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Newsletter 3.0


Welcome to our new committee members Jennifer Gao- assistant treasurer, Leo Doherty - first year representative and Lucinda Auslebrook - assistant secretary

1.0 BBQ

Come along to Monash University Biological Society's third BBQ of the year. There will be the usual fair of sausages, veggie burgers, hash browns and beverages galore!

Time: 12- 2pm

Place: Boob Lawn (outside first year chem lab)

When: Thursday 10th April

You will be able to talk to our lovely committee members and learn about our upcoming Biol Soc events as listed below!

2.0 Nest Boxing

Thanks to everyone who has attended the Nest Boxing Camps so far! They have been a great success, and it’s all thanks to you! We are also looking forward to Nest Boxing Camp #3 which has just become full. However do not fret if you have missed out, as there is now a waiting list, in case spaces become available! So if you are interested on being on the waiting list, please email

3.0 Nest Boxing 4

This Nest Boxing weekend is planned to occur over the weekend of 17th – 18th of May. It will take place near Rushworth which has similar habitat to Benalla. So still all the awesome critters plus hopefully some more like Phascogales. This camp is hosted by our friends the Field Naturalist Club of Victoria (they are worth a check out online at  

Food is the only expense (usually $20-30) plus 5-10 dollars of insurance through the field nats. Carpooling will be arranged to leave the Friday night prior. Club membership is a requirement for attending the camps through the society. If need be we can sign you up when leaving for the camp. Sign up sheets will be up closer to the date as we are still working out the details such as how many of us can attend. You will be able to find the links to sign up forms on the website in the Events section, or on our Facebook page (once they are up).


4.0 Phillip Island Camp

Dates: Tues 22nd - Fri 25th April

This is one of our most incredible camps, it’s unmissable! Help the rangers ensure the Little penguins are safe by assisting them with everything that needs to be done to keep their populations strong and healthy. This can include making nest boxes, tree planting, and invasive plant species removal, basically anything the rangers need doing on the Island. On this camp we spend our free time and evenings lazing around at the beach and playing games in the volunteer house (located right next door to the Parade!) and as a reward for our help we get to enjoy a free trip to the penguin parade.

Please note, this camp is limited to 15 people! So GET IN QUICK!!!

Sign up here:

5.0 Movie Night (Week 8)

As a welcome back after the Easter Break we will be holding our annual Movie Night! Come along to the campus cinema located in campus centre to watch an episode of a documentary and a fiction film that are both biology related and very awesome! Join the facebook event to get clues on what we will be watching… there may even be a prize in it for whoever can guess what the content will be correctly!

Even more importantly, there will be pizza!

Location: Campus Cinema (on the ground floor of the campus centre, at the end of the corridor next to Joe's Pizza)

Time: Wednesday 30th April 5:30pm - 8:30/9pm (this date is tentative, so please wait for confirmation!)

Make sure you click “Join” on the facebook event for more details as they come!

6.0 Website, Facebook page and contact details

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