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[COLLEGE NAME] is using Merit to reach State Reps



[COLLEGE NAME] has joined hundreds of institutions in the US in using [Hyperlink the word “Merit” to your institution’s Merit page] to recognize students and connect stories of success and achievement to our institution’s key stakeholders.

State representatives greatly influence the outcome of legislation that directly impacts higher ed funding. It’s critical that these elected officials are seeing proof points of our positive impact on the students and communities they represent.

Our office is steadfast in helping support your advocacy initiatives and we’re using Merit to do it.

Every state-level elected official in the country has a free Merit account in which they can view stories about our college students from their district. Elected officials can even congratulate students directly within their Merit account.

To learn more about free Merit accounts for government reps read this press release or watch this two-minute video.

Lastly, here’s a link containing email templates you can use to inform Government Reps about Merit: [LINK].