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Flat fix

$8 + $6/tube

Flat fix (front & rear)

$14 + $6/tube

Rack installation


Fenders installation


Fork installation


Headset installation


Bottom Bracket installation


Brake adjust


Brake adjust (front & rear)


Deraileur adjust


Shifter installation

$10 - 20

Wheel truing

$10 - 20

Spoke replacement

$10 - 20 + $2/spoke

Bike Pack-up


Bike build up from box

*some bikes may need additional adjustments/parts which will add on up to $52.95 to cost


Frame Swap

$75 + $25 Hydraulic Disc /

Internal routing

Bike Storage

Winter (November 1 - March 31)


(3+months includes safety check)

Spring/Summer (April 1 - October 31)


Safety Check

Check for safety: headset. bottom bracket, cranks, and tires Tighten: pedals, stem, handlebars, seatpost, check and adjust all quick release tension. Make any additional safety recommendations.


(free within 1 month/~200 miles

w/ purchase of new bicycle)

Standard Tune-up

Includes all services in the Safety check plus: adjust brakes, adjust deraileurs/gears, lubricate chain, pivot points, minor wheel truing, inflate tires, wipe down frame, test ride, and list other repair and upgrade recommendations



Includes all services in the Standard Tune-up plus: repack headset, bottom bracket & hubs, install new cables/housing (includes parts)