented the higher rate of $42.00

Digital Arts Community (DAC) Committee - - (Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Chair)

The DAC has passed the 300 member mark on our social networking site! There is a constant buzz of activity there with over 800 artists’ work being featured on the front page in an ongoing slide show, along with postings, events, blog entries and conversation between the artist members. The news about the new ACM SIGGRAPH artist award is also being prominently featured on the front page.

The remaining artworks being stored at the Freeman warehouse in Anaheim have been inventoried and we are in the process of finding current contact information for each artist. The return of the Traveling Art Show works has begun with the first 7 packages being shipped out this week. It is expected that this process will take several months. We are planning to interview potential new members for the core committee at SIGGRAPH 2009, since we have had some resignations. We will also approach the Student Volunteers group for what we are calling Production Assistants for the web site and other activities. Our conference meeting is being held in conjunction with Leonardo.

We are also working on collaborative agreements (informal at this point ) with The International Society of Electronic Arts (ISEA) and the College Arts Association’s New Media Committee (CAA). We have been talking to Doug Dodds and others at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. They have accepted Patric Prince’s computer art collection and are now making a focus on collecting such art at the V&A. They are also working on detailed history, and will collaborate with the DAC for information and connections for this work.

Education - - (Marc Barr, Chair)

Through this annual report, the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee aims to help the SIGGRAPH community become more familiar with its year-round education and conference based activities, and seeks to demonstrate ways in which passionate members of the community can participate. The past year brought important changes to our format and contents. The pages of this 2009 Annual Report contain detailed descriptions of the various activities of our subcommittees and also presents an elaborate celebration of the spectacular work of students from around the globe who participate in our prestigious annual juried competitions.

The SubCommittees Curricular and Instructional Resources is responsible for managing the Curriculum Knowledge Base (CKB), the Computer Graphics Educational Materials Source (CGEMS), the cgSource education resource collection, Visualization education, and the Digital Art Curriculum Framework project.

Community Building and Support administers the Education Committee Website, the Education Index, Games and Interactive Media, Primary / Secondary Education (P/SE), the Undergraduate Research Initiative, and all Global Outreach, and Conference Activities.

SpaceTime conducts the SpaceTime Student Competitions and Exhibitions.

For a comprehensive report of all activities please see (

Information Services (Jenny Dana, Chair)

The Information Services Committee (ISC) provides information services support to the ACM SIGGRAPH community. Our responsibilities include managing/maintaining the servers infrastructure (software/hardware), managing the ACM SIGGRAPH organization website though specific content is provided by the client committees (Chapters, Education, etc.), handling community (volunteer, contractor, member) requests for access to installed technologies, evaluating and installing new technology offerings both by request and proactively, acting as a liaison on technical tasks between ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM, contractors (Q, Talley, etc.).

The ISC does not develop large scale applications internally though we serve as a technical support resource when such systems are being developed by a group within the community, for example, the Education Index. The ISC is made up of a core team of three part time paid consultants - Ken Bauer - system administrator, Viveka Wiley - web design consultant, Gustavo Orrillo - Plone consultant. Note that currently the Plone consultant position is filled by a volunteer. We also receive support from two system administrators from Ken’s company, Eduardo Romero and Belia Romero. The paid consultants are supported by a number of volunteers including the ISC Chair - Jenny Dana, ISC past-chair - Thierry Frey, Leo Hourvitz - application/utility expert and sysmgrs.

The sysmgrs are a team of approximately 20 dedicated volunteers/contractors including representatives from the EC and ACM’s system administration team who monitor, discuss and handle requests from the community ISC Activities: Jenny Dana took over as chair of the committee from Thierry Frey in early March. The committee wishes to thank Thierry for his leadership of ISC and help making a smooth transition.

External Relations (Alain Chesnais, Chair)

Affiliation agreements were signed with the following organizations: Annecy China National Center for Developing Animation, Cartoon, and Game Industry (NCACG) Eurographics IGDA Laval Virtual Imagina.

Nominations (Alain Chesnais, Chair)

There was an excellent slate of candidates selected including the following:

Treasurer: Jeff Jortner and Gary Paxinoos

Director at Large: Tony Baylis, Rob Cook, Paul Debevec, Jim Kilmer

The election winners were: Jeff Jortner, Rob Cook, and Paul Debevec.

Publications Committee (Stephen Spencer, Chair)

The ACM SIGGRAPH Publications Committee has continued to produce high-quality print and electronic publications, documenting the content that is accepted (both juried and curated) for presentation at its sponsored events. A record number of co-located events occurred in conjunction with the SIGGRAPH 2008 conference, with both print and electronic publications produced to document them. The inaugural SIGGRAPH Asia event in late 2008, and a co-located event (VRCAI 2008) brought new challenges in producing our publications overseas, but the end results were professional and well-received.

The "SVR2DVD" project made further progress this year, with the conclusion of the digitizing and cleanup of all of the SVR (SIGGRAPH Video Review) content. The inevitable trend away from print publication and toward electronic publication continues, with more of our events opting for CD-ROM or DVD-ROM publication, in place of print publication.

Small Conferences Committee (Brian Wyvill, Chair)

A number of conferences have been processed including co-located conferences with SIGGRAPH 2009. All but one co-located conference chairs thought the co-location rates at the convention centre were too high and opted to go off-campus at local hotels.

I attended the Eurographics Executive Committee meeting and took part in the discussions for small conferences with the EG sub-committee. I sent the chair a list of EG/Siggraph co-sponsored conferences and contact information as requested. Relations with EG seem to be going well.


We have been a little slow on the web pages and they should have been in place by SIGGRAPH 09 but now we are aiming for the Fall. In-cooperation approval is given if the conference meets the ACM criteria, is a not-for-profit conference that deals with subject matter that falls within the ACM SIGGRAPH interest. Conferences that have not been approved have generally been commercial in nature or dealing with subjects other than computer graphics or HCI with no mutual interest content.

