Research Proposal (Spring 2016)

Note: This assignment may be modified as the semester progresses.  Take careful notes.  

Your assignment is to write a proposal for a research project that you would like to do.  You are writing the proposal and not actually gathering data to answer your research question.  

You may propose a survey, an experiment or a content analysis approach to answer your research question.  

Your research question should explore the relationship between two variables and should be media related.

Your proposal should follow the structure of a typical quantitative research paper.  Below are the sections of your proposal along with the minimum word length for each section.

The proposal should also include a reference section with a minimum of one book and a minimum of four journal articles that you used in writing your literature review.  The references should be in APA format.

See: (1) lecture notes (2) pages 34-35 and 94-96 of the Stewart textbook and also (3) the reading on Blackboard titled “Communication Research” for information on what is included in each of the above sections.

Submitting Your Work and Giving Your Presentation**

At the very beginning of class (9:30 a.m.) on April 28th submit a hardcopy of your proposal.  Also, email a copy of the exact same proposal as an attachment to by 9:15 a.m. on April 28th.  The proposal should be emailed from your NSU email account and the subject line should be “Research Proposal”.  See syllabus regarding late work.

The paper should be written in Microsoft Word and be in 12 point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins.  The proposal should be single-spaced.    

Submitting Early

The proposal may be passed in early.  For each day early, 2 points will be added to the overall score.  A maximum of 20 can be earned for passing the proposal in early.  If passing in early, pass in the hard copy at the beginning of MCM450 class or during office hours. Plan accordingly.  Email the proposal 15 minutes before passing in.


Your proposal will be scored based on how well you follow the above instructions and show proper understanding of course content.  Ask questions well in advance, if you have them.

Of course, your proposal should be well organized and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

This proposal assignment is worth 200 points.

** There is no presentation.