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Event or experimentation title

Description and  Deliverable

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Finalist to the “DataConnexion challenge”

First software experimentation that allow citizens to :

A/ see how his taxes are spent

B/ express is opinion on this expenses

C/ see the mean of other respondents opinions

SGMAP / Etalab (host)

Software website

Blog article on Etalab (FR)

Project description (FR)


Datasession “Cours des comptes”

Gather data of manies French cities and run statistical analysis to compare them on different factors. See figure 1.

Cours des comptes (host)

Data session description

Session deliverable


ODN hackathon in 18 city hall

Define the service, use cases and interface of the “Hey candidate, budget your program!”. A tool for candidate’s program transparency. See figure 2.

18th arrondissement city hall (host)

Hackathon description

Session deliverable


Import French national spendings in

Retrieve, crunch and clean data, import them into and create visualizations with the tool. See figure 3.

Tool usage documentation and index of visualisations created


OGP - Hackathon at Elysée

International budget spending comparisons. See figure 4.

Cepremap / Widukind (partner)

Hackathon deliverable


OGP - Hackathon at Elysée

Working with journalist on long time series

Data-journalists (partners)

Deliverable in process


OGP - Hackathon at Elysée

Import more detailed series in See figure 5

OKFN_FR (partners)

Hackathon deliverable


OGP - Palais Iéna

Create a public consultation form : “What do you want to know on public budget ?” See figure 6



OGP - Palais Iéna

Engage discussions and mains questions on citizen education on transparent and participatory budgets.

Introducing openbudget as a peer to peer (citizen to politics to public servant) learning system.

See figure 7.

CRI (partner)

Padlet with full session content Periscope associated film.

Medium publication : "Open EdTech".


OGP - Paris City Hall

Open Local Government / subnational sessions, workshop about - Make the public budget a democratic tool. invited a panel of expert and make the 20 peoples in the workshop working on “What are for you the key functionnalities in a budget cycle ?”.

Results are still processed.

OBEU (partner)

Paris City Hall (host)

Workshop description

Figure 1 : multi-cities comparison of key budget criterias

Figure 2 : sketch-up of “Hey candidate : budget your program”


Figure 3 : visualisations created on French national data with

Figure 4 : international budget comparisons with Widukind


Figure 5 : import detailled series in and make visualisations

Capture d’écran 2016-12-08 à 03.04.11.png

Figure 6 : Form to ask citizens they key questions on budget

Figure 7 : openbudget tools, a peer to peer learning system