Sept 26, 2014:

5.1.19 All minors younger than 18 years of age must be weighed in with two adult officials of the same sex present in the room. No one other than the lifter, two officials, and a parent, or parental approved coach, may be present in the room at the time of the weigh in. Both officials must sign the lifters card they were present at the time of the weigh in.

Sept 15, 2014

4.2.8  Contact of elbows or upper arms with the legs, slight contact is permitted if there is no supporting that might aid the lifter.


July 6, 2014

Elbow sleeves may be used as follows:

3.11.17  The placement of the sleeve shall be approximately 10 cm above, and 10 cm below the elbow joint. The t-shirt sleeve may overlap the elbow sleeve as long as it does not extend  below the lifter’s elbow.

Item 3. Bench Press:

4.3.2     The lifter must lie on his back with shoulders and buttocks in contact with the flat bench surface. This position must be maintained throughout the lift. The head may remain flat or rise during the lift. The lifter has the option of benching while either flat footed, or on the toes, as long as the foot remains in contact with the lifting platform. The foot may move up and down during the lift.

4.3.9    Once the lift has begun, the lifter must lower the bar and hold it motionless on the chest or abdominal area with a definite and visible pause. At no time may the bar come in contact with the lifters belt

July 6, 2014

Item 4. Causes for Disqualification of a Bench Press


4.4.9      Double bouncing or more than one descending or ascending motion throughout the lift.


July 6, 2014


State and American Records, 4th attempts  Must receive permission from a certified referee who in turn will notify one of the platform referees. The following questions should be asked of the lifter requesting a 4th attempt:

1. Were you successful on your 3rd attempt?

2. Will your 4th attempt break a record from a previous meet?

3. What is the current record?

4. If any of these questions is not answered successfully the 4th attempt must be denied.

July 30, 2013

Gear rule change:

Erector Shirts and support Briefs are not allowed in Single Ply. They are allowed only in Multi Ply competition.