New Proprietary Technology Could Save Gardeners Millions of Wasted Hours

‘Drain Smart’ container-drainer discs take the hassle out of gardening

US gardeners are wasting up to 120 million hours[i] every year filling pots and containers with messy, bulky gravel or bark that can cause more problems than they solve according to Drain Smart, the #1 container-drainer specialist.

Official research[ii] shows that gravel and bark can hinder rather than encourage container drainage, and Drain Smart estimates that over 100million[iii] gardeners could be wasting precious gardening time and resources handling, storing, transporting and using bulky bags of gravel and/or bark.

Effective Container-Drainer Solution

Drain Smart offers gardeners across the US an alternative to these traditional, messier drainage methods with their Drain Smart drainage discs designed specifically for containers and pots.  No mess, no fuss and reusable every year, the drainage discs utilize proprietary technology to provide a more effective solution to container draining (see below). The Drain Smart ‘3 Step’ process requires a container + plant + top soil + Drain Smart disc.  No need for bulky bags of messy gravel and bark.

Drain Smart’s Proprietary Technology

Water resists moving from small voids of fine grain top soil to large voids in gravel or bark. Drain Smart discs are designed to encourage water to pass through the soil and out of the container or pot.  Drain Smart discs are composed of thick nylon mesh with a layer of geo-filter fabric fixed to one side. The disc is installed fabric side-up, and then the topsoil is installed on top of the fabric. The filter fabric is designed to retain the soil and allow water to pass through the mesh, into free space, and then out of the planter drain hole.  As the soil is prevented from migrating downwards, the soil establishes a structure that continues to facilitate drainage hence promoting healthier, longer-lasting plants by eliminating long-term soil saturation that causes root rot.

Founder of Drain Smart, Steve Butler, comments:

“I created Drain Smart after being frustrated by messy and ineffective drainage mediums for urban garden containers, and the lack of a good container drainer solution.  Not only does Drain Smart take the hassle out of handling and storing bulky bags, it also helps to promote healthier and stronger plants through better drainage. For urban gardeners, the bonus is a stain-free, mess-free patio or deck, plus lighter pots to move around. ”

The Drain Smart Range

Made in the USA, Drain Smart drainage discs are available in two sizes:

-          6 inch – the 6 inch discs come in a handy pack of five.  Price $15.95.

-          12 inch – the 12 inch discs come in a handy pack of three. Price $19.95.

The good news is that you easily custom cut Drain Smart drainage discs to the required size with scissors.

Buying Drain Smart

Drain Smart products are available to buy from leading nurseries, quality garden retailers and online at  Drain Smart can be found in the garden accessory aisle, or on-shelf in the container and pot areas.

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For information regarding Drain Smart, please visit  To try a Drain Smart product, or for an interview with Steve Butler, contact Emma Nicholson at or on +1 206-407-3732.

Notes To Editor

[i] Calculations based on:

·          10 minutes: handling bag from storage and preparing time for shoveling gravel or bark.

·          2 minutes per pot spent installing the gravel or bark.  On average, 4 pots = 8 minutes.

·          Estimated 1 potting session per month =  18 minutes x 12 = over 3.5 hours every year spent by a gardener using gravel or bark.

·          Estimate 1/3 of 107million gardeners in the USA use containers.

·          350 thousand+ gardeners spend 3.5 hours every year using gravel/bark which equates to 120 million+ hours wasted.

[ii] Research by Linda Chalker-Scott from Washington State University.  Myth of Drainage Material in Container Plantings.

[iii]107 million gardeners in the USA