March 9, 2017 – RELIEF SOCIETY

Conducting:  Sister Williams and Sister Hulme
Pianist:  Sister Lai
Chorister: Sister Hickman

Special Number:  Child’s Prayer in German and Italian with the duet in English
Sister Herr, and Sister Ranieri with Sister Semenova accompanying

Sister Herr, and Sister Ranieri

Opening Prayer:  Sister Guiuo
Purpose:  Sister Kemple

Sister Kemple

•        Zone Leaders, please give pictures of your service projects to Sister Sharp.
•        Daylight Savings Time begins Saturday night.  Be sure to move your clocks forward one hour.
•        MLC will be April 11th.
•        Zone Conference will be next week.
•        The Missionary Department has given us referral cards to be entered.  They will be designated and MDR with an extension of P1, P2, or P3 with P1 being the first priority.
•        Missionary study program is on the portal.
•        Security training will be in two weeks.

Roleplay:  Sister Morales B. and Sister Wu;  at the Christus statue at the end of the tour.

Sister Morales B. and Sister Wu

Gordon B. Hinckley Chapter 5 - Daughters of God

Our Teachers:  Sisters Cochain, Coleman, Raquiza and Chen

What do you think when you hear you are a daughter of God?  We have eternal matter inside.  Only we can Control how it is developed.

Women in Gordon B. Hinckley’s life:  Amazing women.  His mother Ada Bitner Hinckley and his wife, Marjorie Pay Hinckley.  We need to understand the sacred place of women in God’s plan.

Virtue is very becoming.  The way we live talks more than appearance.  We, as virtuous women, have a glow about us.  It is not a burden to pay the price and put aside the things of this world and seek for a better.  The gospel is a thing of joy.

Sister Cochain didn’t have a real understanding of mothers and motherhood until she came to the mission.  On her mission, she has realized the importance of mother and those she serves.  She asked her friends what they thought a mother is.
•        A good example
•        Read scriptures every day
•        Children observe their mothers (like guests and investigators and we observe each other)
•        Parents have a role and are examples

Sister Sharp was asked to share her testimony of mothers.  Mothers are responsible for nurturing of children, to comfort and to feed both spiritually and physically.

Satan specifically attacks women.  

It is important to hear both testimonies and conversion stories and to create harmony.  

Some of the sisters expressed that at home there are not many women at Relief Society that are her age.  Here they feel welcomed and that the sisters are supportive of each other.  Relief Society helps women know God is there for them.  


Relief Society helps women know God is there for them.  We are strong and immovable.  We have the power to testify and to nurture.  There is no comparison to Relief Society in the world.

Closing Hymn:  #96 Dearest Children
Closing Prayer:  Sister Wight