How clouds got there name

In 1802 a man called Luke howard named the clouds. He was obsessed with clouds and he had lots of wonders. He was a pharmacist but he wanted to be a meteorologist. He didn't focus in school much because he looked out the window at the clouds.

Luke howard named three main clouds. The clouds are cirrus, cumulus and stratus. Cirrus was named after clouds that look like hair. Cumulus was named after a heap of clouds. Stratus was named after stringy clouds.

The most important thing is that the clouds keep the form but they change shapes over time.

Luke howard said that clouds are hard to study because you can’t break off a piece of cloud and examine it you have to observe.

Lots of people wrote poems and did paintings about luke howard. The clouds name were in latin because he focused a lot in his latin class.

Its because of luke howard that people can predict the weather patterns based on what they see.

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