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September 3, 2014

Draft Minutes from LHS SCC

@ 12 / LHS Conference Room


Attendance:   Dave Chris, DeAnn, Ken, Sam, Laurie, Reva, Joanna, Michelle, Eva, Janel, Camille, Philip, Ron, Susan, Heather M., Heather A., Kevin, John, Gig, Erin, Missy, Kimberly, Nicole, Jennifer, Aaron, Karen, Melanie, Ben, Brett, Matt, John H., Rachel

Excused:             Angie


Welcome: Karen Ashman


Discussion about elections / new SCC members:                By-law review re: LHS SCC membership #; DeAnn moved to amend by-laws to increase the number of parents that can serve on the LHS SCC; Crystal 2nd the motion; all in favor; further discussion included the concern that the North end of the School was heavily represented while the South end was less represented; noted that the ‘new school’ SCC is not functioning yet; noted that members serving on the SCC have to have a student here or started their term with a student in the HS; Mr. Mower mentioned that he was happy to have as many parents serve as wanted too; he saw no discrepancy on any issues related to voting (North vs. South type issues); also a list of LHS SCC members (w/ their info.) was sent around; corrections were made if there were any errors (list is attached with the hard copy notes).


Election of SCC Chair/Co-Chair/Secretary:           

Chair: Karen nominated (no further nominations made); Melanie moved; Jennifer 2nd; all move

Co-Chair:          Gig nominated (really Gig spoke up and offered to serve J); Sam moved; DeAnn 2nd; all move

Secretary:          Rachel nominated; DeAnn moved; Joanna 2nd; all move


Adopt meeting schedule for 2014-2015 school year:        see the attached schedule of meeting dates below; Ron move; Sam 2nd; all in favor


Approval of minutes from last meeting:               Karen move; John T. 2nd; all in favor


Principal Mower: Review the purpose of the School Community Council:            The LHS SCC oversees/approves the development of the SIP and the LAND Trust Plan, Professional Development, Advises LHS Administration, discusses issues of concern (no ‘safe walking route’ required)


Principal Mower: Review the School Improvement Plan (SIP) for 2014-2015 / Review the LAND Trust plan for 2014-2015:               LAND $$ from last year = $117,823; this year the estimate for LAND $$ is $125,194; Mr. Mower went over the SIP that was developed in 2013-14; talked about the goals that were set for LHS; he noted that the SIP goals and the LAND Plan were similar in goals; discussed how the LAND $$ was actually used; noted that there was some carryover money that needed to be spent; the reason for the excess money was that LHS didn’t need as much $ to pay for the Aides as was listed in the LAND Plan.


Principal Mower: vote to amend LAND Trust plan for 2014-2015 to address carry over budget:             disscusion about the Social Studies (SS) mobile computer labs;  yes, the SS labs are available during testing weeks; Gig mentioned that the mobile labs have been well used but are simply wearing out (some of the keyboard keys actually come off); LHS has put ‘band-aids’ on the labs for quite a while but now they need a real fix; the SS lab includes 3 mobile carts with 20 computers each; the SS mobile labs are used by other departments too; question was asked, “is it possible to split the computers on a cart for sharing purposes?”; the answer is no; motion made that the extra LAND $$ be spent on updating the SS mobile labs; Ron moved; Missy 2nd; all in favor


Assistant Principal Robertson: Great things that have happened at Lehi High: see the attached handout in the hard copy notes


Troy Humpheries (Mr. Bills also): Hope Squad update (10 minutes):        follow-up on the HOPE Squad (suicide prevention/’watch’) that was started at the end of last year; the LHS student body submitted names in their English classes of ‘students that were easy to talk to’; from the referrals, the Counseling Department selected 45 students to serve on the Squad; the students were trained in August (how to talk those considering suicide, how to identify ‘at risk’ students; how to refer them for help); HOPE has weekly meetings and they are sponsoring HOPE week Oct. 6-10, it will be a week to promote mental health awareness with a special Parent Education night being held on Oct. 8 for the entire community, there will be a presenter from the HOPE organization and from Wasatch Mental Health; 6 of the LHS HOPE Squad members briefly talked about their training/experiences so far; noted that the 1st point of contact for a suicide/concern is an Administrator or Mr. Humphries; question was asked regarding a possible link that could be sent out and shared with friends, Karen will look into this.



construction, new addition:  completely open and all classrooms in use (wonderful addition); parking:  The new pull through in front of the school with additional parking is great, many empty parking spots open throughout the day.


Discussion about suggested topics from SCC members:


New School timeline:     city begins boundary ‘talk’ after the final HS count is in (around late Oct. or early Nov.); Feb./Mar. is an approximate time when the public ‘talk/meetings’ begin; Karen will find out how things will work in getting the new school’s SCC started (time frame).


Required videos—please watch on your own prior to next meeting:  members who have watched the videos are:  Michelle, John H., Melanie, Susan, Jennifer, Erin, Camille, Laurie, Joanna, Heather M., Eva, Rachel, Gig, Ken;  all other members please send an email to Karen when you have completed watching the SCC videos (remember that this ‘activity’ is required by the State of Utah!!!


Calendar items:

Next meeting, Wednesday, October 1, noon

(please check school calendar—all events are HOME)

Sept 4, tennis v. Lone Peak, 3pm  /  soccer v. Riverton, 4pm

Sept 9, volleyball v. Herriman, 6:30pm

Sept 11, tennis v. Riverton, 3pm  / volleyball v. PG, 6:30pm

Sept 12, football v. Westlake (homecoming game), 7pm

Sept 13, Homecoming, 8pm

Sept 16, soccer v. AF, 4pm

Sept 17, Parent-Teacher Conferences, 3-8pm

Sept 18, tennis v. AF, 3pm  /  soccer v. Lone Peak, 4pm

Sept 22, College Day & PLAN test for all 10th grade students  /  Mascot Bowl, 6:30pm

Sept 23, tennis v. Westlake, 3pm  /  volleyball v. Lone Peak, 6pm

Sept 24, band concert, 7pm



LHS SCC Proposed Meeting Schedule 2014-2015

(all meetings held @ 12pm in the Administrative Conference Room)


September 3, 2014

October 1, 2014

November 12, 2014

(no meeting held in December)

January 7, 2015

February 4, 2015

March 4, 2015

April 1, 2015

May 6, 2015


October 1, 2014

Draft Minutes from LHS SCC

@ 12 / LHS Conference Room


Attendance:   Erin, Heather M., Kimberly, Crystal, Angie, Eva, Karen, Rachel, Michelle, Ken, Camille, Sam, Matt, Janel, Dave, Ben, Melanie, Ron, DeAnn, Philip, Joanna, Jennifer, John H., Scott, Brett, Gig, Chris  -  **visiting Joylin

Excused:             Kevin, Nicloe, Heather A., Susan, John T.


