1. The scorekeeper is responsible for providing the official score sheet. You can either buy a book of your own, or download one here.

2. Batting: Record all hits, walks, strikeouts, and outs. Mark baserunners progress around the bases and shade in the diamond when they score. Outs should be marked with a solid circle in the bottom right corner. 

1B (single), 2B (double), 3B (triple), HR (home run), BB (walk, or base on balls), K (strikeout)

Situational #1: If a batter runs beyond first and gets tagged out attempting to take second, they are still credited with the single.

Situational #2: Use your discretion on what to credit a batter who advances on a defensive error. A decent benchmark is whether or not they came to a full stop, or had continuous motion. If continuous, we recommend giving them the extra base(s) credit.

3. Fielder’s Choice: A fielder’s choice is when a batter gets on base because the fielder chose to play a different force out (2nd, 3rd, or home), rather than throw to first. Notate a fielder’s choice with an FC above the diamond. Mark a hash through the base path to indicate where the runner was out, as in the example below. A fielder’s choice does NOT count as a hit, even though the batter gets on base.

4. RBIs: Record all runs batted in with a circled number in the top right corner (don’t forget to include the batter themselves if they hit a home run). The example below would be how to notate a grand slam.

Double Check: There must be an RBI attributed for every run scored.

5. Sacrifice Fly (SAC): Record SAC when a fly out to the outfield results in a run/runs coming in. Give the hitter credit for the RBI/s (see example below). A SAC does NOT count as an hit or at bat (AB).


6. Mark of throw outs (TO) and double plays (DP). Mark a hash through the base path to indicate where the runners were out.

Example 1            Example 2

Example 1: Batter 1 hits a double. On the next at bat, Batter 1 tries to advance on Batterer 2’s single and is thrown out at third. Since this is not a force out, Batter 2 is credited with the hit, but the throw out is marked in Batter 2’s box.

Example 2: Batter 1 hits a single. On the next at bat, Batter 1 is thrown out at second, and Batter 2 is then thrown out at first for a double play.

7. End of Inning: Notate the end of an inning by marking an “X” through the bottom right corner of the box of the last batter up when the last out occurred. Each column on the sheet corresponds to an inning, so the scorekeeper should NOT score more than one inning in each column. If the order bats completely around, use a new sheet and mark all subsequent hits in both the appropriate row for the batter, and correct column for the inning.

8. Mark automatic outs (AO). This generally occurs when a player is late to the game, but the captain doesn’t want to take the player out of the lineup.

9. Note injuries in the player’s box to the right of the last inning played by writing INJ and marking a line through the rest of that player’s row on the scoresheet.

10. Do NOT mark errors or the infield fly rule – they do not apply in the ASL.

11. Advanced: Once you’re comfortable with the basics, you can be more specific with your notation.

Positions on the field correspond with the above numbers: pitcher (1), catcher (2), first base (3), second base (4), third base (5), shortstop (6), left field (7), left center field (8), right center field (9), and right field (10).

Example 1         Example 2        Example 3

Example 1: A ground ball thrown from the shortstop to first base for an out.

Example 2: A fly out to left field.

Example 3: A throw from the shortstop to second base, and a throw from second base to first base for a double play.

12. Make sure to record the correct final score, date, field, & names of the umps/scorekeeper on the sheet.

13. As soon as possible, please give or scan/photograph & email) the final score sheet to one of the following people:

Mike Bartnett / mbartnett@gmail.com

Long Le / longle1@gmail.com

Rebecca Feferman / rebfef@gmail.com

Bree Blaha / sbtleasabrick@gmail.com

Joe Holzheimer / johio76@gmail.com

Michael Prusaitis / maprusaitis@gmail.com 

Mark Fagan / markrolland@gmail.com

If you’d like to enter the box score yourself (in a timely manner), or have any other general questions or inquiries, please contact Mike Bartnett / mbartnett@gmail.com.