Spring 2018 – Special Conference Edition


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Fourth Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation Conference

May 13th and 14th, 2018 in Malibu, California




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 The Oaklander Model Worldwide:  

Russia, California, Czech Republic, Germany and Italy



The Fourth Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation Conference

May 12st to May 13th, 2018 in Malibu California


Violet with Four of the VSOF Conference Presenters

Left to Right: Peter Mortola, Sue Talley, Lynn Stader, Violet Oaklander, Karen Fried

“The Foundation conferences are very well organized and very special.  I may  not able to attend all day, both days – I am now 91 years old – but I will be at the conference for as many of the presentations as I can.  I am always very impressed— each presentation is different and presents various aspects of my work.   I am very pleased and very proud to see my work being carried on.  I love and appreciate how each person presents my work in their own way and their own style.  The Conferences makes me proud that VSOF bears my name.    Everyone at the Foundation Conferences, including nearly all of the organizers and all the presenters, pay the full conference fee and donate their time. The funds raised are used to promote my work and for scholarships.”  

 Dr. Violet Oaklander



The Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation’s first three Conferences took place in Malibu at the beautiful, hilltop, ocean-view Serra Retreat where our fourth Conference will take place in May 2018.  VSOF Conferences are held every two years,  have a capacity of 60 people, and have been full or nearly full in previous years (2012, 2014, and 2016).  

You can register now at vsofconference.org


2018 Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation Conference Topics

Figuratively speaking: How images help us talk in the Oaklander approach.

A way to use Gestalt in children’s loss and grief: The Gestalt Timeline

Bringing the Oaklander Model to therapists and children in Sri Lanka and South India

Integrating the Hero in child psychotherapy using the Oaklander Model

Effective Ways to Work with Parents Using the Oaklander Model

Case presentation of therapeutic process with sexually abused 6-year-old girl using the Oaklander Model.

The Dissociative Continuum: Treating Trauma with the Oaklander Model

Panel Discussion with Violet Oaklander and Conference Presenters

Musical Haiku: Stepping into the Relational Dance


·         Registration for the conference begins at 8:15 AM on May 12th.  

·         Presentations will be given from 9 AM till 5 PM on Saturday, with an hour break for lunch.  

·         Following the presentations on Saturday, there will be a social hour and special entertainment.

·         Sunday’s presentations will run from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.  

For more information, registration and conference speaker schedule, go to vsofconference.org



VSOF Facebook Page

Check out our Facebook Page!  We post information written by Dr. Oaklander on her model regularly, plus updates on our Malibu Conference in May 2018.


Dr. Oaklander

 Dr. Oaklander demonstrating her model using puppets




The Oaklander Model Worldwide:  

Russia, Germany, California, Czech Republic, Italy


Here are some of the Oaklander Trainings being given in the Spring of 2018 around the World by foundation members.  For more information go to our workshop and training webpage: http://vsof.org/tbdate-nl.html



Founding member Lynn Stadler will give series of trainings in the Oaklander Model  June 2018  in Russia, the Czech Republic and Italy.

Lynn Stadler


Moscow, Russia


Brno, Czech Republic


Naples, Italy




Founding member Karen Fried will give a training in the Oaklander Model in June 2018 in Los Angeles, California

Karen Fried


Los Angeles, CA




Founding member Felicia Carroll will give trainings in Spring 2018 in the Oaklander Model in California and Germany


Felicia Carroll


Solvang, California


Nurnberg, Germany