2015 Young Writers Competition – Writing and Information Package 

This competition is open to youth aged 10 – 16 (at the time of entry submission) who live on Cortes Island. Entrants will write an original fiction or nonfiction short story approximately 1250 words in length. 

The two categories are for ages 10 - 12 and ages 13 - 16, and will be judged separately.



October 31st, 2015


Submissions can be sent via email to: cortesliteracy@gmail.com



Two $100 prizes will be awarded, one for the winner of each age category. 

When you are writing, remember some potential elements of a short story: 

 Setting — which introduces the characters and describes the surroundings 

 Characters – often there is a protagonist (main character) and at least one antagonist (someone or some situation that the main character struggles with in some way)

 Conflict — every good story has a situation that makes the protagonist feel uncomfortable and requires him or her to change or accept the situation

 Resolution — this is when the protagonist changes or accepts the situation due to an epiphany or act of courage (make sure you know the resolution before you start writing!)

 Point-of-View — this is who is telling the story and how; there are several points of view to choose from 

While it is not necessary to have these elements in your entry for submission, if you choose not to include them, please consider why you decided not to include them and how your story will be stronger without them.

Make sure to use full sentences and word process your piece if possible. If you cannot use a computer for your short story, please be sure your writing is neat and easy to read.

Good Luck!  Have Fun!

Winners announced:

Update: A bound copy of all of the 2015 Young Writer's stories is now available at the Cortes Island library (VIRL) as well as electronically (.pdf) below. Congratulations to all our young writers for their hard work and superior creativity!


Cortes Literacy Now is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Young Writer's Contest!

This year witnessed the largest number of entries thus far and an exceptionally high calibre of writing.

Age Category 9-12:

*Congratulations to first place winner, Sofia Nybida, age 10, for her winning entry One Last Look. Sofia will receive a prize of $100 for winning the competition in the 9-12 age category.

Second place goes to Asha Harvey, age 11, for Guardians of the Children's Forest

Third place goes to Merlin Nelson, age 10, for The Spectre

Honourable mentions to our youngest participants: Lily Isobel Smyth-Andrews, age 9, for A Voyage to Sea and Teyo Baskin-Brussel, age 9, forAdventure on Elephant Island.

Age Category 13-16:

*Congratulations to first place winner, Tosh Harvey, age 14, for his winning entry The Forbidden Island. Tosh will receive a prize of $100 for winning the competition in the 13-16 age category.

Second place goes to Tara Warkentin, age 16, for Orange was her Favourite Colour

Third place goes to Natalia Nybida, age 14, for Where I Belong

Honourable mentions to Dean Marino-Perdisa, age 14, for Trick or Treat, and Henry Mackay-Reed, age 13, for The Adventures of Rocco.


Congratulations to all our exceptionally creative young writers!

A huge note of thanks to our anonymous volunteer judges for taking time to carefully judge and provide feedback for each anonymous young writer!

The Young Writer's Contest is a chance for youth in the community to strengthen and sharpen their skills as creative writers, and a chance to receive acknowledgment and support from the community. This important literacy activity for youth would not be possible without the anonymous donors who have so generously donated the prize money for the last six years.