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We are thrilled that you have chosen Prosperity Eating Disorders and Wellness Center. We strive to provide comprehensive care and customer service to our clients and families. Prosperity has recently hired a biller to work with insurance in an effort to ease the burden and confusion associated with claims and payment. While we are currently out of network with insurance, we are happy to check benefits/coverage and attempt to establish a single case agreement with your insurance company.

A single case agreement means that services provided by Prosperity would be treated as in network and you would have coverage per your insurance plan. While we cannot guarantee the single case agreement (SCA) would be approved, we are happy to try to arrange this.

Payment for services is as follows:

If we bill through your insurance the cost per day of IOP (three groups included, an hour of individual therapy and 30 minutes of nutrition) is $430.00. Ideally insurance will cover the full amount. If insurance does not cover the full amount, you are responsible for covering the remaining fee.

If your insurance does not allow a single case agreement, we will work with you on a fee for service arrangement. Like many medical and service offices, we understand that insurance has limitations and it is our desire to make services affordable for those who need them.

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