Character Sketch from Today’s Teachers Write post:

Mike. Main Character (this could change. The name I wanted to have as a kid.)

(Might need a name that I can make up a mean saying/rhyme for. Something about being big. Or dumb. Or slow. Or uncoordinated.)

Mike’s big. More adult sized, but not really coordinated and hasn’t “grown into” his body yet. Wears over-sized clothes to disguise his size (as if). His favorite item is a flannel shirt that is a bit tattered. (Where’d he get it? Could be important. Fav uncle? Grandfather?) He usually wears it unbuttoned over a Tshirt of choice. It’s a darker plaid… like these?


He has a habit of pulling out his Tshirt away from his body, making sure it’s not too snug. Also grabs the open front and pulls it closed. A shield? Keeping everything in? Everything out?

Dark hair with bangs that can hang in his eyes. Pushed to the side, but keep dropping down. Again, a shield? Keeps pushing aside—should really get them cut. Why doesn’t his mom make him? When he wants to be alone, lets the bangs down.

Likes to read song lyrics. Has lyrics for everything. Well-versed due to music-loving parents and older sister. Also likes to read and looks up references to music/movies/other books in the books he read (yes, like I have done):

Used to do well in school, but then MS came and it all went downhill. There was so much going on and he suddenly couldn’t get by on just paying attention in class. Now there were SO MANY classes and it meant paying attention AND working at home, neither of which he did. Why? Why didn’t he try? It didn’t seem important. It never felt pertinent. And it was work.

He’s a coffee lover. He learned to drink it black from his gramps who let him drink it whenever he brought over bagels for breakfast on the weekend. He was told it would stunt his growth… like THAT was going to be a deterrent.  Instead, he made sure to like it, and early on. There is a new coffee shop in town that is a big hit with the locals. This plays a big part in the story.

Charles—best friend. AKA: Chaz

Where Mike is big, Chaz is small.

Where Mike would rather stay quiet and hide, Chaz would like to be up in front telling stories and demanding attention.

Where Mike feels unintelligent, Chaz is brimming with confidence.

this is a WIP! Need to spend more time with Chaz.

Also add Gramps.

Also his “nemesis”—someone cool and popular. Someone who hang out at the local coffee shop. This WILL be trouble for Mike.