Welcome: Karen Ashman


Approval of minutes from last meeting:               Kimberly moved, Karen 2nd, all move; approved with amendment to the ‘timeline’ that was given for the new school – remove “Feb/Mar is an approximate time when the public ‘talk/meetings’ begin;” Nov/Dec is a more accurate time frame for when boundary talks begin


Principal Mower: vote to approve amended 2013-14 LAND Trust final report – Karen move, DeAnn 2nd, all move; discussion regarding the reading class; do parent really know it is available?; English Department does assessments and they look to identify students that would benefit, then parents are notified; Dave handed out copies of the ‘Final Report for the 2013-14 Plan (see hard copy notes for the report);’ noted that for Goal 1, UCAS scores can’t be used to identify below proficient students because UCAS is no longer around; also noted that in Goal 2, CRT’s aren’t being used either which skews the measurement of Goal 2


Karen Ashman: Information/legislative changes from ASD SCC training meeting: November 15th used to be the date that the SIP/LAND Trust Plan were due; October 20th is the new date; discussion regarding the requirement to watch the LAND Trust videos; seems some understand that the videos don’t have to be watched; was determined that Dave needed to know about members watching the videos so he could check either the YES or NO box for each member on the report; please inform Karen or Rachel with a YES or NO regarding having watched the videos; another change was that a maximum of 20% or $5000 (whichever is less) can be spent on Student Development


Principal Mower:  Preliminary graduation information for 2014:  will discuss this topic at our next meeting


Assistant Principal John Hanks:  Math Core implementation update – 2014 is the first year for the implementation of Secondary Math 3;  reviewed that last year Secondary Math 2 was in its’ first full year of implementation and there were some kinks; noted that Sec. Math 2 is doing much better this year in filling in gaps from concepts that students weren’t coming ‘with’ but still is a work in progress; similarly there are problems with Sec. Math 3 – kinks that need to be worked out that just need time; still determining where Sec. 3 students are coming in deficient; discussed that there is pressure on faculty @ State level to move students each year to the next Math level regardless of whether students are deemed ‘not-proficient;’ discussion re: pushing students when they aren’t ready; State ‘gives help’ to students moving ahead below proficiency level; noted that the school still has the final option to help students within certain bounds; noted that students with IEP’s are handled differently; noted that the work ethic of students does come in to play when considering to move them forward


Assistant Principal Ben Abrams: Review of HOPE Week (Oct. 6-10):  Poster promoting HOPE Week Activities was displayed; the HOPE Squad has a goal of being more positive around people; ‘positive pins’ to pass out during the week; posters with positive messages will be made and hung; every Lehi student is encouraged to text 3 positive messages on one of the days; the public Parent Meeting will be held Wednesday evening from 6-8; SCC encouraged to get the word out regarding the Parent Meeting; HOPE is sponsoring the tailgate before the football game (hot dogs provided); HOPE decals for the football helmets; positive ‘building’ games and competitions during lunch; wear White Day (white out); question was asked whether this could be included in the weekly LHS letter – YES


Assistant Principal Robertson: Great things that have happened at Lehi High: see the attached handout in the hard copy notes


Updates: Parent Conferences, social media (fire in satellite): Parent/Teacher conferences had a little less attendance than last year – but well attended; text alert regarding the fire in the satellite went out; if not getting text alerts then sign up can be done in Skylert, John H. will look into Sky Alert  sign up

Discussion about suggested topics from SCC members: Karen received the following reply from Jess Christen regarding the ‘new Lehi HS’ SCC; following the hiring of the new Principal, he will then begin setting up the SCC for his school (next fall/winter); Jess has no idea regarding when the new SCC would get a budget; Gig reported that the Homecoming Dance had 800 attending compared to 580 last year (which was a record in 13-14); noted that DJ’s prefer doing dances at LHS over other ASD schools because the students dance and are well-behaved; discussion about the $$ of Homecoming; who does $$ from the dance benefit – the $$ raised fund the Student Council budget for the year; what activities they do depends on the money they raise from this dance; noted that another 5 parents are needed to help chaperone the Stag Dance at the rodeo grounds



Calendar items: (please check school calendar—all events listed below are HOME)


Next meeting, Wednesday, November 12, noon

Oct. 2, soccer v. Herriman, 4pm

Oct. 3, football v. Riverton, 7pm

Oct 6-10, HOPE Week

Oct 7, soccer v. Westlake, 4pm

Oct 8, HOPE Week Parent Information Meeting @ 6pm @ LHS, Night of Shakespeare, 7pm

Oct 9, volleyball v. Westlake, 6:30pm

Oct 10, football v. AF (Senior Night) 7pm

Oct 11, Stag Dance @ Rodeo grounds @ 10pm

Oct 13, Choir concert 7pm

Oct 14, volleyball v. AF, 6:30; orchestra concert, 7pm

Oct 16-17, Fall break

Oct 20, Professional Development, NO SCHOOL for students

Oct 23, volleyball v. Riverton, 6:30pm; dance performance, 6:30pm

Nov 7-8, State volleyball tournament, UVU

Nov 14, Sadie Hawkins Dance


***LHS SCC members that need to watch the LAND Trust videos = Ben Abrams,  Matt Rowe.


**Mascot Bowl this year - HUGE success, enough money to provide a Christmas for 150 local area needy children. The Jazz Bear Shopping Day will be held on Saturday, December 20.

Below is the news piece done by ABC4 reporter Brian Carlson.

*** Ryan Raff posted the fastest 5K time in the NATION at the Aggie Invite on Sep. 6th, with a time of 15:51! At the BYU Invitational on Sep. 13th, the Varsity girls & varsity boys finished 3rd overall, out of 25 teams. The JV girls finished 2nd, and the JV boys took 3rd

**Congratulations to our Tennis team for taking 3rd at Region! five girls will be moving on to State!

• BrieOcea Harris - 2nd in 1st singles

• Kasia Colunga - 2nd in 2nd singles

• Kilee Bullock - 3rd in 3rd Singles

• Shanna Stewart, McKenna Mathis - 3rd in 1st doubles

**Latinos in completed a fundraiser for the “Lift a Life” organization. They were able to raise $275 for the

organization, which will be used to build a school and medical facility in the Dominican Republic. We will also

be holding a “Dia de Los Muertos” activity on Nov. 1, to raise money for Sego Lily Elementary. The students will also be at Lehi Elementary and Mountainland Head Start Preschool to tutor younger students in reading skills


• Math Club placed 2nd at the district competiton!

• FFCLA took 8 officers to Fall Leadership training.

• Lehi FFA joined forces with the Utah Farm Bureau to hold a “Farm Field Days” at the North

Equestrian Park.

• Lehi FFA attended the “Snow College Judging” contest, placing 1st in Vet Tech and scoring

high in other competitions.

• Hope Squad hosted “Parent Mental Health Awareness” night, which was a great success, with

many parents and community members attending

• Lehi High Band and Color Guard placed 1st at their competit

November 12, 2014

Minutes from LHS SCC

@ 12 / LHS Conference Room


Attendance:   Joanna, Michelle, Laurie, Ben, Philip, Aaron, Missy, Karen, Rachel, Nicole, Ron, Janel, John T., Ken, Crystal, Kimberly, Heather M., Erin, DeAnn, Melanie, Dave, Camille, Angie, Eva, Gig, Matt, Sam, Susan, Brett, John H., Kevin

Absent:  Heather A., Reva, Jennifer, Chris


Welcome: Karen Ashman


Approval of minutes from last meeting:  Karen move, Melanie 2nd, all in favor; no further discussion was needed


Principal Mower:  graduation rate from 2014  -  see the attached bar graph handout in the hard copy notes;  when all the numbers are finalized, Mr. Mower believes the graduation rate will be somewhere around 95% (the graph shows 93%);  a 14.7% increase in the graduation rate has happened at LHS since 2009.


Principal Mower:  SAGE test results (school scores, individual scores, what they mean)  -  see the attached SAGE handout in the hardcopy notes;  the SAGE test hasn’t changed or directed teaching as much as the CORE; as the SAGE test continues, it does have the capability to help guide directed teaching; time has shown that 1st year tests scores (by nature) quickly align to socio economic status but that they ‘even out’ as time goes on; if constituents want their students’ SAGE results they can get a copy at the LHS Counseling Center; the Counseling Dept. usually likes to visit w/ people about the results before they just hand a copy to them (this allows time to explain the test and the results); noted that the Sec Math I results are really low; noted that most students take Sec Math I as 9th graders so the results at the HS mostly show students who are retaking/struggling with Sec Math I; noted that all HS show a huge drop when it comes to Sec Math I scores; noted that the Biology score includes all students taking Biology (even 9th graders); also noted that there was an oversight with the testing of Chemistry and Physics, the concurrent students were not included in the test and so the results are skewed.


