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“Hello! Welcome to API CASE FILES. I'm Marsha Barnhart, API Chief of Investigations and your host for this Summer 2015 episode. Later in the program you'll hear also from Antonio Paris, the director of the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team, and API Deputy Director Paul Carr.”

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“In this Episode 7, I examine aspects of the as-of-yet-fully-understood fourth state of matter: Plasma.  Additionally, Paul Carr, in his series "Unidentified Science" will talk about the difficulty of adhering to scientific pricinples while endeavoring to investigate “High Strangeness” cases. Antonio, Paul and I, during a recent recorded Google Hang-Out, discussed a few of our more interesting investigations that we're currently involved in. A portion of that discussion will be included in this episode, and another portion in our next API Case Files.  Also in this episode,I file a report on a MUFON organization Seminar recently held in Erie, Pennslyvania.”

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“Investigating reported UFO sightings can be a real challenge, as you might guess.

Not only does the investigative process often call for research into a variety of different disciplines—physics, optics, psychology, earth sciences, etc. the investigator has to conduct a witness interview to uncover the 4 basic "W"'s... who, what, when, where. And, in addition to basic facts, the investigator needs to form some opinion of the Witness.  Does the witness seem truthful, is there contradiction in the answers when questions are posed in several different ways; does the witness appear too eager to please...or, the opposite, too evasive. As Antonio has often said, the Witness interview is a cornerstone in laying the basic foundation for the investigative process. In today's program, as I mentioned earlier, Antonio, Paul and myself will discuss a few cases. But I'd like to start the program showcasing one of my recently closed cases: number 15-001. It took place December 27th, 2014 at 4:15pm Pacific Standard Time. A witness in Washington state had a chance daytime sighting of oddly behaving smallish objects in the sky near his Seattle area neighborhood. Fortunately, he had the presence of mind to activate his phone camera, so he also supplied a 25 second video clip along with his original witness statement. I contacted him, conducted a preliminary interview and was granted permission to use his audio interview and his video clip. This footage will be made available at a site linked in our show notes. Here is the Witness from Case 15-001 regarding the multiple objects he sighted near Seattle the afternoon of December 27th, 2014.”

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“At my first glance of the footage, the objects looked like a flock of birds soaring in some thermal updraft...the sky was rather dark and stormy-looking. And indeed a check of the weather conditions showed overcast skies with intermittent rain showers. Visibility was about 8 miles, winds were out of the SE at about 8 miles per hour, and the temperature was in the low 40's. I zoomed in and examined the footage, then I added an embossed effect to the video. I was expecting to see the outline of wings, still thinking these might be birds. But, once embossed the objects' shapes really stood out and I could easily discern perfectly round spheres, shaded appropriately to the environmental lighting conditions present at the time. It was an intriguing sight. As far as I could determine these objects were not birds, not balloons, not Chinese Lanterns, nor mini-drones flying in formation. But, I could not determine WHAT the objects were. To my eye, and according to the witness, it appeared as though the objects were self-illuminated and self propelled. But it was difficult to tell with any certainty. They seemed to be moving of their own accord, in a small, undefined pattern of motion. I ended up closing Case 15-001 as Unidentified. Yet another instance of these vexing ORBS that seem to be everywhere, yet often unidentifiable”.

“Indeed, Orbs are one of the more common UFO sightings, and they appear world-wide.

My research is leading me to suspect that SOME of these orb-like objects MAY be examples of "self-sustaining embodiments of electrical force"...in other words, a form of BALL LIGHTNING. Now, I realize that many people may think this is an untenable supposition. Ball Lightning is considered a relatively uncommon occurrence—but nonetheless, it is an actual phenomenon that exists under certain conditions. Even though this phenomenon has been experienced and written about in first-person accounts, scientists still do not clearly understand the physics behind the formation and behavior of naturally occuring plasma energy. But research indicates that wide spread geoengineering efforts MAY be creating atmospheric changes conducive to increased electro-magnetic energy in our atmosphere...and THIS, in turn, MAY be creating conditions that are increasing the formation, the instances, of ball lightning—or plasma balls.”

“We at API don't normally go into trying to explain WHAT an object is unless we're quite certain we can identify it. But I thought I would use this case, and other orb cases that I've had or am familiar with, to examine an area of science that is rather unfamiliar. Some years ago, pilots were reporting lightning in the outer atmosphere; flashes of white or reddish-orange colored light that occurred higher than their planes were flying—sometimes between 30 and 50 thousand feet in the air. Scientists rejected this notion—regardless of the first-person accounts from pilots—because science at the time did not have a model to explain how this could occur. NOW, however, there is an understanding of what is termed “Sprites”: large-scale electrical discharges that occur high above thunderstorm clouds.  This phenomenon is cold plasma and lacks the hot channel temperatures of tropospheric lightning.

