Connected Educators Month 2015

South Eastern School District



Date Completed:_________

Get on twitter and register your Twitter account on this    Google Doc http://goo.gl/forms/VMx2I9fwTJ

Join Voxer and find a Voxer group that fits what you are looking to learn

Create a personal or class Blog. Share class blogs with #sesdinquiry

Explore the Connected Educator Month Tool Kit

Find one other person to play Tic-Tac-Toe with you and thank them on Twitter or with a personal note.

Participate in a Twitter Chat

Share a story about your classroom. Pictures, blog, glogster, to show off a new student learning. If you tweet it use #sesdinquiry

Discuss a Book or professional article with someone you do not physically see everyday

Explore and try one new tool for you to gain professional development (Twitter, Voxer, Google+, Pinterest) and tweet about it. Make sure you use #sesdinquiry

Let’s play Tic-Tac-Toe!  Complete one block and challenge a friend to complete another until you collaboratively fill the board.  For some of you this will be easy, for others it will take some practice and for others a helping hand will be necessary. I hope that many of you try to do some of these activities or other activities that you think fit the themes of Connected Educators Month. For those that need external motivation, Dr. Kaufmann has agreed that any teacher or teacher pair who completes the Tic Tac Toe board will be entered into drawing for a free class period.  As always please contact me if you need any assistance terchj@sesd.k12.pa.us or @joeterch on twitter.  

We want to see you on Twitter.  Please use the hashtag #sesdinquiry when tweeting about SESD or things that are happening in your classroom.  Information about teachers and their classrooms are on social media already, use this opportunity to share what you want others to read about SESD and your classroom.