Google Sharing Settings

One of the main educational features of Google Drive is the ability to share your documents and presentations. Sharing settings are set by you, so you can share your document with the whole world, or just your period 6 class, and within those sharing settings you can also determine what people can do to your document. Collaborators can view, edit or comment! Here’s a quick look at Google Sharing Settings.

To see the settings for the document you’re in, find the blue share button on the top right of your screen. The icon will tell you if it is shared or not (a lock is private, person is shared) for more detail, hover your mouse over the blue share button to see your settings for that particular document.


If you want to change your sharing settings, click on the blue button. The first box that comes up will allow you to invite specific people to share the document with-just type the email address in the bottom “invite people” box. Or, this document is currently set to “Anyone who has the link can view” if you want to change that setting, click on the blue “Change” link. share2.jpg

The sharing settings menu will open and give you more choices of who can see your document, and what they can do it it. You can change your settings at any time. If you give someone “edit” privileges, they can also change the sharing settings. Another option is to allow others to comment (but not edit). If your document is set as “private” only you can see it, even if you send a link to someone.

Sharing documents is a great way to collaborate with both colleagues and students. The next Tech Tip will focus on using Revision History to see who made which changes in a document.