2. 2022 3D Modeling Rates

Ultimately, flat-rate modeling services have to be quoted for each project. However, I tend to group simpler projects into several buckets as described below. Please keep in mind that measuring an existing part (reverse engineering) is more complex and time consuming modeling-to-spec using a dimensioned sketch or existing drawing.

If you have a large project (such as generating 10’s or 100’s of components), please contact me for a custom quote.

Project Minimum: $280

3D Modeling to Client Specifications - Price is Per Unique Components

Simple Geometry - Examples: Pins, Bushings, Washers

$35 each

Basic Geometry - Typical of custom components that can be shown in 2-3 drawing views

$140 each

Standard Geometry - Typical of small weldments and custom components that can be detailed in 3-6 drawing views.


Intermediate Geometry - Typical for components requiring many unique features and operations to create.


Complex Geometry - Complex weldments, intricate machinings, complicated castings or molded parts.

Custom Quote

Additional Configurations - Often times we can manage similar parts with a single CAD file. Think of a series of washers with varying diameters.

50% discount

Assembly Models

Assembly Models - For up to 5 Unique Components

$75 per assembly

Each Additional Unique Components