As a result, Sprites typically discharge their energy in a manner akin to a florescent flash. Sprites are relatively rare, but they DO exist. They are a little known phenomenon yet they've been reported since the late 1800's.”

“Now, past cases with ORBS have lead me to conduct a LOT of research. And I'll just plug here the technical papers put out by the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, typically known as NARCAP. NARCAP did a study called Project Sphere, dealing with ball lightning, Sprites and the earth light phenomena. You can check out the NARCAP website for information in this area, and read the technical papers on their research. It's very illuminating...so to speak.

“Getting back to orbs, or more specifically plasma ball lightning, there IS evidence that governments have been experimenting with releasing chemical aerosols into our atmosphere in an effort to combat global warming AND in weather modification experiments. This area of science is known as Geoengineering. It's the application of geosciences, where mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and geology are all used to understand and shape our interaction with the earth. This is the area of science where weather modification techniques are being practiced by the US and other world powers. This is NOT conspiracy nut stuff, by the way. As early as 1996, the US Air Force published a research paper on how to “Own the Weather by 2025”. “Ownership”, it would seem theoretically if not practically, is only about a decade away. Ownership is ONLY accomplished after an appropriate period of study and experimentation.”

“S0, how is weather modification accomplished? That's a good question.  One scientist, retired USDA Biologist Francis Mangels discussed the findings by scientists of unnaturally high concentrations of some chemicals and particulates that INCREASE conductivity of electromagnetic energy; chemicals such as aluminum oxide and barium. These chemicals WOULD aid in the conditions that increase the formation of atmospheric phenomenon, such as plasma ball lightning.”

“Typically, but not always, ball lightning forms during stormy conditions where there is a high concentration of electromagnetic charge. That was the case with the Washington state sighting. Ranging in size from one half inch to many meters in diameter, ball lightning can occur in a variety of different colors;  and it’s luminous enough to be seen clearly in daylight. Most instances last only a few seconds. But IF the atmosphere happens to provide the opportunity for prolonged life, the phenomena can sustain itself...and replicate. According to R A Ford in his book Home Made Lightning: Experiments in Electricity", ball lightning has been observed to break up into two or more smaller balls. Once initiated, under the right conditions, ball lightning exhibits what is called a “localized persistence of individuality”...in other words, the self-created plasma balls are not easily dissolved. That MAY have been what occurred with the Washington state case, and other cases I've investigated. Often the object or objects will be seen to move about and then vanish, decaying either explosively or silently."

“Ball lightning is essentially a plasma ball created by certain atmospheric conditions,

 made spherical by wind currents...or sometimes flattened yet rounded on its edges by wind forces. Since this phenomena is electromagnetic, these plasma balls, filled with charged particles and gasses in a highly concentrated energy state, can have movement dictated by hidden metal rods, or even highly clay soil surfaces or other high concentrations of charged particles within the atmosphere adjacent to the ball lighting. So, this might explain cases where a witness observed, say, a self-illuminated orb traveling along a telephone line, or moving along the ground in one direction and then quickly veering suddenly off to a right angle...this as it actually rolls along a hidden metal pipe under the surface of the ground, for example. This type of movement would make the light appear to be under some intelligent control, when instead, it's being directed by unseen metallic attraction. In the instance of case 15-001, the orbs swirled about...possibly created out of a soup of specific chemicals, charged by the stormy atmosphere and blown around in a semi-circle by the swirling wind. “

“Science is STILL struggling to better understand plasma, the fourth state of matter. What creates it EXACTLY, and in what ways CAN it behave? In light of new information regarding air borne chemicals presently identified, plasma balls MAY be the culprit for SOME UFO “orb” sightings. This does NOT answer what phenomenon lies behind the sighting of actual metallic spheres moving in our atmosphere. It only goes to provide the possibility of an answer for these orbs that appear to be organic in substance, self-illuminated, short lived and present in a highly charged electromagnetic atmospheric environment.

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Although I suspect plasma or ball Lightning MIGHT be the explanation in Case 15-001, I STILL do not have enough evidence to make that determination. There may never be a definitive answer. So sometimes the best determination that can be assigned to well researched case is UNIDENTIFIED.

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Presentation regarding findings in Northern California on GeoEngineering concerns, recorded November 21st, 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv0Ko2OU4Ec

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“Next up, listen in on a recent Google Hang-out Case File discussion between myself, Antonio and Paul”. (Case Files discussion part 1/run-time 18:50)

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“And now, here's API Deputy Director Paul Carr and Unidentified Science” (Run-time 5:15)

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