October 18,  2015


10/27-10/30/15 RMS 7th & 8th Grade Lion King Auditions.

10/31/15 Drama Club Murder Mystery

11/6-11/7/2015 BHS Presents “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

11/13/15  BHS “But Seriously, Folks...” Improv Show

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Our Mission

STAGE was formed in October of 2005. We support, encourage, maintain and promote Rotolo Middle School and Batavia High School theatrical productions. Participation in theater productions is an integral part of the educational system that stimulates confidence, teamwork, a positive work ethic, and showmanship – all important characteristics necessary for success in life.  Batavia has a long and highly respected reputation of excellence in the performing arts, and we invite you to be a part of that tradition. 

Upcoming Shows


November 6-7, 2015



November 13, 2015


Our Executive Board

Rob Tucker-President

Lucy Martinez-Vice-President

Cathy Dremel-Treasurer

Dave Guritz-Policies &


Michele Gustin-

     Corresponding Secretary

Ron Gustin-RMS Liaison

Lucy Knutson-Website


Wendy McKeehan-

     Concessions Co-Chair

Gina Micheli-Media


Roger Sweeney-

     Concessions Co-Chair/

     Yes  and...Improv Festival

Julie Tucker-Spirit Gear


CashBooks Fundraiser


Now being sold at BHS or RMS Productions and concessions during BFAC touring shows. you can purchase one.  Need it sooner?  Go to our website to order one!

Welcome to the second STAGE Newsletter!


We invite our members and friends to check in monthly to see what exciting things are happening! 

Cherrydale Fundraiser

Thank you to the students that participated! Money raised will be used toward the Lucky Stiff production. We are in the process of tallying all of the order forms. Notify Lucy Martinez,, immediately if your student forgot to turn in their order.

Rotolo Middle School Talent Show


Let’s give another applause to all the students that participated in Rotolo’s annual Talent show, September 25th.  The evening’s line-up of wonderful performances included several singing acts, dancers, piano players and a magician. The emcees wrote their own scripts that introduced each act helping to keep the night on schedule! The talented performances could not go on without the technical support and crew helping behind the scenes.

Several BHS Crew Mentors worked with and trained the RMS tech & crew students like they themselves were trained.  They helped the RMS Crew with learning new behind the scenes tasks and working side by side the whole night. The RMS students will have an easier time working on the BHS plays when they get there!


Yes, and… Fest?

STAGE and BHS Drama Club have partnered with improv professionals to host the first ever… Yes, and...Fest on March 6, 2016! It will be a day of exhibition, workshops and performances all geared to help the students/directors that participate. We will have workshops starting with the most basic level for high schools that want to start an improv troupe to more advanced level workshops teaching schools Long Form. The day will end with the professionals performing their improv act. Our very own BHS’ But Seriously, Folks... will be their opening act!  We invite you to look at our website for more details.

This is a huge endeavor! We need help contacting the schools that have been invited. You do not need to have a student in the program. Click here to sign-up today.

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Tickets go on sale Monday, October 19, 2015, for Batavia High School’s first theatrical production of the year.  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare's most popular comedy, was written around 1594 or 95. It portrays the adventures of four young lovers and a group of amateur actors, their interactions with woodland fairies and a duke and duchess. Taking place in a mythical Athens and an enchanted forest, there is a handsome fairy king, a misguided parent, star-crossed lovers, a weaver who's transformed into a half-donkey, wood sprites and elves. This work is widely performed around the world, and no wonder - it's about the world's most popular pastime, falling in love. But as Puck knows, falling in love can make fools of us all."  Click here to purchase tickets.

Meet the Board... Lucy Martínez, Vice-President of STAGE


    Robert (Bobby)

What is it like to be on the board? 

We are a family with over 100 kids. :) We are constantly learning and expanding on past ideas to make this a better program and organization. There is such a sense of dedication and love for our students and program that we value each other’s opinions even if it’s not our own. It’s not always easy but we do have fun… even at our busiest hour. I think it may be hard for others to see this because we’re working during the events.

What performing arts experience do you have?  

Other than one acting role in 5th grade, all my experience has been in dancing. I loved the challenge of learning new steps and choreography. I even loved the nervous excitement that builds up until you actually perform. The only thing I hated was that the stage time was limited to the length of a song… too short!

Did your kids get their talent from you or your spouse? 

It is from the both of us. The singing he got from his dad but Bobby has exceeded his dad’s talents. His clarinet and bass clarinet talent he got from his grandfather. (My father taught himself to play the clarinet and piano!)

Do you have a favorite actor, movie or theatrical production?  

There are too many to choose from. I love black & white movies. So, I love Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Greta Garbo, and Audrey Hepburn but also love Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Robin Williams. One of my all-time favorite movies is Roman Holiday. I really loved A Chorus Line and Chicago.

What would people be surprised to know about you?  

I used to breakdance. I briefly studied fashion design. I have a portfolio of some of my more favorite designs somewhere in my house. I designed and made my goddaughter’s Quinceañera dress.

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