Located in 234 EH

Acceptable Uses

SBA student-centric events (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Special presentations by and for SBA Faculty

Room Capacity

35 (with glass wall removed)

24 (front part of the room)

Space needed for food may reduce the overall capacity of the room.

How to reserve

Make a reservation with Virginia May >


  1. Put a sign up on the door at least two hours before the event letting students know the room will not be available.
  2. Leave it like you found it.
  1. Chairs and tables back in place
  2. Put all rubbish put into the trash container
  3. Wipe off tables.
  1. If you bring food to the room, make sure the food garbage is put in the trash. If the trash can fills up, please tie up the bag and take it to the bin by 237 EH.

Technology Support

Check IT list after your reservation is confirmed, limited IT set up and support are available. If you need additional IT equipment, consider booking an alternative room.


Microsoft Office 2010, all major Internet browsers

IT checklist

Complete this checklist as needed at least 24 hours before events.

  • TV and projector
  • PC and projector
  • files from flash drives or download from eā€mails
  • Skype account (personal account or SBA)

Acquired from 213 EH:

  • wireless presentation clicker
  • webcam for Skype
  • microphone for Skype