Asst. Principal Abrams:  Professional Dev. Plan input  -  the last LHS Prof. Dev day included a get-to-know-you activity for the LHS staff at Jack-n-Jill bowling; teachers were separated from ‘normal’ collaborative teams; noted that the teachers felt they were able to get to know those in other departments and that it was beneficial and unifying; also the staff watched a LAND Trust video; Mr. Robertson went over evaluation procedures; Mr. Mower discussed LHS’s vision (PLC’s included); split into collaborative teams to discuss/identify needs; comment – would like to see LHS SAGE scores be = to ASD averages; question – is there a mentor policy @ LHS; YES but really the collaborative team is the most helpful place for new teachers to get support; ASD provides ‘new teacher’ training also; definitely there is a huge learning curve for new teachers; question – do teachers have resources they need in their classrooms; teachers are never turned down w/textbook/supply/needs requests; LHS has great copy dept.; they are great at getting teachers the copied materials they request (obtained from other sources outside the textbook); noted that visit during collaboration days are welcome and useful in seeing how Dept. work together and address issues.


Principal Mower:  School Improvement Plan input (2015-16), greatest academic need  -  the SIP will be finalized at the January meeting;  Mr. Mower suggested that the following might be areas where the SIP goal could come from (noted that only one goal is chosen); the guided studies program has been very beneficial at LHS; a need for math help, currently the LAND money has provided a Math Aide in the classroom (the Math Dept. is in the process of reviewing the benefit of the Aide); would like to see Prof. Dev. In Science that talks about collaboration and teaching/instruction; also feel that maintaining the graduation rate is vital.


Asst. Principal Barth:  clubs offered and new clubs approved @ LHS  -  noted that attachment plays a huge part in getting kids to feel connected which is why there are so many clubs, also that attachment becomes a greater need w/larger student population; see the attached handout for a complete list of current LHS clubs/new LHS clubs; discussed club ‘process/approval’;  1) Advisor, 2) club constitution, 3) 50 signatures saying ‘this club would be good,’ 4) Club idea sent out to faculty for approval then on to Mr. Mower then on to ASD School Board; Club’s sometimes need to adjust their constitution (strike something from the charter) in order for approval to be granted; noted that LHS has ‘Club Rush Week’ in September (usually held in the commons area); new this year are: Lehi Crew Club (dance team), The Purple Typewriter (writing club), Be The Change (self-esteem, etc.), Magic Club: The Gathering, Cultures of the World (exchange students, etc.), Archery Club, Lehi Nature Club (recycling).


Asst. Principal Robertson:  Great things @ LHS  -  see below and also handout included in hard copy notes.


Updates: Pioneer Praise  -  again a HUGE thank-you to IM Flash for sponsoring this; currently over 600 cards have gone out


Discussion about suggested topics from SCC members: timeline for new high school, parent input meetings,

boundary discussions  -  handout with the ASD letter stating the dates and locations for ‘boundary input’ and also the current map showing the proposed boundary for the new Lehi HS are included in the hard copy notes and also the dates/times are listed in the calendar below; noted that this process is very fluid and ASD really does want input from constituents.


Calendar items: Next meeting, Wednesday, January 7, noon

(please check school calendar—all events listed below are at HOME)

Nov 12, boundary input meeting, Lehi Junior High, 5:30-7pm/ Snow Springs, TBA

Nov 13, boundary input meeting, Willowcreek Middle, TBA

Nov 14, Sadie Hawkins Dance

Nov 17, boundary input meeting, North Point Elementary, TBA

Nov 20-25, School musical, Urinetown, 7pm

Nov 23-29, Lehi Family Week

Nov 26, Teacher Comp Day (NO SCHOOL)

Nov 27-28, Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL

Dec 2, basketball (boys) v West, 7pm

Dec 3, basketball (girls) v Maple Mountain, 7pm

Dec 4, band concert, 7pm/ wrestling v. Herriman, 7pm

Dec 5, basketball (girls) v Layton, 7pm

Dec 6, basketball (boys) v Jordan, 7pm

Dec 9, combined music concerts, 5 & 7pm

Dec 12, choir concert, 7pm

Dec 13, ballroom Christmas concert, 7pm

Dec 16, basketball (boys) v Maple Mountain, 7pm

Dec 18, basketball (girls) v Payson, 7pm

Dec 19, basketball (girls) v Desert Hills, 7pm

Dec 20, Jazz Bear Shopping

Dec 20-Jan 4, Christmas break, NO SCHOOL

Jan 6, basketball (boys) v American Fork, 7pm




**  Lehi FFA took over 20 students to National Convention, competing in Science Fair, Chapter Display and National Chapter, as well as some receiving their American Degree. Several students placed in the top 10, and LHS FFA was recognized as one of the top chapters in the nation for student, chapter, and community development. Keep staying strong!

**  Lehi High Band and Color competed at state in St. George, placing 3rd in their class. Congratulations band and color guard. Keep up the great work!

** IM Flash, a major sponsor here at Lehi High School generously donated $5,000 dollars to the TSA and SkillsUSA program. In addition, they also generously donated $2,500 dollars for our Pioneer Praise program. Please take the time to thank them. We appreciate their support!

** Latinos in Action held our first, annual Dia de Los Muertos celebration on Nov. 1 in the commons area. The

students decorated, provided games and prizes, took photos, and did face painting for those who attended. The club was able to raise $200 to help pay for their shirts for this year. We look forward to making this a tradition at Lehi High School.

** Rylin Roberts was selected as Prep Athlete of the Week by Preps Magazine. Rylin is currently a Jr. at Lehi High School and a 2 year starter for the Pioneer Volleyball team. She is at the top of the region 4 leader board in several categories. She has had 265 kills this year with a hitting percentage of .252. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

** Cross Country team competed at State in October and did very well, with two of our students placing in the top 15. Conner Arnell finished 10th, and Sara Musselman finished 12th overall. But that is not all, with all their hard work, Boy’s placed 3rd and Girl’s placed 5th overall at state. Congratulations on an amazing season.

** The inaugural year for HOPE SQUAD at LHS.  What is HOPE SQUAD?  It is a peer suicide and crisis intervention initiative.  It involves 45 students and representatives from all 3 HS grades.  HOPE SQUAD week was filled with daily activities and information about suicide prevention.  Looking forward to next year!!

** Academic All-State nominees from Lehi - Cross Country =  Sean Hagert, Maddy Kauffman, Madi Shiba, Ellie Struthers; Football = Spencer Blackham, Matt Carlson, Daeton Taylor; Golf =  Jordan Rowley; Girls Soccer = Kirstin Josie (Award Winner), Alicia Holmstead (Award Winner).



January 7, 2015

Minutes from LHS SCC

@ 11:30 / LHS Conference Room


Attendance:   Joanna, Heather M., Rachel, Karen, John T., Michelle, Ken, Camille, Eva, Sam, Erin, Dave, Kevin, Kimberly, Melanie, Aaron, John H., Brett, Janel, Jennifer G., Scott, Ben, Susan, Angie, Matt, Philip, Ron, Nicole, Gig, Reva, Chris

Excused:             Heather A., DeAnn, Crystal

Absent:               Missy, Laurie


Welcome: Karen Ashman


Approval of minutes from last meeting:  Kimberly move, Joanna 2nd, all move


Principal Mower:  PACE report card  -  see handout; the report states that the results are for grades 9-12; as a SCC we thought it should be 10-12 grade; Dave will find out if 9th grade is included; included on the report are graphs showing Graduation Rate and ACT Scores, also LHS College Credits Earned/School Demographics/Academic Performance; noted that there was a little dip in ACT Scores in 2013 (not sure why); also noted that “mobility” means students moving in and out of LHS, some questions were raised about the ‘correctness’ of 31% mobility at LHS; SAGE results were included in the Academic Performance portion of the report; two things were noted about SAGE: concurrent enrollment Science students were not coded for the test (didn’t take the test) and this kink will be rectified and there are other ‘kinks’ in SAGE testing that are also being worked on;  noted that LHS was docked a letter grade for ‘too few kids in the low income group being tested’ (too few meant ‘partial test/no show/opted out’); noted that the letter grade for LHS isn’t as useful but the breakdown in groups are helpful.


