Blog #1 - The High School Resume and Cover Letter

Minimum - Revise your personal introduction to show more depth of thought.

Great - Revise your personal intro and take a first crack at a resume HERE

Ultimate Goal - Revise your personal intro into a COVER LETTER and take a first crack at a resume HERE

Why? One of the most notable parts of the High Tech High experience is the real-world internship that you will all participate in during your junior year. As practice toward presenting yourself academically and professionally it can be really helpful to have a complete draft of a resume and cover letter early in your career here. Historically, all students have participated in an INSPIRE Week during their first two years at High Tech High. It is never a bad idea to work on the entrepreneurial face that will be sent out for internships, jobs and other applications. This is the next evolution of your “personal introductions”.

Resume Do’s (modified from Adventures in Education)

Resume Don’ts

*Example resume on back

Example Resume:                                                                       PERRY JAMESON

1515 Stanley Drive #62

Hometown, KS 66202

(913) 555-1938


Outstanding student with experience in print and online journalism seeks opportunity to learn by doing while working with a communications, public relations, or publishing firm through a part-time job or summer internship.


Completed three years at Hometown High School.

Graduation date: May 2013.

G.P.A. 3.85. Top 5% of class.


Newspaper Staff Member, Hometown High School

Yearbook Committee Member, Hometown High School


Technical writing; advanced composition; debate; video production; computer classes providing knowledge of word processing, desktop publishing, and Web software.


Scholarship based on academic achievement, community service, and campus participation and leadership in high school communications projects and studies.

Central State Regional Communications Contest, sponsored by the Communications Department, State University.

Member, 2010 - present.