Self Assessment for Content Curation: Flexible Seating

Using: Criteria for Effective Curation: An Alphabet

By: Ben Killam, Jasmine Quezada, Ally Gilin, and Katie Lauritsen

A is for Annotated

        ____ Appropriate credit is given to the creator of the content

In each post the credit is given to the creator in the link underneath each post that states where the content was retrieved from. All links were checked to ensure that they gave credit to appropriate sources from where they retrieved their information, if applicable.

B is for Balance

____ A balance between original and curated content is established

In the curation, there are a couple of articles that come from a curated blog site called Flexible Seating as well as news article sites. There is also links to videos and blog posts written from teachers own perspectives (original).

C is for Community

____ Reliable content is viewed and shared through community collaboration

Many of the posts were also shared on my Twitter account and the curation itself was linked in Twitter, my WordPress blog, and Facebook. This allowed for the information to be shared with my learning community.

D is for Distill

        ____ Simplified information to provide relevant/important ideas or information.

Each post in the curation has a description and relevant title to give readers an idea of the information contained in each post. There is also a description of the curation underneath the relevant title.

E is for Engage and Enhance

____ Content is engaging through embedded or enhanced content.

____ Engagement is tracked or assessed.

The content of the curation is particularly engaging as it provides a variety of sources (video, research, blog posts, and some news articles). ScoopIt automatically tracks “reactions” which includes sharing of posts through social media.

F is for Flaneur

        _____ Engaged in critical reflection of their work.

        _____ Explored diverse ideas and paths.

The curation of sources clearly demonstrates critical reflection as all of the information is clearly connected to the topic and there are many links that provide information on diverse ideas such as health concerns, engagement, and the management of flexible seating.

G is for Gadgets

____ Used tools to assist with organization, effectiveness, and efficiency

The information was curated by ScoopIt which greatly facilitated the process of organizing, the effectiveness and efficiency of providing information to others.

I is for Identify

        ____ Identified trends in information.

Each post was given relevant hashtags to help keep track of trends in information. These same tags were used when searching for information to curate. Flexible Seating is a trending search currently for educators.

K is for Know Your Audience

____ Curated content is meaningful and appropriate for intended audience

Flexible Seating is revolutionizing education right now and is trending nationwide as a movement to enhance classroom engagement and collaboration. This curation of resources will be meaningful & appropriate for the intended audience of educators.

N is for New Material

____ Curated content is new and unique to audience

All of the links in the curated content are relatively new and provide a variety of unique perspectives in education not only teachers but also health officials, administrators, researchers, and news sources.

P is for Perspective 

        ____ Curated content is put into perspective for the audience.

The curated information was chosen in such a way to provide various perspectives of flexible seating and give the audience the opportunity to develop their own viewpoint after delving into the curated content that illustrates its benefits.

R is for Relevant

____ Curated content is clearly relevant to theme and topic.

All of the content is relevant to the topic of Flexible Seating. The health articles are written in such a way that they give information on the health risks children face from sitting so much and flexible seating is highlighted as a possible solution.

S is for Storytell

        ____ Organized, analyzed and synthesized content.

        ____ Added a personal point of view and/or context.

Flexible seating is told as a story from my own point of view to reflect its benefits. It gives information from various perspectives but the description of each post gives you context.

T is for Themed through Context

        ____ Content develops a theme through context

The information that was curated clearly reflects the  flexible seating theme  and the various sites give you that context, to make it clear to the audience what the content is about.

U is Update

_____ Content is updated regularly.

The information that was curated is up to date and all are relevant. The content has not needed to be updated as the curation was recently completed.

V is for Value

        ____ The value of content is recognized for both the curator and the audience

Flexible seating is such a hot topic in education that the value will be clear to the audience. The curator made their value of the content clear by labeling the information & curation and providing a clear context.