Principal Mower:  School Improvement Plan discussion:          see handout; possible 2015-16 plan ideas are 1) LHS will increase SAGE scores in Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) by 10%, 2) LHS will increase SAGE Math scores (Secondary I & Secondary II) by 5% and 3) LHS will maintain a graduation rate of above 90%; suggested that idea #1 reaches greater % of student body; noted that idea #2 reaches about 870 students; noted that Secondary III hasn’t been tested yet so looking down the road any help that Secondary II students get will likely carry over and help Secondary III students; noted that current LAND Trust funds support classes for Secondary I students; LHS keeps trying different things to help Sec. I students succeed so when they find something that helps they keep doing it; after much discussion the SIP goal was voted on and idea # II was chosen (SAGE Math scores increase by 5%); Melanie moved, Kimberly 2nd; question was asked, Does choosing idea II include the sub categories – No those are just possible way to help reach the goal; the 5% goal will stretch LHS; all moved. Dave will return with the specifics of how LHS is going to accomplish the SIP goal at our next meeting.


Principal Mower:  update on LAND Trust expenditures and possible expenditures for next year’s LAND Trust funding  -  see attached handout; 2014-15 funds = about $125,000 and included Advocate funding, Guided Studies aides, reading classes, Math/Language Arts/Science Aide, Professional Development and Equipment;  in addition to the 2014-15 ideas other possible areas might be FLEX Coordinator, summer Collaboration, After School help in Core classes, support groups/classes, substitutes (allowing current faculty observation time for other classes), supplies.


Asst. Principal Robertson:  Great things at LHS  -  see below and also handout included in hard copy notes.


Asst. Principal Robertson:  Graduation cords (requested topic by DCC Member)  -  High Honor cord (GPA of at least 3.85) only one last year;  this year would like to include Honor Roll, NHS, CTE (computer students only); noted that these are Academic cords in specific areas; noted that LHS is continuing discussion on this topic.  Added that Graduation is Thurs. May 28th @ UVU @ 7:30 and Grad night will be that night from 11pm to 4am Friday May 29th; discussed lei’s, pennies, marbles and what is allowed; LHS Administration and faculty do the best they can.


Karen Ashman:  Collaboration Incentive Reviews, Monday, 9 March @ 9:45am; need volunteers  -  the Reviews will be different this year; new scoring rubric and LHS has chosen to use the new rubric; volunteers will be more of commentators; Dave has asked volunteers to meet @ 9:45am in Conference room to go over what is expected; volunteers should be done around 12pm after which lunch will be provided; those volunteering are:  Rachel, Kimberly, Angie, Reva, Erin, Nicole, Michelle, Karen and possibly Jennifer .


Updates: Pioneer Praise  -  1329 sent home year to date


Discussion about suggested topics from SCC members: travel for students  -  when students attend an activity that is not a Utah HS sanctioned activity, the liability, when transporting kids, rests with the individual that is driving; concerns about this were discussed.


Calendar items: Next meeting, Wednesday, February 4, noon

(please check school calendar—all events listed below are at HOME)

Jan 7, wrestling v PG, 7pm

Jan 8, swim v Riverton, Herriman, Westlake, 3:30pm

Jan 9, basketball (girls) v Lone Peak, 7pm

Jan 10, Winter Dance, 8pm

Jan 12, History assembly, 10:18am / Dancing with the Athletes, 7pm

Jan 13, basketball (girls) v PG, 7pm

Jan 15, wrestling v. LP, 7pm

Jan 16, basketball (boys) v Riverton, 7pm

Jan 19, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, NO SCHOOL

Jan 20, basketball (boys) v Westlake, 7pm

Jan 23, swim v Lone Peak & American Fork, 3:30pm / basketball (boys) v Herriman, 7pm

Jan 28, basketball (girls) v Herriman, 7pm

Jan 30, basketball (girls) v American Fork, 7pm

Feb 3, basketball (boys) v Lone Peak, 7pm

Feb 11, Parent-Teacher Conferences, 3-7pm


**March 3rd – free ACT for Juniors


**Karen turned some time over to Scott Carlson for ASD updates/business/questions:  ASD in middle of boundary discussion (2 proposals – red/2nd option and blue/original); discussion about why the red option hasn’t been talked about/publicized like the blue option was; discussion about how to let the public know about ‘red option’; the boundary will be set before the Principal for the new HS is hired; Scott will let ASD know that constituents would like information about the next school board meeting and the boundary proposals; timeline review: spring of 2015 the new Principal will be hired; the Principal will organize SCC, PTSA, student organizations who will in turn meet/discuss mascot/school colors/etc. and submit these winter of 2015.




1)  Coach Rowe / Lehi Pioneer Winter Sports booklet is out


2)  Lehi High... Student Driven, Student Success!  LEHI HIGH

On December 20, 152 children from the Lehi area were able to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. They started their holiday excursion at Lehi High School, where they were able to meet the Jazz Bear, eat breakfast, and be paired with student volunteers from Lehi High School. After, they loaded up on buses to head to the Walmart in Saratoga Springs, where the children were given $100 dollars each to spend on items for themselves and their families for Christmas. This is truly an amazing event where children are given an opportunity to gleam with pride as well as, where high school students learn how to get involved in their community, give back and make a difference in the life of a child. Thanks to the Sports Marketing Team, ASD transportation department, Costa Vida, Bear for Hugs, and especially the teachers, students of Lehi High School, and community members of Lehi for their time and support.


3)  Lehi High SkillsUSA video production team has been working hard and their efforts have paid off. They have been selected as the winning entry in the SkillsUSA: 50 Years of Champions at Work Video Contest. As a result of their amazing skills, their chapter will receive $400 for their program. However, it doesn’t stop there. Their video will be featured on SkillsUSA social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and the SkillsUSA website. It will also be featured in their teacher publication that is mailed to all 17,000 SkillsUSA programs across the country. Please congratulate our SkillsUSA team.


4)  When the season started, the Lehi High wrestling team hit the mats ready for a take down. In December, the wrestlers competed in the Layton invitational, placing 7th as a team and the Stallion Stampede Invitational at Stansbury High School taking 1st place, with a team score of 106. Five wrestlers placed first in their individual match in the 120, 145, 170, 182, and 285 weight classes. The team also attended the “Reno Tournament of

Champions” in Reno, Nevada, putting up a great fight, placing 36th out of 121. Brackin Stringam placed 4th

overall in the heavy weights. However, the team has stayed strong winning their dual matches against Herriman, Riverton, Westlake, and Pleasant Grove. To top it off, Brackin Stringam and Dalton Rice placed first in the Utah High School All-Star match. To access the rest of the wrestlings team season schedule, log on to Congratulations and good luck at the Rocky Mountain Rumble.


5)  All-State Volleyball

**Deseret News Volleyball Honors : Honorable Mention / Ali Greenwood, Mikayla Upham; Second Team  /  Syd White, To’a Faleao; First Team / Rylin Roberts, Kara Moore;

**Daily Herald:              Honorable Mention / Ali Greenwood, Mikayla Upham, Amber Lamborn; All Valley Team / Rylin Roberts, To'a Faleao, Kara Moore; Defensive MVP / Syd White


6)  Student Council did a Christmas clothing, etc. drive and collected 1042 bags

7)  LHS Debate Chapter received Leadership Award

8)  Math Club competed @ AF and took home 1st and 2nd place  (30-40 students participate in the Math Club)

February 4, 2015,

Minutes from LHS School Community Council

10:00 am / LHS Conference Room


Attendance:  Heather A, Joanna, Michelle, Erin, Crystal, Micole, DeAnn, Heather M, Rachel, Karen, Dave, Philip, Camille, Reva, Eva, Kevin, Angie, Kimberly, Sam, Brett, Aaron, John H, Ben, Gig, Ken

Excused:   Susan, Melanie, Chris, Jennifer G, Matt

Absent:        John T, Ron, Janel


Welcome: Karen Ashman


Approval of minutes from last meeting (notes on LHS Website):  Nicole move, Sam 2nd, no further discussion, all move


Principal Mower:  update on LAND Trust expenditures for school year 2014/15 - $47,422 is left; being spent as was proposed; confident that the remaining funds will be spent by the end of the year; guided studies report  - 16.25 credits have been recovered term 2 (represents 53 students); 9.5 from term 1 (represents 42 students); reading report – challenge is to get kids in to this class especially since they have so many other choices; the teacher feels the key to realizing true success in the reading class is to continue to work with the feeder Jr. Highs / encouraging them to recommend students who would benefit by taking the reading class; math report – 13 students are in the support group; 60 students are in secondary 2 math lab class; 13 students are failing secondary 2 math.


