I am trying to find the words to describe a reaction to the ACTS prayer that I experience at times.  I perceive the sequence in this order--

1.  I silently pray a phrase.  This morning it was “Thank you Jesus for saving me;” other times it will be a different phrase that seems to cause the reaction.

2.  I sense a response within me.  This morning I reflected, “Every cell in my body is resonating to the truth of that statement.”

3.  I abide in the reaction for a while, and then when it seems to fade I continue with the ACTS prayer.

5. Sometimes another phrase will cause a reaction similar to the first, but not always.

6.  I end the prayer and start my day feeling calm and peaceful.

It is the inward response that I am seeking to describe.  “Resonating cells” is not an adequate description because it suggests a physical reaction has taken place, which is not the case.  I do not shake or vibrate.  I do not sense movement.  If machines were monitoring my vital signs at that moment, I doubt that they would register any change.  The reaction does not have that kind of feel.

Occasionally, the words “centered,”  “rooted,” “grounded” and “full-bodied” come to mind when I initially perceive the reaction.  These terms are also inadequate because they do not capture the dynamic quality of the experience.

“Vibration” is too fast and frantic for such a gentle feeling.  The term “oscillation” suggests that a force causes a displacement and then equilibrium is stored, which isn’t what I feel.

“Response” is the best term.  I sense a positive response within me.  Maybe you’ve had a similar experience when listening to a speaker.  Someone makes a statement with which you agree and you find yourself nodding, saying “Yes” or “Amen.”

Perhaps this is a function of the kluge-y brain.  Different parts of the neural system reacting to the prayer in different ways at different times.

How do you describe the effect that private prayer has upon you?