Carlson Rezidor Tableau Implementation Carlson Rezidor Tableau Implementation

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014


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•Nathan Vanderwyst

Senior Systems Analyst

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Carlson Rezidor Locations

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• A little bit about the Tableau project at Carlson Rezidor.

• A walk through of the Tableau environment at Carlson Rezidor.

• Reasons for using Tableau extracts (data sources) at Carlson Rezidor.

• Use of Tableau log files.

• Implementation of row level security at Carlson Rezidor.

• Use of Tableau PostgreSQL meta data.

• Leveraging Tableau workbook XML. g g

Created by Nathan Vanderwyst


The Mission

• Procurement, configuration & installation of all required hardware and software components. software components.

• Create 11 extracts (data sources) from 42 existing single-fact star schema Oracle tables.

Meta data use business friendly names in extracts – Meta data – use business friendly names in extracts.

• Ability to refresh all supported production Tableau Oracle Extracts daily.

• Accommodate users in global regions • Accommodate users in global regions.

– Application of row level security – Access to Tableau Server – No Single-Sign-On

• Provide static Tableau views (i.e., Tableau reports) via internal reporting website.

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j Project Plan &Timeline

3 weeks

3 3 months months

12 weeks

External support

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And don’t forget the extras... g

• SSL VPN connection to Tableau server for our global regions.

• Want Tableau 8 even though planning was for v7.

• Utility to create PDF’s using TabCmd for internal reporting website.

• Subscriptions working.

• Dashboard to display user activity and extract monitoring.

• A means to disable extract refresh when Oracle issues arise.

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Separation of Responsibilities

Business Intelligence Team Revenue Optimization Team

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Tableau Environment

Email and Hotel Reporting

Tableau Server Environment

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