Assistant Principal Ben Abrams: Mastery Connect presentation – Ben defined what Mastery Connect is; using Jamie Alvarez’s Mastery Connect, Ben showed how she and other teachers use the resulting data to guide, reteach and improve teaching practices; discussed how the data could be viewed by classes as a whole or broken down by individual students; discussed at length that the ‘burden/load and time’ needed for teachers to get themselves ‘set up’ with Mastery Connect is sometimes prohibitive to them using it; Gig mentioned that ‘the desire’ on the teacher’s part is there but the time to ‘do’ is not; discussion about whether the $$ paid for Mastery Connect is worth the outcome; positive feedback given about the benefits of using Mastery Connect / both for students and for teachers; currently LHS pays for Mastery Connect on a per teacher basis until it is deemed viable (financially sound) to purchase a Mastery Connect Site license.


Principal Mower:  possible expenditures for 2015-16 school year – anticipating about $125,194; Dave went over the Trustlands Proposal Information for 15-16 school year  handout that was given to the LHS SCC in the January meeting; using the information on that handout, the SCC discussed at length the various options for where money might be spent; Dave mentioned items he felt LHS would benefit from the most (FLEX Coordinator, Guided Studies, Advocates, Math/Language Arts Aide, Professional Development, Equipment); discussion of computer labs was of great interest; $32,000 would be the cost of a new portable computer lab; Dave will send out several different proposals for the SCC to consider in an email before the March meeting;  SCC members should respond regarding which proposal they ‘lean’ towards; at the March SCC meeting, the SCC will decide on the specific proposal they want LAND Trust money to go to; in April the SCC will take a final vote on the LAND Trust Plan for 2015-16; all LHS SCC members will need to sign the final draft of the LAND Trust Plan.


Assistant Principal Hanks – Great things that have happened at LHS:  see items below.


Karen Ashman – Collaborative Reviews are Monday March 9th @ 9:45 am; still need parent volunteers for this day; current volunteers are Kimberly, Angie, Rachel, Reva, Erin, Nicole, Michelle, Karen and Jennifer G.


Updates / Suggested discussion topics by SCC members:


Calendar items:  Next meeting, Wednesday March 4 @ 12pm / LHS Conference room

(Please check school calendar for more items)


Feb 5-6, Registration packets handed out for current 11th grade students for Senior year

Feb 6, basketball (boys) v. Pleasant Grove, 7pm

Feb 7, Sweethearts dance, 8-11pm

Feb 10, Skyward registration turned on for current 11th grade students /  basketball (girls) v. Riverton, 7pm

Feb 11, Parent-Teacher Conferences, 3-7pm

Feb 12, basketball (girls) v. Westlake, 7pm

Feb 12-13, State swimming at BYU

Feb 12-14, State wrestling at UVU

Feb 16, NO SCHOOL, President's Day

Feb 16, Chinese New Year, 5pm

Feb 17-21, State basketball, girls

Feb 19-24, school play, Metamorphoses, 7pm each night

Feb 23-28, State basketball, boys Feb 28, Talent Show




Lehi High... Student Driven, Student Success! LEHI HIGH / Brett Robertson

***Imagine a school where every child feels safe, loved, and celebrated. This is the vision behind “Be the Change”, an award-winning day-long experiential program for middle and high school students. On January 23rd, the acclaimed day-long “Be the Change” program took place at Lehi High School. Over 100 teens and 25 adults participated in the innovative workshop, which is designed to break down barriers and promote school and community environments based in understanding, acceptance, and love.

At “Be the Change”, students, teachers, school counselors, parents, and members of the community are challenged to step out of their comfort zones, open their hearts, and build connections with others. Trained Challenge Day Leaders guide participants through a carefully designed series of games, activities, and trust-building exercises that break down the walls of separation and create new levels of empathy and respect.

The “Be the Change” program reduces teasing and bullying, teaches tools for coping skills, and resiliency, and inspires teens and adults to work together as forces for positive change in the world. We danced, sang, made fools of ourselves, and got ‘real’ discussing school and life issues. Students felt empowered to take on their lives and learned how to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and teen life. The theme was “Carpe Diem, Seize the Day”.

Challenging You to Be the Change.

***February 2015 / French Class

Last month, several Lehi High and Westlake High French

students, together with their teacher, Mme Magleby and some of their family members, dressed up and attended the opera, “The Pearl Fishers” at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Salt Lake. They took FrontRunner from the AF station then transferred to TRAX to get to and from the theatre. Everyone understood many of the French lyrics, but the English subtitles helped a lot.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Each LHS French class has a unique soirée at the first of January to taste some special French food. French 1 students have a French cheese party and taste 18 cheeses. French 2 students taste French pastries. French 3 students taste Québecois food including "sugar pie" made with maple sugar. French 4 students enjoy their fondue party, melting their own chocolate and cheese then dipping their fondue forks with fruits or vegetables in the sauces and visiting about life.

***On January 27th, twenty members of FCCLA participated in the Regional Star Events competition at BYU. They all worked hard and showed commendable leadership skills. We want to congratulate them on a job well done! We took home 1 bronze, 15 silver, and 4 gold medal. They all will be competing at the State Star Events competition on March 10-11 in Layton. We hope to bring home some 1st place wins at State so they can compete at Nationals July 5-9 in Washington D.C.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Several of our Lehi High students, Katherine Christofferson, Grayson Gutierrez, Nicholas Melanson, and Jeffery Solomon, had some of their work accepted into the Utah All-State Art Show. The students will be honored at an Awards Ceremony on February 7, and the art will be on display through March 20 at the Springville Art Museum. Their award wining artwork is sampled on the right: (clockwise, starting top left) Grayson Gutierrez, Nicholas Melanson, Nicholas Melanson, Jeffery Solomon, Katherine Christofferson. Congratulations to these talented students!!

***Jared Davies, a junior here at Lehi High, submitted a stop-motion video for the school's PTSA Reflections contest. He won at the school level, and has gone on to win at the Council and Region Level. His video now moves on to compete at the State level against high school students across Utah. We're proud of Jared's talent and drive, and wish him the best at State!


Lehi Good News February

March 4, 2015

Minutes from LHS SCC

@  12pm / LHS Conference Room


Attendance:   Philip, Erin, Michelle, DeAnn, Laurie, Eva, Kevin, Rachel, Karen, Ben, Susan, Dave, Kimberly, Ken, Nicloe, Joanna, Angie, Aaron, Janel, Matt, Karen Roberts (visitor), Chris, Jennifer, Reva, Brett, Susan, Sam

Excused:  John T, Ron, Gig, Crystal, Heather M, Camille, Melanie         


Welcome: Karen Ashman


Approval of minutes from last meeting:    Chris move,  DeAnn 2nd, no further discussion, all move


Assistant Principal Aaron Barth: FLEX aides at other schools – Timganogos HS currently has FLEX Aide; Timpanogos only does flex 2 days each week, Tues & Wed; the other days the classes are longer; Timp’s student population is 1400; same number of Administrators as LHS; not where they want to be; their FLEX Aide oversees the managerial side of FLEX (enforcement of people missing Flex); they are seeing more people attending FLEX since the FLEX Aide was hired; LHS envisions using a FLEX Aide as more of ‘directing FLEX’ instead of enforcement; the struggle with FLEX is with those students who are not motivated; at HS it is harder to separate FLEX from lunch (FLEX doesn’t have to be connected to lunch); lots of discussion about stamping/tracking students and getting them where they need to be; about 20-30 kids that really need to be tracked at LHS


Assistant Principal Ben Abrams: Science Aide possibilities? -  LHS would want an adult who would help the Science department; don’t want to pay for someone to do secretarial work; Ms. Alvezo would like to have a ‘science background’ individual who can reteach students who aren’t getting the material; someone who can go from student to student to help them; other Chemistry teachers feel the same way;  Physics/Bromley said they have tried an Aide before but what ended up happening is they usually just sit there; if an Aide was hired that had a Physics background, they could help teach/reteach; need to have chemistry/physics background in order for the Aide to be beneficial; ‘new’ LHS teachers were more for an Aide; question asked, ‘would someone really want to  take that position for such little $$?’; it would be  challenging to find an individual with a Chemistry/Physics background for $9-$12 per hour and 29 hours a week;  the CTE department tried getting an Aide but ASD shot them down stating not enough need; lots of discussion.


