APA Workshop

APA Workshop Activities

  1. Review the APA Citation Style Mini Guide; pay particular attention to
  1. in-text citation
  3. block quotes
  1. Review Sample Paper 1 and Sample Paper 2
  2. Complete the APA In-class Activity Sheet

Additional Help on APA Styles

Reference Management Software

Very Basic

The following sites are basic in that they create the format for you. You either search or enter the reference you are using and they generate a properly formatting citation for you.

Full Reference Management

More robust reference management allows you to keep a record of your references including notes-- like a digital card catalog. Learning to use reference managers take a little time investment, but if you plan to go onto grad school, they are well worth it.

RefWorks logo RefWorks Group:RWCityC

A browser-based citation tool that accepts exporting of articles from many article databases. Because it has been around for some time, RefWorks has dozens of bibliographic output formats aside from the standards APA and MLA. You can install custom output styles as well as create new bibliography items from scratch for those hard to classify things. If asked for CCNY's group code: RWCityC

They have also provided step-by-step directions on how to export from many of the most popular databases.

RefWorks also has a plugin for Microsoft Word called ProQuest for Word. The file is located in the RefWorks menu, and the instructions are found here: https://www.refworks.com/refworks2/help/Installing_ProQuest_for_Word.htm 

Zotero logo Zotero

Zotero is an open-source citation manager that was initially built as a Firefox add-on. However, it is now available on browser or desktop (and browser choices have expanded as well). It's a great source for collaborating with like-minded scholars, and also works well for group-work in the classroom. Fun fact: the user group is very responsive; questions are answered quickly and well.

Example of a public library:

Zotero is my favorite.

Mendeley logo Mendeley

Mendeley provides a variety of features including the ability to read and annotate pdfs within software, collect and organize pdfs, share your papers notes, and discover new papers, people to collaborate with and groups.

Helpful Websites:


on Plagiarism:



on Evaluating Websites: