Whainga:Ako:   Recount an event using an orientaion


where at my house

who friend's mum cuisine

what played and swimming

when 21 november

Title:  Birthday Bash

On my birthday all of my cousins came, and two of my friends came.  They gave me my presents then we went into my room so Dara and Thalia can get dressed. Dara, Thalia and I jumped in the pool at the same time and we dived under, then we just played around.  After that we had a tino ataahua feed that my cousins made, it was a Hangi.  We had another swim and when I hopped out of the pool my mum asked “Do you want to do the cake now?”  I said “yup”,  then I went  and told my friends and cousins to come inside for the cake.  We all went inside and I blew out the candles and they sang Happy Birthday to me. We ate our cake with ice cream.  After that we all went back outside and had another swim.  Thalia, Dara and I got dressed then went into my room and had some chocolate.  Later on  Thalia's mum came and got Thalia and Dara and took them home.

I had an awesome birthday party.