Principal Dave Mower: discussion of LAND Trust options  -  handout was distributed with the official SIP for LHS; Mr. Mower noted that this year there is an area for more than one goal; went over the handout of the LAND Trust plan (option 3 only on it); talked about each area; noted that some sec 1 math students have daily math; with regards to the equipment section, it was noted that if a mobile lab goes down at LHS there are not enough computers for testing; discussion on the differences of the 3 original LAND options (see below); note any additional $$ would be used to more fully fund the areas of the chosen Plan; testing time really stresses computer resources; discussed that Novell recommends 4 techs per HS and currently LHS has one; it isn’t a matter of getting more computers because the wiring/wifi/all needs to be increased to handle more computers, an infrastructure issue; question asked about students who are excelling at LHS; discussed that developing AP programs is always important – LHS is among the top 10 ‘AP pass rate schools’ in the State; is there a possibility for holding a training course for a ‘team of tech specialists’ at LHS who could, in turn, train teachers during development days on technology in school; discussion on schools (Eaglecrest teacher who is hired as a tech support and she does training and hardware support – paid to do this) who have someone doing this; yes, funding something like this is a possibility; a motion made to increase the collaboaration/training/$$ in the plan; Kevin move, Michelle 2nd; can move money around within the ‘option’; proposal that we make collaboration/training/conference $10000 (collaboration would be 8000 and training would be 2000); take some $$ from guided studies (2000) and 2000 from Advocates; defined that the $$ in collaboration/training would be used to enhance the use of technology; no further discussion; final vote will be taken next meeting; all move to support the proposal.



Below are the 3 LAND Trust Proposals that Mr. Mower sent out to LHS SCC in an email prior to this mtng.


Total estimated funds are:  $141,697

Option # 1

Advocates   $50,000

Guided Studies  $25,000

Flex Coordinator $12,000

Summer Collaboration  $ 5,000

Reading Class  $ 6,000

Math Aide/Support $13,000

English Aide/Support $13,000

Conferences/Trainings $ 3,000

Supplies  $   697

Equipment (Tech) $14,000

Total   $141,697


Option # 2

Advocates   $45,000

Guided Studies  $20,000

Flex Coordinator $11,000

Summer Collaboration  $ 5,000

Reading Class  $ 6,000

Math Aide/Support $13,000

English Aide/Support $13,000

Conferences/Trainings $ 2,000

Supplies   $   697

Equipment (Tech) $26,000

Total   $141,697         


Option # 3

Advocates   $40,000

Guided Studies  $18,000

Flex Coordinator $10,000

Summer Collaboration  $ 4,000

Reading Class  $ 6,000

Math Aide/Support $12,000

English Aide/Support $12,000

Conferences/Trainings $ 2,000

Supplies  $   697

Equipment (Tech) $37,000

Total   $141,697




Assistant Principal Brett Robertson: Great things that have happened at Lehi High  -  see below for the handout,


Matt Rowe – LH Athletics -  4 academic all states; talked about media support of LHS athletics; when is the best time to approach companies; Kevin suggested around November/December time frame - when company budgets are being prepared for the coming year; LHS has had coaches approach businesses to support LHS Athletics in the past – now suggesting that this ‘job’ be pulled back from coaches; question about classification for new school; is it possible to petition UHSSA to have Lehi 4A and new school 5A; currently new school will be 4A and Lehi will stay 5A; UHSSA makes the final decision; lots of discussion about current classifications; Susan would like to see a petition from LHS to be sent regarding the classification for LHS;  Mr. Mower said a ‘letter of petition’ would be sent by LHS Administration.


Karen Ashman: Collaboration Incentive Reviews, Monday, 9 March, 9:45am; still need volunteers




Discussion about suggested topics from SCC members: athletic classifications 2016, legislation that affects SCCs  -  new bball coach position has been advertised; about 25 applicants; leave it open for couple weeks - begin hiring process at end of march; 5 or 6 people on the hiring committee; discussion on the suicide issue in ASD; mentioned the success of the HOPE Squad here at LHS and the action they took after the news broke about the LP’s recent suicide.


Calendar items: Next meeting, Wednesday, April 1, noon (please check school calendar—all events listed below are at HOME)


Mar 4, Lip Sync contest, 7pm

Mar 6, softball v. Orem, 3:30pm, MORP, 8pm

Mar 9, NO SCHOOL (Professional Development Day), Percussion concert, 7pm

Mar 10, track v. Lone Peak, 3pm

Mar 11-12, Registration materials handed out for current 10th grade students, Drama 3 one acts, 7pm

Mar 12, tennis v. Westlake, 3pm

Mar 13, soccer v. Brighton, 3:30pm

Mar 17, choir concert, 7pm

Mar 18, Skyward turned on for registration for current 10th grade students, track v. Lone Peak, 3:30pm,  soccer v. Pleasant Grove, 7pm

Mar 19, tennis v. Herriman, 3pm, softball v. Pleasant Grove, 3:30pm, band concert, 7pm

Mar 20, soccer v. Riverton, 3:30pm, softball v. Salem, 3:30pm

Mar 24, tennis v. American Fork, 3pm, softball v. Herriman, 3:30pm

Mar 25, soccer v. Herriman, 3pm, track v. American Fork & Riverton, 3pm, baseball v. Herriman, 4pm

Mar 26, Open House for incoming Sophomores, 6-8pm

Mar 30, Skyward turned on for registration for current 9th grade students

Mar 31, tennis v. Pleasant Grove, 3pm, baseball v. Riverton, 4pm




CHINESE NEW YEAR - The commons, cafeteria, dance room and both gyms were packed on the night of February 16th as over 1800 people gathered to welcome in the Year of the Ram. This was the 5th year that Lehi High students have hosted a Chinese New Year Celebration. It is a great opportunity for our students to share their talent and knowledge of Chinese culture with families from across the district. From 5-7pm, students could be seen demonstrating and teaching Chinese tongue-twisters, TaiQi, Chinese chess, the yoyo, shadow-puppetry, traditional musical instruments, and how to write Chinese calligraphy. Also, there was a sheep and goat petting zoo, as well as a 300-pound, 6-foot tall replica of a Terracotta soldier that guests could take their picture with. At 7pm, everyone crowded into the Main Gym for the entertainment portion. This year’s Lion Dance and Dragon Dance were accompanied by the energetic drumming of percussionists and Chinese students Derek Bevan and Spencer Warnick. There is no other Chinese program in the state with the diversity of student talent and level of commitment to be able to put on a Chinese New Year event like this.


COLLEGE  FAIR -  February 11, 2015 the LHS Counseling Department sponsored a college fair held in the commons area and writing lab in conjunction with Parent -Teacher Conferences.  Several in-state colleges attended: BYU, University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Utah State, Weber State, Snow College, Southern Utah University and MATC. The college representatives were knowledgeable and helpful as they met with parents and students. Many parents and students attended and provided lots of positive feedback about their experiences with the various colleges.


