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Kit the Fox fairy tales for Booclick (System LLC)


Booclick is a mobile library of interactive children’s books and educational games developed by System LLC for iPad. What makes fairy tales so special in the Booclick app is interactivity: in addition to text, these “books” contain engaging illustrations and animated talking characters!

To prepare the app for release on the English-speaking (primarily U.S.) and German-speaking markets, the developer of Booclick turned to Alconost Translations. For its first order from Alconost, System LLC selected stories about Kit the Fox from its wide-ranging library of fairy tales.

So Alconost translated Kit's First Time in the Forest and Kit's Scary Dream into German and English. But we also did voiceovers and localization of the texts, character quirks, and accompanying materials for the entire app.

Special attention went to adapting the names of the characters, in order to let children enjoy the same associations and vivid imagery in the localized fairy tales as in the original. Both parents and children should be able to enjoy their virtual reading experience, which is why we made sure to make the texts accessible to the youngest readers by using uncomplicated language and simple syntax.

See the results of our work on the Apple App Store: 

Dmitry Sadeyev, Booclick CEO

“We put a lot of careful work into adapting our unique and kid-friendly content for the European and American markets.

With Alconost, we were able to complete this task on time and get our product out to new users.

What more can I say about Alconost Translations: high translation quality, excellent adaptations, a deep understanding of the task at hand, smart selection of localization professionals, and a great working relationship with us as a client.

We are continuing to work with Alconost and plan to expand our partnership with them into new services.

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