Welcome to Culbreth Middle School’s Rising 9th Grade Parent Night

6:30-8:00        January 30, 2017        CMS Auditorium

6:15-6:30                Please pick up a FAQs sheet and an agenda; use the index cards on the tables near the doors to submit your questions for tonight’s panel.  Information from tonight will be posted on Culbreth website.


6:30-6:40                Welcome and Our Hopes for Tonight                       

Beverly Rudolph, Principal CMS

6:45-7:00                High School Transcripts--What do they tell us?                                                               

High School Counselors

7:00-7:25                The 411:   High School Life, Registration & Parent Night Details

CMS             Bill Allee, Counselor at Culbreth                CHHS        Lare Meachum, School Counselor

ECHHS  Katy Lipkus, School Counselor ECCHS                CHS        Bari Sholomon, School Counselor 

7:25-7:40                Frequently Asked Questions                        

                        The Panel


7:40-8:00                Responding to audience questions        

                        The Panel

Thank you for coming; we all wish you and your future high school student the very best next year and beyond!