SCIENCE  -  The Science Olympiad Team competed at the Westminster Regional on Feb. 28th.  Students participate in various subjects, each revolving around the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Lehi High School medal in three different events, and placed in the top six in four other events. The team will compete at State in April.


SWIMMING  -  State 5A Swimming Championships! February. Lehi Boys finished 5th. The boys Medley Relay team of Alec Huff, Tyler Blackburn, Landon Greenwood and John Morris finished 4th in a time of 1:39.58, just 3 tenths off of the school record. Tyler Blackburn finished second in the boys 200 yd. Individual Medley, just 7 tenths off the school record. Alec Huff became a State Champion when he dropped two seconds off his best time in the boys 100 yd. Backstroke. Tyler Blackburn broke the school record in the boys 100 yd. Breaststroke while breaking the one minute barrier. He is only the second swimmer at Lehi to ever accomplish this.  The previous record was held by his older brother Sam. Tyler finished in 2nd place.


CTE -  Congratulations to the following first place winners: Best 30 second radio commercial, Bailey Holmes, “Mascot Bowl Promo”; Best Female Anchor, Kjrsten Kelly; Same Day News Story, Sarah Michaelis and Bailey Holmes; Best News Story, Sarah Michaelis and Bailey Holmes, “Lehi Boundaries”; Best 10 second radio promo, “KLHS”; Best Daily Show, Pride TV (B-day); Best Overall Show, Pride TV (B-day).

HOPE SQUAD  -  On Tuesday night, February 24, members and advisors from the Lehi High School Hope Squad were joined by students from our sister squads at both Willowcreek and Lehi Junior for a presentation to the Lehi City Council and a packed city council room. Mr. Bills, a counselor, and Hope Squad advisor at the high school introduced the student group to the city council and patrons, and explained that Hope Squad is a school-based, community-wide resource. Students then explained the purpose of Hope Squad, offered examples of how they work with other students, and answered questions from members of the City Council. Mayor Wilson complimented the students’ efforts and invited them to come back and update the City Council on their activities during the year.


Click this link for the original ‘Good News’ document:


April 1, 2015

Minutes from LHS SCC

@  12pm / LHS Conference Room

Attendance:        Philip, John T., Michelle, DeAnn, Laurie, Eva, Kevin, Karen, Ben, Ron, Dave, Kimberly, Nicole, Joanna, Gig, Heather M., Camille, Melanie, Crystal, Angie, Aaron, Janel, Matt, Chris, Jennifer, Reva, Brett, Susan, Sam

Excused:  Rachel, Susan, Ken, Erin        

Welcome: Karen Ashman

Approval of minutes from last meeting:    Crystal move, Nicole 2nd, no further discussion, all move

Discussion items: Karen Ashman: new legislation that affects SCCs - New procedure for approving LAND Trust Plan: Karen Rupp needs everyone to email their approval to her; no longer signing paper copy; also required to disclose that we have viewed required videos about SCCs; LAND Trust bill in legislature passed to increase funds; we are encouraged to thank our legislators; Internet safety MAY now be under SCC’s care; Karen will confirm that and get back to us.

Principal Dave Mower: final discussion of LAND Trust options - Mr. Mower directed our attention to the Goals under our proposed LAND Trust Plan and pointed out that we added Goal 4, which includes funding professional development during the summer for teachers; WE TALKED ABOUT THE DETAILS OF THE LANDTRUST PLAN A LOT in preparation for the vote today.

Action item: Karen Ashman: vote to approve 2015-2016 LAND Trust plan - DeAnn made a motion to approve the LANDTrust Plan;  Jo seconded it; no further discussion; ALL were in favor.

Athletic Director Matt Rowe: New coaches for boys basketball and girls soccer - Matt expressed great confidence in the coaching staff at Lehi High; New coaches for boys basketball and girls soccer; The following coaching changes have been made: Girls soccer coach: Jerry Prizendorf will coach boys and girls, Boys basketball coach: Sean Yeager (from Alta) - Sean Seastrand remains as assistant, Drill team Head Coach: Kylie Ash (new assistant from Texas) - Kylie will also teach Math; Having been encouraged to petition the UHSAA about our 5A status while having only a 4A student body, Matt learned that the UHSAA will only review such issues during even years; it was confirmed that we will retain the 5A status during the 2016-2017 school year; noted that LHS population will not grow in student numbers as quickly as the New HS will.    

Assistant Principal Brett Robertson: Great things that have happened at Lehi High - Color Guard placed 3rd in State; Winter Guard placed 3rd in State; Candace Gillette received a $2000 scholarship; SkillsUSA is taking 39 students to Nationals and 1 State Officer was named from Lehi - they also received 50 medals at State!; FCCLA is taking 7 students to Nationals and 1 State Officer was named from Lehi; TSA is taking 5 students to Nationals; Percussion Competition took 2nd place and Derek Bevan (a junior) took 2nd in solo keyboarding; FFA received Best in Food for America; 2nd in Parliamentary Procedure; 30 students are going to Nationals; Spring Sports produced 19 Academic All State candidates:  3 soccer, 2 softball, 1 tennis, 13 track; In basketball Tanner Nygren named All State; Tennis participated in Dual in the Desert and took first.  They also won!; Track had 6 kids qualify for State; Sami Austin has been asked by Harvard to apply for pre-med program - Her mother attributes this in part to Lehi’s excellent Science department.

Updates: Explanation of naming of new high school, PTA election for new high school, SCC elections for new high school, FTEs for Lehi High next year, future construction, UHSAA follow up - The School Board will make the final decision on the name of the school and announce that at Orem Elementary on April 28th during their regularly scheduled School Board Meeting; Friday, April 24th, at 11am at Lehi Junior High, the PTA will elect the new high school’s PTA President; the nominee is Crystal Davies; anyone wishing to vote must pay dues to the new high school PTA, which will be held for one year by the State PTA until the new high school PTA is fully established in 2016; dues will be accepted at the beginning of the meeting on April 24th at LJHS; the New HS SCC will be established as soon as possible also; Kimberly Bird is investigating the procedure for precisely how that is done and Karen hopes to have further information at May’s SCC meeting; Mr. Mower announced that Sari Sorenson will be welcomed as an additional assistant principal next year; Offices will be shuffled as LHS will give Mr. Perkins an office as principal of the new high school; we anticipate 5-7 new teachers next year at LHS (FTEs: full time equivalents); no new construction will occur at LHS at present but there will be several facility improvements on the football and baseball fields during the summer; improvements incude: 1) bleachers on the visitors side of the football field, 2) baseball bleachers, 3) new turf on football field, 4) current football turf transplanted to baseball field, 5) tower for baseball field - upper level for announcers and ground level for restrooms, 6) new scoreboard for football field, 7) new baseball dugouts, 8) possibly resurfacing track                                                                           .  

Calendar items: final meeting of the school year, Wednesday, May 6, noon (please check school calendar—all events listed below are at HOME)

Apr 1, soccer v. AF, 7pm

Apr 3, baseball v. Riverton, 4pm


Apr 7, baseball v. AF, 4pm

Apr 10, baseball v. AF, 4pm

Apr 14, softball v. Lone Peak, 3:30pm; baseball v. Westlake, 4pm

Apr 16, tennis v. Lone Peak, 3pm; softball v. Riverton, 3:30pm

Apr 17, baseball v. Westlake, 4pm

Apr 18, PROM

Apr 28, tennis v. Herriman, 3pm

Apr 29, track v. Herriman, 3:30pm; baseball v. LP, 4pm; soccer v. Westlake, 7pm; choir and Jazz concert, 7pm May 1, softball v. Westlake, 3:30pm

May 2, ballroom concert, 7pm

May 4, ballroom concert, 7pm

May 5, softball v. AF, 3:30pm; baseball v. PG, 4pm; Evening of percussion, 7pm

May 6, 2015

Minutes from LHS SCC

@  12pm / LHS Conference Room

Attendance:        Sam, John H., Philip, Ben, DeAnn, Camille, Michelle, Dave, Karen, Melanie, Crystal, Eva, Susan, Kimberly, John T., Ron, Gig, Rachel, Joanna, Jennifer, Brett, Heather M., Reva, Heather A., Kevin, Erin, Laurie, Janel