Co-Sponsored or Sponsored

The above applies plus the budget has to meet the approval of the SIGGRAPH SCC.

Use of Funds

When a conference has funds left over they may apply for the use of 50% of these funds, towards the cost of the next conference. ACM has a policy guideline that we follow to approve this use of funds.

Conferences Handled 2008/09

The list below shows the status of the conferences handled since August 08. We had one problem with IE08, where the requests was a little late (4 weeks before the conference) but unfortunately I did not get this processed in time, mea culpa, however in general we have been quite fast to respond as can be seen below. There are currently three outstanding requests being considered.

The SCC committee is as follows:

Brian Wyvill, Chair

Marie-Paule Cani, EC Liaison

Diego Gutierrez

Caroline Larboulette

Wolfgang Heidrich

Conferences Handled by ACM SIGGRAPH Small Conferences Committee 2008/09 

“Sent” indicates the request has been sent to the committee. “Backlog” things happening before my time for which I don’t have the history

Conference Year Type Colocated Approval Received Sent Surplus (deficit)

RT08 2008 In-Coop Approved BACKL BACK

CAe08 2008 In-Coop Approved BACKL 25/08

UIST08 2008 Sponsored Approved 11/09 26/09

RT08 2008 IIn-Coop Approved 05/08 05/08

PDC08 2008 In-Coop Not Approved BACKL 15/09

IE08 2008 In-Coop 29/10

EATIS 09 2009 In-Coop Not Approved 11/08 27/08

TridentCom09 2009 In-Coop Not Approved BACKL 27/08

VISIGRAPP09 2009 In-Coop Approved BACKL 27/08

CGI09 2009 In-Coop Approved 11/09 11/09

e-Forensics 09 2009 In-Coop Not Approved BACK 12/09

Afrigraph09 2009 Sponsored Approved 16/09 02/10 $1,237

SCA09 2009 Co- Sponsored yes Approved 01/10 04/01

FMX09 2009 In-Coop Approved 01/10 04/01

Laval Virtual 2009 In-Coop Approved 12/09 04/01

NPAR 09 2009 Sponsored yes Approved 18/11 04/01

I3D 2009 Sponsored Approved sent Approved

WEBSCI09 2009 In- Not Approved 01/21

SoCG 2009 2009 In- Cooperation Approved 20/10 20/10

3DOR 2009 In- Cooperation EG Approved 18/11 18/11

SIAM09 2009 In- Cooperation Approved 10/10 04/01

IVA09 2009 In- Cooperation Approved 07/11 11/11

SMI09 2009 In- Cooperation Approved 20/11 04/01

FDG09 2009 In- Cooperation Approved 08/12

SG09 2009 In- Cooperation Approved 04/09 04/17

EGSR09 2009 In- Cooperation Approved 04/03 04/17

FIT09 2009 In- Cooperation Not Approved 04/03 04/22

SBIM09 2009 Sponsored yes Approved 03/30 04/17

HPG09 2009 Sponsored yes Approved

ICAT '09 2009 In- Cooperation Approved 04/28 07/22 16/17

WEB3D 2009 Sponsored yes Approved 06/16 06/17 21,477

ETRA 2010 2010 In- Cooperation Approved 03/03 03/24

VRCAI 2009 Sponsored Approved 21/7 22/7 2008 $18,289

APGV2009 2009 Sponsored pending 2008 3,622

UIST09 2009 Sponsored pending

We approved I3D use of surplus.

SIGGRAPH Student Services Committee (Lou Harrison, Chair)

The ACM SIGGRAPH Student Services Committee (S3) serves as a resource and information hub for ACM SIGGRAPH Student Members, and other students who volunteer their time for ACM SIGGRAPH activities, such as the conferences' Student Volunteer programs. Since formation in 2007, S3 has been working to organize a core of key volunteers and resources who will provide year-round information and services to the students we serve.

This year, Lou Harrison was named chair of the committee in September of 2008, and attended the inaugural joint EC/CAG/Chairs meeting in October. He named the following as his committee:

Student Services Manager (Josh Grow)

Mentoring Lead (Christobal Cheng)

Technical Lead (Nico Gonzales)

Academic Coordinator (Alexis Casas)

Industry Coordinator (Mikki Rose) in addition to himself as chair and Jim Kilmer as our EC Liaison.

He submitted a budget request in short order, and negotiated with the EC President and Treasurer, all the while, learning the process. There have been several meetings via phone or Elluminate with the committee and small groups as we flesh out roles and responsibilities. This year we have spent much time wrestling with technology, and getting to know one another, and have focused more on tactical action.

Of late we have been gearing up for our one F2F meeting and many, many satellite meetings at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans. We have assisted the SV committee in various ways, from scheduling events, to facilitating scheduling administration, to ordering and funding hats for the student volunteers.

SIGGRAPH 2009 will mark the start of our strategic thinking about core services, what responsibilities S3 maintains, and what each SV committee retains, and how to transition to a steady-state model for those services. ACM SIGGRAPH maintains a cooperative agreement with The CGSociety, an online global organization for creative digital artists, to co-brand certain online resources that will provide student members of both organizations with a variety of online services, including a professional portfolio, group and one-on-one mentoring services, and community forums. Through this cooperative agreement, S3 will actively recruiting mentors and career counselors to work with students online, accepting questions and providing subject-matter expertise through this online systems.

S3 is also working with the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee and other groups to integrate student opportunities with all aspects of the organization and our conferences, and hope that these efforts will serve to enhance the career opportunities and value of ACM SIGGRAPH students as they proceed into their professional lives.