CV : Resume

Garey(Gary/Gare)Henderson, Ph.D. AD, PM

“Postdoc, Systems Engineer, Structural Engineer, Inventor, Military contractor”

Alexandria, VA 22314

(855) 865-7368


Academic posts:  Adjunct professor/lecturer: New York University, CUNY graduate center, New School for social research, Hunter College, Baruch College, etc. Various NASA committees,

Publications:  Various technical publications: environmental engineering, renewable energy sources, and philosophy of energy.

Papers Presented: CTE: Cooling Tower. ECC, Energy conversion conference -China, IDA, International desalination association-Italy, IDTECHEX, EUEC, Boost 2014

Government consulting clients: US Army, US Air Force, US Marines, US Central Intelligence Agency, US Treasury department, Government of Ghana, NASA, Nuclear commission of India, US Navy

Books:  Meta-Energetics 2002, Why it doesn’t rain in Saudi Arabia 2014, The water cycle revisited, the bio-recharge rEvolution begins 2016

Inventions: Value added communications networks (email), Traffic-Tap, PRS (Pressure Rotation System), PEC (Pressure Energy Converter), T-Dam, VHS (Vibration harvesting system)

Significant events: Implemented early form of email 1979.  Chairman ECC convention China 2009.  Youngest member of Ivy league university computer science faculty.

Literary mentions: Popular Science, New Scientist, NASA tech briefs, CNet, Crain's, New York times, Wired Magazine, Alternative Energy Magazine, etc.

Professional posts: Director of Research Gravitational Systems Engineering, Director of Research INDRA Institute, Director on research INDRA project, CEO Electronic mail corporation, President Computer Help network, President Print A Part 3d, Engineering supervisor United Technologies. MacMillan publishers technical films developer.  Educational games programmer Apple  computers.  Financial software developer - various Wall street arbitrage firms.

Education, teaching & research:gary21.jpg

  • Indiana University  :  Quantitative analysis, 72 - 78
  • New York University  :  Artificial Intelligence, 84 - 94
  • CUNY graduate center  : Database theory, 89 - 93
  • Hunter College  :  Machine Languages, 86 - 89
  • Trinity College & University  :  Structural dynamics, 79 - 84
  • King's College Briarcliff Manor  :  Geo-engineering concepts, 87 - 93  
  • Graduate School of Political Mgt  :  Culture and the environment, 87 - 92  
  • New school of social research  : Philosophy of machines, 87 - 92
  • Bernard Baruch College  :  Computer interface engineering, 86 - 88


Systems Programmer

Systems Design

OS Design

Cultural Anthropologist

Artificial Intelligence

International Project Manager

Solid-state Physics

Structural Engineering

Energy System Design



Bio-pic Australian TV 09

Top 100 energy innovators 04

Included in France Textbooks 03

NYC Business Leader 00

Teacher of the year 96

Macmillan films 89

Email pioneer 80

Student Leader IU 73

Indiana Outstanding Youth 67

Rated Pervasively gifted 59


Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Arabic

1st-2nd Generation Languages: BAL, Fortran, COBOL, PLC,

Higher Level Languages: C, C++, Ada, Pascal, Lisp, Prolog,

Scripting Languages: Java, XML, HTML, SQL

Recent publications and works in progress:

Articles & Manuscripts:

African American reparations and morganatic marriages

Black/White hypocrisy and Imus

Certainty, Pride, Hypocrisy

Gare hypothesis

On Freedom

Orlando 2016

Real problem with the world economy

Vulnerability to conviction

Virgin climate control prize

Ground based cloud enhancement : Wikipedia article

Non-fiction books:


(Ku3) The science of imagination

Fuel­-less future

Industrialization of evaporation


Water cycle revisited

Fictional Novels:

The gifts: Chapter 1

The gifts: Chapter 2

The gifts: Chapter 3


Special killings

Do you like rollercoasters