Excused:          Chris, Nicole, Matt, Ken

Welcome: Karen Ashman

Approval of minutes from last meeting (draft minutes are online):    Melanie move,  Sam 2nd, no further discussion, all move

Discussion items: Assistant Superintendent Rob Smith: plans for summer 2015 construction at Lehi High  -  

1) scoreboard for football stadium and sport complex upgrade; Lehi is the only school in ASD to have this ‘state of the art’ scoreboard;  it has live video capability and some sponsorship areas; question about sound system for football field – discussion; 2) 70 parking stalls and new traffic pattern – NE section of campus; parking addition will be in the NE corner with possible access to 850 East; informed that the parking proposition is for current year but designed for future expansion; two different renderings (one for current planned expansion and the second for a future further expansion) were shown; discussed the preference for two entries onto 850 East; helps with EMS and traffic flow; this parking expansion will help ease congestion from other problem areas around LHS; ASD has purchased two homes in the NE corner which is where the proposed parking expansion will go; further discussion about school and community needs regarding parking around LHS; Ron motion that the SCC support ‘3rd North being extended to 850 East’, Melanie 2nd, further discussion/questions, all moved for; DeAnn will draft a letter stating the SCC’s support of the motion regarding the parking expansion in the NE corner of the LHS campus; we will wait to hear about when the work session with the city begins to further discuss the LHS parking expansion; Karen will send out an email when a date is set; 3) new artificial turf field (replacing liner and reinstalling airfield); discussed the longevity of artificial turf; cost savings in water and maintenance over the 10 year life of an artificial turf field is about what a new artificial field costs to install; discussion about possible ‘reuse’ of the old turf; discussion about how the installation will interrupt football camps etc. - LHS Administration is working on issues with ‘installation interruption’; 4) new baseball observation/seating/storage/restrooms; noted that the space will be built but LHS will get to decide how to ‘best use/design’ the space; discussion about a possible barrier to keep baseballs from interrupting other fields; 5) new visitor bleachers for football stadium; noted that the bleachers will be moved back enough so that an 8th lane can be added to the track in the future; total estimated project cost is 1.9 million (paid with ‘as you go funds’). 

Karen Ashman: Follow up on SCC for Skyridge High School  - still no ‘hard’ answer about the formation of the SCC for Skyridge HS

Principal Dave Mower: update on spending of current plan – on track with spending according to the LAND Trust Plan; any surplus will be moved over to technology at end of year as discussed previously; some tweeking has happened with regards to staff ‘fluctuation’ so there are some funds differences; these are expected in normal HS operation; LAND Trust email regarding signatures for approval of proposed LAND plan will come out once Jess at ASD approves (that is the word now).

Principal Dave Mower: update about courses offered, classroom space for next year – LHS has almost all teachers hired for 2015-16 school year (PT Science and French  teachers left); all teachers have classrooms assigned for next year; will be a little tight (some teachers will be ‘traveling’ classrooms); LHS will be getting another Assistant Principal and LHS will also house the Skyridge HS Principal.

Athletic Director Matt Rowe: athletic updates  Academic all states 13 total for the year (7 boys, 6 girls); spring sports Academic All State: Brock Francom – Track, Briggs Jensen – Track, Conner Miles – Soccer, Tanner Munson – Soccer, Taylor Tahbo – Softball, Terra Tahbo – Softball; spring sports winding down; Current spring sports standings in the Region: Softball tied for 2nd place, Baseball tied in 4th place, Soccer tied for 2nd place, Golf is in 5th (still a chance for 4th place), Tennis 3rd (Region Championships are Wed. and Thurs.); Track has qualified 16 students for State w/ more possibly qualifying at Region;

Assistant Principal Brett Robertson: Great things that have happened at Lehi High  -  3 school records have been broken in Track; Dylan Barker – 800m, Amber Lamborn – Javelin, Maddy Kauffman 800m; and 15 performances have made it in the all time top 5 list; FFA CDE contest had 2 teams that won state - food science and forestry; Miss Lehi will crown Honorary Miss Lehi on May 8th ; Special Olympics is May 14; Utah State Solo and Ensemble Festival (scale of 1-4 w/ 1 being superior): Inter. Percussion received 2’s on both their pieces; Mallet Quartet received 1; Brandon Williams, Derek Bevan, Sharisse Bevan, matt Hanna received 1’s for their Solos; Utah HS Film Festival: 1st Commercial, 1st 48 Hr. Shootout, 2nd News Story, 3rd Addiction PSA, 3rd Music Video, Directors Choice Addiction PSA; Operation Enduring Warrior live interview with 2 individuals who will compete Saturday and Channel 4 News will be covering the story.

Updates and suggested topics from DCC members: Grad Night volunteers, parking  -  Sam has provided a link on the LHS site where you can sign up to volunteer for grad night; Seniors of 2016-17 most likely will get to choose to stay at LHS but students will not be allowed to choose to go to Skyridge if they aren’t in the boundaries; some exceptions may be allowed by principal (on a case by case basis); discussion that LHS Sophomores of 2015-16 should have as much right to choose to stay as will the Juniors; boundaries of the new school are closed; Sam presented ‘maker space’ which is a lunch/flex/after school, no-grade program offered in the media center (STEM education related); kids can come and build/create stuff (using legos); showed us robotics lego vehicle some students recently built w/o instructions; this program helps kids develop problem solving; taking library funds and buying things to help students learn in a different way; 3D printer was purchased and Sam showed some of the things kids have built with it; talked about future possibilities regarding this program; want to stay away from designation as a club and be more of a ‘free to come’ type of program; discussion on additional help for kids in crisis who aren’t assertive and who might fall through the cracks; noted that emails to Counselors works well at LHS for getting help; Dave will bring this up with Troy to make him aware; further discussion followed; parking pass sales are not limited – some discussion on this; 2612 Pioneer Praise sent out this year – thanks IM Flash; this week is Teacher Appreciation week so please take time to send thank you cards/notes to teachers/staff who’ve made a difference for your kids.

Calendar of events (please check school calendar—all events listed below are at HOME)

May 5, Evening of percussion, 7pm

May 6-7, Region Tennis (@ PG; Region Track (@ Herriman;

May 7, Region Golf (@ Mountain View; Dance Concert, 7pm

May 8-9, State Choir, State Orchestra

May 8, Dance Concert, 7pm

May 11, State Golf; Mr. Lehi, 7pm

May 12, State Basebal;, State Softball; Orchestra Concert, 7pm

May 13, State Baseball; State Golf; Band Step off Night, 7pm

May 14, State Baseball; State Golf; State Tennis; Choir Concert, 7pm

May 15, State Track and Field; State Soccer

May 16, State Track and Field; State Tennis

May 18, State Baseball; Jazz Concert, 7pm

May 19, State Baseball; State Softball; State Soccer; Choir Concert, 6:30pm

May 20, State Baseball; State Softball; Evening of Excellence, 7pm

May 21, State Baseball; State Softball; State Soccer; Band Pops Concert, 7pm; Senior Classic Skate Night, 9pm May 22, State Baseball; Senior Lagoon Day


May 26, Senior Sunset, 7pm Neptune Park

May 27, Senior Dinner/Dance, 6pm, Noah's

May 28, GRADUATION, 7:30pm, UVU

May 28-29, Grad Night, Lehi High, 11pm-4am

Current LHS SCC members on yr. 1 of their term: Ron, Karen, Heather A., Crystal, Jennifer, DeAnn, Melanie, Kimberly, Angie, Heather M. Susan, Camille, Erin, Rachel

Current LHS SCC members on yr. 2 of their term: Michelle, Joanna, John T.

Current LHS SCC members who need yr. of their term figured out:  Reva, Kevin, Nicole, Ken, Laurie

***note: the above list does not include Administration or Staff